Sunday, May 19, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! JBunny & Hubby @ Fantasyland I and II in Tampa (w/PICS!)

 Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from first time contributors, JBunny & Hubby.  In this report, they ventured to both Fantasyland I and II in Tampa's Drew Park area. 
Along with this report are two great pics of JBunny...Enjoy!
Here we go...
Hello Doctor,
This is our first report ever following our first visit ever to an adult theater. We were recently in Tampa and decided to check out the Fantasyland #2 theater. Sadly our timing wasn't the best because we went on a Sunday evening and found only two males in the house. Since this was our first visit the friendly staff gave us a quick description of the place after which we began our own exploration. After 15 minutes or so JBunny, my lovely wife, was getting a little apprehensive since she was the only female there.  I suggested to her that we try Fantasyland #1 as I had read that there are usually more people there. 
After the short 5 minute drive we arrived at #1 to find 7 or 8 cars in the parking lot which I took as a good sign. While JBunny was picking out a new slutwear outfit I talked with the staff about the theater's layout and amenities. Once the shopping was done we ventured into the theater and checked out all the rooms. There were a lot more men present as well as one other female in a private room. We soon settled into a comfy coach on the second row of the larger theater room.
The Real JBunny
JBunny was a little nervous at first but after watching 10 minutes of the hot action on the screen and my gentle fondling of her breast she began to relax. Soon she began to rub my clothed crotch as we kissed. A few minutes later JBunny straightened up in her seat and reached over and began to remove my pants. Before I knew it JBunny was leaning over sucking me excitedly.
Quickly, the men in the room gathered around and a few began stroking themselves.  As JBunny sucked, I untied her halter dress top to reveal her shapely breasts while the men moved in for a closer look. After 5 or so minutes I pulled JBunny back into a sitting position so everyone had a better view of her naked breasts while I reached under her dress and began playing with her pussy. I then had JBunny lie down on the coach while I pulled her dress up to her waist and placed her left leg over the top of the couch thereby exposing her pussy for all to see. I removed my shorts and tossed them on the couch just above JBunny's head and then assumed a modified 69 position with my balls just above her mouth while I leaned over and resumed fondling her pussy.  It didn't take long before JBunny started gyrating her hips and moaning as she licked my balls. I then started massaging her G spot and asked her to lick my ass. 

Not surprisingly a few of the men moved even closer to Jbunny practically touching her and one or two even crouched down for a better view of her oral perversion.  Since JBunny loves licking balls and ass she quickly reached a squirting orgasm as I increased the intensity of my strokes. One onlooker began to cum and showed Jbunny’s legs with good coating of baby batter.
Sadly our fun was soon interrupted as JBunny realized that one of the men viewing her performance was actually trying to steal my wallet from my discarded short pants. Although she didn't confront the man or tell me what was happening at the time it clearly altered her mood and the show was over before I could place her on her knees and penetrate her.
Fortunately for me JBunny didn't let the poor ending ruin her enthusiasm for exposing herself to others or for the possibility of visiting other theaters in the future where she plans to incorporate others into our play. I can’t wait.
PS I've attached a couple of pix of JBunny in her new slutwear and another of JBunny and her favorite perversion. :)

JBunny & Hubby


Doc here again... Let's hear it for JBunny & Hubby for a terrific first-time Couple's Flash Report. Loved the detail in the report, and those pics were winners!  Thanks again, and please keep on sending in reports!