Monday, September 28, 2009

New Report from Oldbeatnik: Horse Cave, KY

DC's Video
Exit 58 at I-65
(in old strip mall just past Hampton Inn)
Horse Cave, KY

Doc here with a new report from Oldbeatnik on the Horse Cave, KY scene...

Horse Cave Ky? Middle of nowhere with a bookstore and very nice clean theater. Large, well lit parking lot with lots of room for rigs. $20 for singles and couples get you into the theater and peep booths. The booths are then free. The theater has 12 clean, comfortable leather couches that seat 2 to 4 people. It is lit enough that watchers would have no problem seeing any action. Spent the weekend there, no couples and one bad transvestite. Seeing that it is in the middle of nowhere finding couples there, let alone couples that will be playing, is a very hit and miss proposition. I reccommend it because it is so nice, clean and comfortable, but again, it's in the middle of nowhere.