Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: Heat Wave Edition (w/ Kung Fu Grip)

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was offering advice to the local authorities... "You're not going to shoot those little creatures. In the first place, they haven't done you any harm. In the second place, they may be radioactive."

Good day to you, and to all the ships at sea.  It's time for a long overdue Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio. Long time readers of The Journal know the drill: A lead story, several adult theater related news nuggets, an editorial comment or two, and lastly a photo of The Good Doctor in a public place.

Let's get started, shall we?

Cathy's Summer Road Trip 2012

Starting at the Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on July 27th, Cathy from and begins her road trip across the US, hitting some of the top adult theaters in the country.  While not visiting adult theaters in every city on the list, she has notated which cities get a theater visit.

 Cathy not only hits adult theaters and ABSs, she also sets up private gang bangs in those cities. The action is documented, as you can witness by visiting both of her web sites above.  If you want to participate in the gang bangs, go to her party page HERE for details on how to make it happen.

The Good Doctor has advised Cathy on adult theaters and ABSs that would be a good fit for what she likes (back earlier this year), and her schedule reflects those locations.

So kids, if you ever dreamed of being with a bonafide internet porn star, this is your chance.  And if you need another reason why this is an excellent idea, visit this recent Flash Report from Cathy (w/18 pics from the event).

More updates will be available at The Journal as we get closer to the launch of the tour.

  • The Good Doctor had what might have been his top adult theater experience ever (and that is going back to the 1980's) a week and a half ago at 15th Ave Adult Books & Theater in Chicago's suburbs.  Normally I'd have the House Call Report up by now, but one of the ladies present with your friend in the white suit, Looking Glass Alice, will be writing the report. My partner in crime in this scene was none other than senior reporter Moaning Lisa, as we corrupted the morals of LGA. It was Christmas, New Year's, and the 4th of July all rolled into one night.  Stay tuned for the report...
  • Portland's adult theater scene has picked up in the last 2-3 weeks, after an uncharacteristic slow start this summer.The last two Saturday nights in particular have been chock full of couples.  My theory on the increase of couple's activity in Portland? Brent's new after shave, "The Cattleman's Whiskers".
  • The very naughty Laney from Texas returns back to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN August 21-23, 2012.  She is looking to break her old record of doing 125 guys in a 3-day stretch, and trust me folks, she wants to make this happen. There is no better place than CTs for this type of gang bang event.  Make plans to be there, and as more details become available, I'll have them up @ The Journal.
  • Speaking of events, starting Monday @ The Journal will be a series of reports,  "Tour of Duty 2012 with Old Marine Corps Guy". OMCG knows the southwest USA's adult theater scene better than anyone I know, and his yearly tour of Southern California is documented in this series. Lots of photos of the locations, and up to date Field Reports.  What more could one expect from someone who had a adult theater experience with a "A"-list celebrity back in the early 80's at an adult theater?
  • My good friend and colleague, MajorVoyeur, has relaunched his terrific adult theater/ABS/dogging/blog, The World of MajorVoyeur. MV puts an incredible amount of energy into his blog, and his content is 2nd to none.  Plus, I hear he is an excellent break dancer.  Please make sure you check out his site.
  • A word about the comments section @ The Journal. Long time readers know of my dislike for this feature, but I brought it back by demand in March 2012. My only condition is that you keep the conversation positive and germaine to the article. Well, on Thursday alone, I received 4 negative flaming comments that I did not approve for publication. As much as I dislike comments on other blogs I visit, I have had the comments here on a short leash. So pretty please, with sugar on top - Keep the comments positive and informative. Otherwise, I'm taking this dog back to the house. 
  • The Good Doctor is planning on a trip to The Art Cinema in Hartford in the near future. Very excited about this House Call. Details to follow.
  • New Flash, Field, and Blast From The Past Reports are needed at The Journal. Please e-mail me at, along with a pen name if you are a first timer. Thank you!
  • Coming up this week @ The Journal: Bob in Biloxi with a great report with it's roots in an adult theater (w/pics), new Flash Reports from a pair of first-timers (excellent reports btw), and who know, maybe even Looking Glass Alice's Flash Report
Have a great week everyone, and keep hydrated.

Thanks as always for reading The Journal - Your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.