Monday, October 8, 2012

Flash Report! Dark Knight at Deja Vu in Ontario, CA

Doc here with a great Flash Report from senior reporter Dark Knight. This time, he visits Deja Vu in Ontario, California, and again he hits pay dirt.



Hello Doc,

On Saturday 9/22 I stopped by Deja Vu in Ontario, CA. Around 7pm things were kind of slow, but there was a couple checking out the toys and stuff in the bookstore. They were both tall and European looking. She had long black shoulder length hair and long model type legs, and was wearing a white v-neck tee and black cotton skirt and heels. She was bra less, with nice looking C cups and pencil eraser nipples poking at the material. The dude was blond and reminded me of Dolph Lundgren.

DeJa Vu
Ontario, CA
They walked back towards the booths and I followed. They first took a booth with no holes, then immediately came out and took one with a glory hole. There were only 2 other guys back there and one occupied the adjoining booth. This fella was not interested in them, so he immediately left so I was able to slip in!

I immediately looked through the glory hole, and she was sitting by the hole as he stood while she sucked his cock while he fingered her pussy. He saw me and smiled and gave me the universal go for it head nod, so I unleashed the Knight saber and fed it through the hole. She stroked the shaft for a while, then I felt her hot warm mouth on the head as she proceeded to give me a great BJ.

As I started coming, she released my cock and took it all over her face and tits as peered through to thank her she still had a huge glob of man goo still hanging from her nose while wearing a smile! As I departed there were 2 regular chaps waiting and 1 immediately took my place. 

Keep up the good work Doc!

Dark Knight


Doc here again... A big thank you to Dark Knight and his report from DJV. The number of reports from Deja Vu i n Ontario is on the rise, and that is a good sign for the SoCal scene.  And he stands by, vigilant, and ready to spring into action.

A silent guardian.

A Dark Knight.