Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter on The Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior scribe The Oral Reporter... The Circle Cinema is our focal point.
Take it away TOR!
Here is another one from the Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS.
Thursday the 18th of October I was in Wichita for work, so Thursday night I went to the Circle Cinema.  This place has been around for many years and it is actually a round theater, with a balcony on each side.
I arrived around 8 PM, paid my senior ticket price of $4.00 (what a bargain) I have been there on several previous occasions, some were fruitful and others were not. This being a Thursday I was not feeling very lucky. The parking lot was pretty empty. I entered the theater and when my eyes were adjusted to the dark theater, I moved upstairs to the balcony on the right if you are facing the screen. There were three guys in a sausage fest, and that was all that was there.

I am a patient man, so I sat back and watched the movie. About 1 hour later in came a Unicorn, (for any of you out there that don't know what a unicorn is, it's a single female). I recognized her from a previous trip to the Circle Cinema a couple of months ago. I knew she played, so I waited to see where she sat down and I went over to her, sat down next to her and asked her if I could play like I did last time.
Circle Cinema
Wichita, KS
She was wearing a denim skirt, a loose top no panties and no bra. She said yes, so I started in with her tits and then raised up her skirt to gain access to her partially shaved pussy. My fingers went to work on her.  She was a little dry, but that changed pretty quick. I of course had my dick out for her to play with. She is White, about 5' 3 or 4" tall, probably about 150 to 160 pounds,  her hair is short and brunette, and she is not a bad looking lady of about 45 to 50 years old.
Another guy came over and sat on her other side and began playing with her tits and then with her pussy. She told the two of us that all she wanted was to get fucked. Several more guys came into the theater while we were playing with her, so we moved back up into the right hand balcony, where the other guy bent her over and did her doggie style. He did not use a condom, and she did not seem to mind it, but I decided to pass on doing her even with a condom.
 I did get off watching them go at it right next to me. She sat for a while and just like the last time I had seen her, she kept checking her cell phone and then got up and left. She had been there for about 1 hour total. Last time she did come back and enjoyed her self some more, this time she did not come back.
 I was talking to the clerk (red haired guy) and I asked him about her, since she seemed to be a regular. I commented on not seeing single women (Unicorns) in very many of the XXX theaters. He told me that she comes in probably once or twice a month, but she is not a single woman. She comes in alone, but then her male friend (an older black guy) comes in a few minutes later and just sits and watches her. I think he and her are texting on the cell phones, then he will leave and she will leave a few minutes later.
So much for the Unicorn.
No other couples that night, but for $4.00 (senior ticket) I can't complain I have run into couples there on previous trips, and been lucky enough to play with them.
Not sure where the next XXX theater will be but I will keep you posted.
Oral Reporter signing off.
Great stuff TOR... Keep the reports coming in!