Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flash Report! Koral's Oregon Ducks Party (w/12 HOT Pics!)

Doc here with something a tad different... The insatiable Koral, and her guy, Sam, and their report on an Oregon Ducks Suck-n Fuck Party in Portland.

Enjoy the report and the HOT pics!



    What do you get when you mix college football, five horny woman, and 20+ guys in a penthouse suite?     ANSWER: You get naked!

    The adult theaters are great. And we enjoy playing at the bookstores also.  And the swing clubs here in Portland are first class. Sex with strangers…..we love it. Eventually though, some of those strangers become acquaintances, and a few acquaintances become friends. It’s nice, knowing folks with similar kinky thoughts…..fellow perverts…..friends that we don’t have to be in the “kinky closet” with. 
    So with our kinky friends in mind, Koral and I decided that we wanted to host a fuck party. First thing I did was contact our fuck party friend “BigT” for much needed advice. He has been organizing gangbangs and sex parties for many many years and his knowledge to me is priceless. He informed me of a great location, and assured me that he would help make sure the party peaks without a hitch……no problems.                                           
    Then I texted another lifestyle friend “Santi “ hoping to lock down a theme and a date.  It was getting close to thanksgiving, so our original theme idea was “STUFF HER LIKE A TURKEY AND MAKE HER GOBBLE- GOBBLE-GOBBLE PARTY”.  We set a date for a Sat. evening,  but it will have to begin later in the evening after The Oregon Ducks Vs. Stanford game. Then it hit me. Why don’t we have a football game fuck party? A “Ducks Suck and Fuck Party!” as my friend Santi coined it.  
     Now the hard thing about sending sex party invites is that you want to send enough invites to ensure the desired amount of people are attending. So you have to send extra invites knowing some people can’t make it, but not too many where if they all make it, it’s not super crowded.  Our goal was around 14 guys and one other couple. The one couple we were hoping to have joined us (Gemini and J) could not make it. And only 8 of the guys I know confirmed that they’re coming. Luckily, we have BigT (and his Rolodex) on our team.  After telling him how many more people we need (about 10 guys and another woman/couple) he just said “no problem” and 24hrs later, the party was booked with bona fide boners and a babe(or two) to boot.
The Incredible Koral!

    It’s the day of the Party. Kickoff is at 5pm. Cock in Koral at 5:05pm. Spit roasted Koral by 5:15pm. First loads on Koral by 5:45pm. The penthouse suite is great. There are 2 bedrooms, 2 bathes, a living room and a kitchen. All 3 televisions (2 bedrooms, 1 living room) are playing the football game.  People are beginning to arrive and get comfortable.  Another woman arrives and Koral is very happy when she finds out it is our super sexy friend “Ms. FullSwing”.  We met Ms. FullSwing at the Paris Theater a few years ago and we’re lucky enough to see her and play every now and then. Let me tell you, when Koral and Ms. FullSwing get together, it’s the perfect storm.  As the two women are getting re-acquainted on the bed (winkwink) I see a handful of guys closing in. Reaching, touching, rubbing, pinching, slapping, licking, fingering, licking, fucking, and sucking.  Flesh…………………………………………………….flesh for fantasy. 

    Then I realize that I hear another women’s voice.  I look into the living room area and notice another sexy chick with bright eyes and nice big tits. It’s not long before she comes into the bedroom to say hi and enjoy the show. Some of the guys standing around begin rubbing her, and before I know it, she is on the bed also with a cock in each hand and one in the mouth. At one point, BrightEyes and Koral were sharing a dick, one woman holding it while the other sucked and vice verse. Then they both began to kiss each other with the head of the dick between their lips. Freaking hot. Watching their tongues touch maneuvering around the head of that cock. It had me so worked up, I needed a drink of water………

    I go into the kitchen to get a drink and I see yet another woman (call her Phoenix) mingling with the guys watching the football game. She is small framed, very pretty, and topless. Her tits are body painted with a cool phoenix rising flame design.  I meet her and her man/husband and say hi to some of the guys who are just arriving. BrightEyes is now on the second bed with 3 or 4 guys. Koral and Ms. FullSwing are in the first bed with around 8 guys taking turns on them. 

    After a bit of conversation, I notice phoenix is getting some attention from a few of the guys. She positioned herself sitting in the stairway with a guy on each side giving her. Then, after noticing that BrightEyes was taking a break from the bedroom for a bit, Phoenix made her way to the bed (guys in tow)to get more comfortable. I didn’t watch her play (I was in the other bedroom) but after about an hour she was done and left the building. Koral and Ms. FullSwing were still going strong. This is around the time when Ms. Fullswing decided that I needed some love.  She stroked my cock, then looking up at me; she put me in her mouth. So warm, she sucked on me, tickled my balls, running her tongue a crossed my cock. Koral was watching, commenting on how hot it was making her. OH, OHHHHH, OHHHHHH………..and I nutted in her mouth and on her lips. She moaned and squeezed out every last drop.  I was dizzy.

    Water……I need to sit down and I need water. I go to the kitchen and…………low and behold, there’s another woman sitting on the couch, watching the game, talking with the guys on break. She has a slim build, long golden hair (I’ll call her Goldie) and is dressed to kill. I meet her and her 2 escorts. They are all really nice people. After a bit of conversing, I return to the bedroom to enjoy the live sex show going on.  Guys are having a blast taking turns on the 3 girls. By now it’s close to 8pm, and the Ducks lost to Stanford (not that I was watching).  BrightEyes is calling it a night and gearing up to go. I keep peaking into the living room in hopes that Goldie is getting naked. It seems she is just hanging out though (which is fine) and enjoying the company of the guys. After about a half hour, I pretty much figure not to get my hopes up.

    But then I look and she’s not on the couch. I don’t see her escorts either.  I figure she must have left. But then I realize that there is nobody in the living room……that’s odd. Then I hear an ever so light moan of pleasure. I go into the other bedroom and I see her. She is lying naked on the bed, one guy is eating her pussy, and she has one guy on each side of her with their cocks in her hand. Every now and then she leans over and sucks one or the other. She has about 5 guys watching.  All I can think about is how freaking hot it would be to get her and Koral together. I return to the bedroom where Koral is playing and I give her the LOOK, and nod my head in the direction of the other bedroom. Koral is right on que.

    After telling the guys that she needs a break, Koral and I mosey to the second bedroom. Guys are taking turns eating Goldie’s great pussy, and taking turns on the right or left of her where she is stroking and sucking. One of the guys next to her can’t take it no more and busts a nut all over her perky perfect titties. This really got the guy going who was eating her, and quickly he asked if he could fuck her……which she replied “YES”. He threw on some protection and in he went. Another guy next to her shot his load, adding to the batter on her tits. Then the guy fucking her pulled out, took off the rubber, and shot his load onto her lower belly. That’s when I heard Koral say “Mmmmm”, so I directed her to lick the belly cum and clean her up.

    After the guys heard me say that, they all agreed that was a great idea, and gave Koral the encouragement she needed. She approached Goldie, and crawled between her legs, up past her pussy, and began to lick and suck up all the cum on her belly. Goldie was busy sucking and stroking the cocks beside her, never looking down to see who was between her legs. I could see Koral was finger banging Goldie as she licked all the cum from her tummy.  I nodded to one of the guys with a finger banging motion and pointed to Koral. He nodded back and picked up fingering where I left off without missing a beat. I could see that now Koral was done licking up cum and she was knee deep into Goldie’s pussy fingering, tonguing and licking. I crawled closer to the pussy eating action, and began to suck on my wife’s neck and talk dirty in her ear as she ate pussy. The guy fingering Koral was now fucking her, and I could see and hear her moaning in between licks. Then Koral backed away and gestured to me to eat Goldie’s pussy. I slid a finger into Goldie, then two. She was shaved clean, super tight, and her pussy lips were picture perfect and tasted as good as she looks.

    I could see the glossy shine of the nut on her perky tits as I looked up her stomach from the box lunch position. Koral then told me that I should fuck her, and handed me a rubber. As I opened the rubber I thought to myself that I should ask her if I can fuck her……but then I looked at the whole picture,  her laying there sucking cock as she strokes another, covered with sperm,  legs open WIDE, surrounded by horny guys. I put the rubber on and scooted closer to her. I grabbed my cock, and I pushed the head of it all around her soft clit and butterfly lips. She pushed her pelvic area up and to me, her motion asking for my cock to push into her. I grabbed her ass and pushed my hips forward, sinking my cock. Koral was getting fucked from behind; her head at my waist watching my cock go in and out.  As I pumped Goldie, her awesome tits were bouncing, still sticky with cum. I couldn’t hold back no longer…….ahhhhhh. What a great night.

    A few more guys stepped up and got it in after me. About an hour later, when we were all in the living room talking, Goldie informed us that Koral was the first woman to go down on her ever. Right on.

    I love it when a plan comes together.

    Sam & Koral
Koral's Party Gallery - From The Actual Event! (click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to the incredible Koral, and her terrific guy, Sam, for this great blow-by-blow account of their "Ducks Party".  Keep the hits coming, guys!