Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Public Service Announcement: An Update on Summit Street News in Warren, OH

Doc here, a man unlicensed in 45 states, with 5 pending, with an update on Summit Street News in Warren, OH.

I reached out to Eric from Summit Street News, and he provided the following update to The Good Doctor.

Thank you Eric.


We are still waiting on the permit to start the work.  We checked with the city last week to see if there was any update or status, and they just told us "We are still reviewing it."  I'm thinking they are using the full 30 days they are allowed until they give us our permit, which should fall on next Tuesday.  At that point we will be able to repair the electric and make what changes need to be done to ensure we meet fire code.  Hopefully once that is done then that will be all that is needed and we can open the back up again.

Doc here again... Positive signs from SSN that we can all be happy about. I will continue to update you as information becomes available.


UPDATED AT 9:15AM CDT-Visit Announcement! The Kalamazoo Couple at 15th Ave Adult Theater, Wednesday 11/20 @ 11:30am

REVISED AT 9:15AM CDT - Doc here... The Kalamazoo Couple will now be arriving at 15th Ave in Chicago at 11:30am CDT.



Doc here with a Visit Announcement for tomorrow, Wednesday November 20th at 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Melrose Park, IL (Go to 15th Ave's website HERE for address information).

One of the hottest couples I know in this thing of ours, The Kalamazoo Couple, will be enjoying a movie and steam at 15th Ave. starting at 11:30am Wednesday morning. (Note: Do not e-mail me asking for pics. You will just have to take my word on how hot Mrs. Kalamazoo Couple is in person.)

Also, a word to the wise: The Kalamazoo Couple likes to ease into their movie going experience. Do not be pushy or rude.

If you would like to contact The Kalamazoo Couple directly, they have given me permission to give you their e-mail address: .

Thanks, and don't abuse the privilege.

(Disclaimer: Visits are never a 100% guaranty.)

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Gets Shhh'd @ Talk of The Town by The Librarian

Doc here, a man some say knew Dewey Decimal in college, with a great Flash report from senior reporter, The Oral Reporter.
The Oral Reporter visited my old stomping grounds in Upstate NY and visited Talk of the Town Video in Niagara Falls, NY. He ran into an old friend, and boy did they get caught up.
Here is The Oral Reporter and his Flash Report from TOTT.
Take it away, sir.
Greetings from your old stomping grounds. I flew into Buffalo today, got my rental car, drove to Niagara Falls (US side), had dinner, and proceeded to go to the Talk of the Town XXX Theater and book store. 
I had just driven in and was looking for the truck that the Librarian and her guy drive.  I did not see it and thought it would be a very slow night for me.  I even thought about not going in and was programing my GPS for my Hotel at Niagara on the Lake when I saw a lady heading for the front door.  To my surprise it was the Librarian (I looked again and still no truck).  I stopped doing the GPS programing and headed inside. 
Talk of the Town
Niagara Falls, NY
The parking lot only had about 4 cars in it but being a Monday night you can not expect much.  I talked to the Librarian and said it had been a few months since I last saw her.  Not that she has not been there, I just have not been in the area for a few months.  I asked if she was going in the theater, and she said she was waiting on her hubby.  I told her that I did not see their truck and she replied we got a different truck. 
I paid my $10.00 and went in the theater.  It was empty so I watched the movie for about 10 minutes and in walked the Librarian. (my nickname for her).  I asked her if she had read any of the reports I had written about her, she said no, she hates the computer due to having to deal with it all day.
We chatted a little longer and then she said she was going down front and asked me to join her.  Her Hubby (a tall older guy) walked in and followed us down to the front.  She got comfortable in the seat, and said stand right here in front of me.  I already had my little soldier out and I always do what I'm told by a lady.  She started sucking me right away. If you remember in my previous stories, she used to put on a condom using her lips and mouth which was amazing.  This time either because she has gotten to know me better, or she has changed her ways, it was a blow job with no condom.  She has incredible lips and does a wonderful job of sucking, while stroking my balls.  She told me to shoot my load in her mouth and again like I said I always do what a lady tells me to especially when my cock is in her mouth. 
About 5 minutes or so later, I told her I was about to cum just in case she wanted to pull it out, but she just kept sucking and I released a nice load in her mouth.  She kept sucking until every drop was gone and swallowed every drop.  Her Hubby was shinning a flashlight on her face and he and one other guy were watching.  I was glad to have the light on her face so I could watch her suck my cock.   The last 3 times I have had fun with her there, I went down on her first then she rewarded me with a great blow job.  The roles were reversed this time and when I said it was my turn to please her, she said "later".  I told her I would be there for a couple of hours so come back any time and I would gladly eat her pussy for her again. 
I waited for the approximately 2 hours and knowing I had to get across the Canadian Bbrder I decided it was time to go.  She did not come back so I could not give her a good pussy licking.  I told the clerk that if she came back later to tell her I had to leave, but I will be back tomorrow night after my meeting in Canada. I asked the clerk if he had visited the Dr. Emilio Lizardo web site, he said no, but he did write the blog name down and said he would check it out.
The clerk said it was getting to be really hit or miss even on the weekends at the Talk of the Town.  Mondays have always been good for me finding the Librarian there, I think I'm 4 for 4 on Monday nights with the Librarian. 
It was another great night at the Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls.
Till next time, this is the Oral Reporter saying good day.
Doc here again... Many thanks to the Oral Reporter for another quality report from Western NY. My mouth is watering for some wings.