Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Couple's Flash Reprt! The Chairman Presents "The Care and Feedng of Sluts" from Secrets in Oakland

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from regular contributor, The Chairman. In this report, The Chairman and his submissive suburban housewife friend hit Secrets Adult Theater in Oakland, CA.

Fasten your seatbelts for this report.  Trust me on this...

"The Care and Feeding of Sluts"

Honestly, I could write a book about it. Lord knows I've dealt with enough sluts in my time. But truth be told, as I've gotten older, I'm amazed to discover, I'm deeply in love with one particular slut.

Because of our marriages (to other people) our chances to play are limited to weekly or so, and we don't get to indulge in the cornucopia of possibilities simply because daytime play (our only time to play) has its limits.

One of our favorite pastimes is what we affectionately call "public displays of attention", or in common parlance: theater play. Unfortunately we live in something of a wasteland when it comes to porn theaters. We can choose between "Funville" in Vallejo (a seedy and nasty place), and Secrets in Oakland. Of late, we have hit the latter place, and we usually have a good time. Today (Friday June 7) was no exception.

Oakland, CA
We met at our usual place and my slut was wearing a knockout little black leather dress, and a pair of 4 inch black heels. She thought she looked like a hooker- but maybe that was because I put a collar on her before we walked over to the theater.

We said hello to the cashier (she knows us pretty well it seems), walked into the theater and found about 8 guys in there- many of them already taking care of business. I kept my slut in the lighted part so everyone could see.

Dispensing with any niceties, I immediately snapped her leash in place and made her crawl in a circle on the floor- you could feel the energy pulse at the sight of a hot blonde Cameron Diaz type in a black dress and heels crawling on the floor of a porn theater calling herself a whore as I slapped her ass. I lke to reinforce the basics- so I made sure she eagerly told the crowd she was a whore, a cocksucker, loved to suck cock, loved it up her ass and loved facials...

But that was nothing to the wave of energy I felt when stood her against the wall and pulled the top of her dress down to expose her breasts. Today, I decided some nipple work was in order, so I put two vacumn nipple pumps on her and twisted the fuck out of them. I also made clear to the crowd that she is a married suburban slut brought to a porn theater in Oakland while her husband is working. I mean, who doesn't love that kind of slut? Comments were made by the crowd who edged closer...

I had the slut crawl over to the second row of chairs where I beat her ass with my hand. Then I hiked her skirt up and spread her legs, spitting on her asshole and spreading her pussy. Two older guys sitting behind us (it's a very wide aisle) were jacking it fast and furious at the site. I asked one guy to oblige me by stepping aside so I could whip her with the heavy suede cloth strips I brought.
The first few passes glanced off her with nary a sound, but the third one brought a HUGE "Crack" on her ass, and an "oooh" from the audience. I rained down a good dozen on that ass until it was solid pink. Naturally she thanked me for each blow. Having worked hard to achieve that pink ass, I deserved a reward - so time for a good throat gagging.

Now you guys who have enjoyed deep throat know of what I speak. And I'm betting that someone who reads this blog has had deep throat from a slut that I've trained, because I have had my cock in hundreds and hundreds of women's mouths  across America- not all have succeeded in getting it to the throat, (which given its girth is no small surprise). But I do what I can to improve this world- one slut at a time (unless they have a friend).

The key to teaching deep throat is "positive reinforcement"- and I'm a traditionalist in this regard: slam it down the throat until they gag, pull it out, tell then you love them, then slap them and spit on their face. Repeat as needed. Really, it's all good fun, and if I helped train your current slut, an email of thanks is always welcome.

Today, my slut performed like a champ- just gobbled it down her greedy little throat. Honestly, it is a real testament to her devotion to me that she willing endures this abuse. Well, that and the fact she was using a small vibrator on her clit.

After a good round of this abuse, I had her lean back facing the crowd so they could see her masturbating. It wasn't long before she popped. I took that as my cue to start fucking her pussy, and when I say it is like warm silk, I'm not exaggerating. Naturally, I made her go pussy to mouth a few times- and I am sure the crowd appreciated it.

Along this time, it dawned on me that maybe I could use a hand. So I had her put her arms around two guys shoulders and they held her up and spread her legs, while I fucked her. It was really hot, but one of the guys kept trying to finger her asshole, which she just did not want. Still, when we finished I let both guys slap her ass- just a small bit of additional reinforcement.

But what everyone really wanted to see was her taking my fat cock in her tight little ass, and I'm all about pleasing the crowd. I slopped enough lube on my cock to fill a semi, and eased my cock right up her chute. She took it like a champ. She came again while I was fucking her ass, all the while the crowd voicing their great approval of what was happening.

All good things must come to an end, and theater play is no different. Well, it's different in that it can end differently than one might imagine. I pulled out and jacked a terrific load all over her face and in her mouth...and then, I offered the crowd the chance to drop a load on the face of this hot blonde in a short dress and sripper heels, collar and leash, kneeling on the floor with her tits out.

The first guy was an older white guy who gave her face and breasts a nice wad of frosting. Immediately after that, an african american guy that I recognized stepped up and blew a terrific load on her face. Then a kid stepped up, but he shot before he got to her face, so he mostly made a mess of her breasts and dress.

And that was that. We picked up and left- collar and leash still in place, and huge globs of cum dripping down her face. My girl loves walking down the street just like that, and I'm all about making her happy...She would have taken a lot more loads if guys were ready, but four was, as she said, "a good way to start Friday". Indeed.

So there you have it- I took care of my slut, and fed her plenty of cock- just like the title of this note.  Until the next time brothers...
The Chairman
Doc here again... In the words of Ron Burgundy, "Boy that escalated quickly." Many thanks to The Chairman for another great report, and we look forward to the next one!

Flash Report! Voyeur Guy @ The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with a first time Flash report from new contributor, Voyeur Guy.

His first report comes from the awesome Art Cinema in Hartford, CT.  His first visit was a good one, even on a Sunday (typically not the busiest day for many adult theaters).

So kids, sit back, and enjoy the first report (and hopefully not the last) from Voyeur Guy.



This is my very first contribution to your blog, just had to share my very first visit to the Art Cinema in Hartford, Ct. I am married, and wife would kill me if she knew my passion for what happens between total strangers at adult book stores and theaters.
 Anyway, I was in the area on business and decided to visit the Art Cinema. My heart was pounding as I drove past the theater at about 2 in the afternoon on Sunday, May 5. I stayed about an hour, but I guess it was too early for any couples. There were only men in the theater, many looking to suck or get sucked.

I ended up leaving, deciding to return around 6pm. I parked outside for a bit watching for the traffic in and out of the theater. I noticed a couple come out for a cigarette break, so knew there was some kind of action going on inside. I followed them in and paid my entry fee. I was a bit disappointed, when I saw the couple head upstairs to the balcony. I went down to the front of the theater, where I stood, with a couple other dudes, trying to see what they were doing upstairs.

We could make out faint outlines of the couple fucking and sucking, but was very hard to see much detail. I have always enjoyed watching couples play a bit in public, and this was no exception, as I took out my cock and started wanking as I fantasized about them coming downstairs. That did not happen, after awhile they came down stairs and I saw them leave.

I was feeling rather down, not having the opportunity to see a couple play, and just sat and watched the movie for a bit. Must have been about 6:30pm when I saw another couple approach the ticket counter. I was praying that they would not go upstairs. Again, I was so disappointed when they headed up those stairs. I went down to the front of the theater to see if they would be in a visible are of the balcony. No luck, just shadows again of the couple fooling.

Then, after about 15 minutes of trying to make out their action, they get up and head downstairs. I pray again that they will head into the theater section were I was, along with only three other guys. We all had been down front trying to see their action in the balcony.

My heart started pounding, when I saw them entering the general section. They walked about halfway down the right aisle and sat in a the center section together. Since there were only four of us in the theater, all looking for the same thing, we all gradually approached them from different points, changing seats frequently as we got closer and closer. They were not playing at first, so we all moved rather carefully, so as not to spook them.

He was in a red cap, shorts, and a tee. She was a gorgeous brunette with her hair up. No more than 23, as he, I would say. She had a multi-colored flimsy dress that was more cute, than exotic. But it was very loose fitting, and the top half was of the type that can easily be pulled down. I made my way to the row in front of them, directly in front of her. The other two gradually made it to the seats on either side of the couple. They did not mind us there, or watching them at all...you could tell they liked the attention, especially since we were the only other patrons in the theater.

We all sat patiently and did nothing, but watch them for a bit, till we saw her spread her legs apart a little. Slowly we each pulled our cocks out and started wanking, hoping it would not scare them away. To the contrary, her legs went further apart and I could see she was wearing sexy thigh highs up to her mid thighs. I could not tell yet whether she had panties on or not. Her BF or husband then put his hand on her knee and pushed her legs wide part while kissing her. I saw her very wet pussy for the first time. No panties to get in the way, as he started fingering her cunt. I took a chance and reached back and put my hand on her other knee. Neither minded that at all, so I gradually moved up her thigh to where his fingers were playing. His hand fell away and he kept kissing her. I slowly took his place, pushing my forefinger into her wet pussy. OMG, it was so tight, and sloppy wet.

She started moaning and stopped kissing her spouse, just putting her head back and moaning. I briefly slipped my finger from her cunt and smelled the wet juices on my fingers. Wow...sweetest smell ever. Nothing fishy about this young pussy. He spoke for the first time, saying 'taste your fingers' to me. I tasted them and went back for more of her sweet hole. The guy to her left got bold, and stood up, offering his cock to her. She was so innocent sitting their, I did not think she was going to do too much more than let us play a bit. As he stood their, she pushed the top of her dress down to expose the cutest little perky tits I had seen ever seen. As I reached for her perky nipples, I got them wet with the juices from her pussy. Her spouse then licked them, as I went back to locating her clit and teasing it with my finger.

The guy that had been standing next to her moved closer, offering her his cock. Suddenly, she became the aggressor, taking his cock in her mouth, sucking like crazy. I wanted to be next, so I moved to the row behind them, and placed my hard 9 " cock over her shoulder. All this time the other guy, next to her husband, just watched. The big guy getting sucked announced he was going to cum. She only sucked his cock in deeper as I could tell he unloaded into her mouth. WOW, was she swallowing his load? Then I saw his cock slowly slide from her mouth. Immediately, her spouse put his mouth on hers and they kissed passionately for about a minute, probably swapping this guy's cum back and forth.

When they released, her mouth found my cock ready to explode. She was a perfect '10', almost reminded me of my daughter in many ways. I blew my load into her mouth as she did her best not to spill a drop. I pulled out and they immediately started kissing again. Awesome site to say the least. Since the guy that she had blown left, the other guy watching, moved to her side of the aisle, next to her. She then went down on her husband's cock and while sucking, let the guy next to her play with her pussy and ass. I, having just cum, watched for a bit, as she got really loud, moaning as his fingers entered her little asshole and tight pussy. She loved it, and got even louder, as she continued to blow her spouse, while getting fingered in both holes.

He then asked if he could lick her pussy. The spoke for the first time, and said that it was rather hard to do where they were. And he suggested they go somewhere else in the theater. I decided to leave when they disappeared somewhere. All I have to say, she was the best gal, so damn cute, I had ever run across.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Voyeur Guy for a solid first time report.  Keep up the great work, sir.  This report illustrates why the Art Cinema in Hartford is the to ranked adult theater in the country.  Fun can happen at any time, whether it's in the couple's VIP balcony, or the main floor of the classic theatre.