Thursday, January 9, 2014

House Call: Sub-Zero Temps and Black Lingerie with P&F @ 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago on Monday 1/6/14

Doc here, a man who some say has the second quickest holeshot in Chicagoland, with a short and very sweet House Call Report(FYI...archive pics of the lovely F below as well).

The temperature gauge on the Lizardo 3000 read minus -12 on Monday 1/6, and everything was frozen on The Good Doctor. My mustache was crystallized after some kid threw hot water in the air to see if it would turn to snow, but instead hit me square in the mush (Note to kid: Get off my lawn). My aviators were also frozen to my nose, and my white suit was having none of this.

Flash Report! Anaconda at The Art Cinema in Hartford on 12/28/13

Doc here with a Flash Report from contributor Anaconda, and his first trip to Hartford's Art Cinema.

He hit on an unusual night, a night that I actually heard about two days after it happened (more in my closing remarks).

Here is Anaconda and his report from The Art Cinema in Hartford. Here we go!