Monday, April 1, 2013

House Call Report! Part 2 of The Good Doctor's Visit to 15th Avenue in Chicagoland -"Saturday Night's Alright for Bukkake"

Doc here with Part 2 of my House Call Report from 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western suburb of Melrose Park.

When we last left off, The Good Doctor had just concluded a crazy Friday night with my good friends and super hot couple, C&R from the Buckeye State. Feeling as though I was on a roll, I refueled the Lizardo 3000 and headed back to 15th Ave for Saturday night.

Will lightning strike twice for our Sicilian friend in the white suit?

Why yes. Yes it did.

The evening started slowly, as it does at times within this thing of ours. Even the top adult theaters in the country (of which 15th Avenue is one) can start slowly on a busy evening. On this particular evening, Bob, the awesome owner of 15th Avenue, had opened up the huge party room for the evening.

15th Ave Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL

15th Avenue is an atypical adult theater, having not only a large theater, a mysterious dark room behind the movie screen, an ABS and arcade, but a full spa complete with wet sauna, shower and locker rooms. Add in their private rooms, a very fun bleacher area, and the aforementioned party room, you have a unique adult facility.

The Good Doctor ventured back towards the party room after slapping on a little Aqua Velva and popping a Tic Tac (I adhere to the notion that it's more important to look good than to feel good). It was readily apparent that all the fun was occurring in the party room and not up front in the theater and arcade.


Toy Loving Milf
The first people I came across was a surprise to your narrator, as they are reporters for The Journal, but folks I had not met in person: Toy Loving MILF and her hubby, D. As you can see from the accompanying pics, TLM is a very pretty red head with a curvy body just made for monkey business. I was informed that I had just missed her crossing off an item from her bucket list: working the stripper pole in front of a crowd on the party room's stage. I really wish I could have witnessed this scene. I would soon redeem myself, however.

After returning from the restroom, I couldn't locate Toy Loving MILF for a minute. It was then my "Lizardo Sense" (a much lamer version of Spiderman's spidey sense) engaged and I located TLM and D in one of the two private room inside the party room, with the door open and several observers.

As her name implies and her web shows illustrate, this hot ginger loves her sex toys large and often.  TLM was nude inside the room, on her back, and D was working her wet pussy with a large dark dildo like it owed her money. While this was happening, one of the guys I was talking with along with TLM earlier was stroking while standing beside the table and this purring red head.  Watching her cum several times was one of several images from the night that resonated with your old meatball loving friend.

Toy Loving Milf
My good friend's P&F were there this night, and at one point both F and a slender Hispanic girl were both working the tandem stripper poles in the party room. This was no small task, as F is coming off an ankle injury.  But like any athlete playing through pain, F gave it 110% on the pole and stage.

The other main events occurred late, sometime around midnight.

After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down...

The party room was filling up, and several new couples appeared on the scene.  One of those couples was the very sexy Zeta, and her friendly guy. I have written about Zeta several times in the past, and she deserves the notoriety. This sexy slim Hispanic woman, with her shape hugging dresses and over sized black rimmed glasses and long black hair just oozes sex. She is hands down one of my favorite adult theater women I have come across in the last 5 years.

Along with Zeta and her guy, a tall younger couple popped in.  She was blonde, dressed to play, and a tall drink of water.  At various times during the next 30 minutes, they popped into the theater for some one-on-one fun in the couple's section.  She had climbed on top of him while he was seated in the theater chair, her lithe body grinding into his.

I returned back to the party room to find Toy Loving MILF leaning against the bar area, and her generous boobs exposed out of her tight white blouse. Between myself and the gentleman who was earlier watching them in the private room, we each took a boob and gave it our all.  You know, like teamwork.

And then the event segued to the grand finale, The Zeta Show.

As is her want, Zeta got down to business at the very end of the evening.  To say Zeta is a crowd pleaser would be an accurate statement.  As she got more into her zone, I told TLM that within a few minutes there would be at minimum some group groping, and more likely a bukkake going full speed ahead.

Sure enough, Zeta was in the middle of the party room, on her knees, surrounded by a bunch of horny and hard guys. She worked side to side, keeping the front-liners at attention, and when one was ready to shoot, would take it all over her gradually glazed glasses and pretty face, dripping down her tight dress. My contribution was #2 of the night for her, and in the words of Elvis Costello, my aim was true.

As I was grabbing the keys for the Lizardo 3000, I passed Toy Loving MILF & D, as they were chatting with the tall blonde couple from earlier. They soon disappeared down the back hallway together, towards a private room.

It was pushing 2am, and rounds began in a scant few hours for The Good Doctor.  I cranked the engine, dropped the Lizardo 3000 into gear, and headed off into the chilly Chicago morning.

Lightning did indeed strike twice that weekend...