Thursday, August 29, 2013

House Call! Charlie's Angels Private Investigator's Party: A Gathering of Dicks

Doc here, a man who is unlicensed in 45 states, with 5 pending, with something a little different for you, the good readers of The Journal.

As is the case with 99.9% of the reports here at The Journal, we (OK, my trusted steed Barky Lizardo and myself) focus on the adult theater and associated ABS scene. But what would happen if I grabbed my reporters notebook and took it to a private party? A private party full of private investigators? A gathering of private dicks? Well, it's your lucky day folks. 

The Good Doctor was extended an invitation (and you know how much I appreciate invitations) to attend such a party in the northern suburbs of Chicago this past Saturday night. And the host for such an exclusive party? Why none other than Charlie himself (thank you again, sir).

The prospect of going to a party attended by Charlie's three angels (the voluptuous and scrumptious Farrah, the tall, leggy, and sexy Jacklyn, and the very naughty chocolate loving Kate) had your old friend in the white suit's head spin. Add in several more PI's, their dates, and two suit cases full of sex toys, and you have a party my friends.

It's 79 miles to Chicago's northern burbs, I have a full tank of gas, half a pack of condoms, it's dark... and I am wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.


The Report
The Lizardo 3000 and it's sunglasses wearing driver arrived at 8:30pm to the party location, a nice discreet hotel suite with enough room and horizontal surfaces to do the job. There were at least 15 people already there, and the first one to greet The Good Doctor was our host, the awesome Charlie.

A quick word about Charlie... He did an incredible job organizing this party of PI's and Angels. He was making sure every one's needs were taken care of, greeting guests, and working the crowd.  And frankly, his Angels are a handful (in a good way). It's not an easy job, but Charlie made it look easy.  Kudos sir!

After exchanging pleasantries with Charlie, the first person I see is none other than sexy and sassy Farrah, in red lingerie and fuck-me heels that had her towering over your white suited friend. I had to resist the urge to motorboat her, as I just got there and didn't want to scare any of the other couples or private dicks. That would come later.

There was so much going on at this gruppo di organi sessuali that I will need to point out the highlights from my perspective of the evening.  I will also have a Deep Thoughts piece from Angel Jacklyn later on. Stay tuned.

After some chit chat and introductions (Me: Hi, I'm Doc! Them: Are you a real Doctor? Me: No. Them: *Look of disappointment*), I made my way over to my statuesque blonde haired friend Farrah. I know the look in her eye when she is ready to get nude and rude, and she was ready to get this party started. She looked great, and I could not keep my hands off of her.

Working our way through the crowd that was growing and now filling with lingerie clad ladies, I escorted Farrah to the back bedroom area that was darker, candle filled, and quieter. Quicker than you can say "mon dieu, who is the guy wearing under-roos", our clothes were off and I was standing on the side of the bed, with Farrah crawling towards me. She took me in her soft wet mouth, and gave me a toe curling BJ.  Grabbing her hair (just the way she likes it), I proceeded to fuck her mouth and spank her tongue with my hard cock, rubbing me all over her soft lips. This was all sorts of awesome.

While this was happening, I could get the sense we were being watched, which is typical at parties of this sort.  Among those was a shorter curvy brunette in a snug black dress, and she was definitely soaking it all in. The Good Doctor really likes being watched, as does the lovely Farrah. In talking with the brunette later, she was just there to watch tonight. Too bad. She was a cutie, and my mind was in a bad place.  But I digress...

I threw Farrah down on the bed (she is not accustomed to her guys being demonstrative, so I hope she gets used to this one), and wrapped my arms around her thighs. It was time to return the oral pleasure back to Farrah... And it was delicious. 

When I came back up after she had cum all over my goatee and mouth, we kissed (one of Farrah's favorite things, I learned). It was time to take this girl, and be watched in the process.

After suiting up, I slid into her warm, wet, and very tight pussy. With a small gasp on her part as I hit deep inside her, we began our solo fucking show.  It wasn't long before I felt a familiar tensing of her muscles around my hard cock, followed by the feeling of her squirting all over my cock, balls, and mid-section. Love that feeling, and can never get enough.

After a little post-squirt talk, one of Farrah's other private dick friends came over sporting a weapon that needed to be holstered. Jesus Christ, this guy was blessed. We spun Farrah around so that he could take her mouth while I continued pounding that cute pussy. In all honesty, I don't know how she could be getting any air. 

During this time, people were poking their heads in watching the action. Another couple that I had noticed earlier had come in and positioned themselves on the other side of this enormous bed. We will call them T (the guy) & JJ (the girl). JJ is a cute, shorter, curvy brunette with curly medium length hair with a great set of boobs on her. She was giving T a blow job when another guy (we will call him C) walked over and lent them a hand penis for JJ.

It was at this time that I suggested to Farrah's howitzer packing friend that we switch so her could fuck Farrah. With the rotation complete, I looked back at JJ and she was now on her back, with a cock in her mouth and C was finger banging her. I also overheard her say some thing like "I promise not to squirt...I hope". Of course, to me it was like Charlie Brown's teacher saying "wah wah, wah, squirt, wah wah". I was intrigued.

I felt as though I was being greedy with Farrah, so I moved over to the other side of the bed and introduced myself to JJ and T. C had moved over to Farrah, and JJ was back to sucking hubby's cock. I asked hubby if it was OK if I went down on JJ, and I got the all-clear.

I ran my tongue lightly over JJ's clit, and noticed she was soaking wet.  While she was enjoying the tongue lashing I was giving out, I got the distinct impression she wanted something harder. And who am I to a girl down?

I moved away from her sweet tasting pussy, and replaced my tongue with my fingers. When I slid my two fingers into her pussy, they were gripped tightly as I began finger fucking her.  I sensed her begin to tighten quickly... Was she going to squirt as she mentioned a few minutes prior?

My question was answered as she squirted all over my fingers, hand, and forearm.  She was thrusting her pussy onto my fingers and hand, and it was time to do this the right way. I asked her if she was ready, and I think I heard "God, yes", or something like that. Still worked up from my initial tryst with Farrah, I suited up and entered JJ.

My scene with JJ was intense... It was raw, unbridled fucking. While I was taking his wife, hubby moved mover a began fucking her mouth. At times I had JJ's legs over my shoulders; other times I had her wrists pinned above her head as my balls were slapping against her ass while driving into her. 

It was getting extremely warm in this room, and I was sweating big time, as was JJ. One of the guys watching threw us a towel (thank you sir!), as we needed it!

As JJ came again, I told her I wanted her to go down on me. I laid down on the bed, and she moved on top of me, sliding my throbbing cock between her DD's. I began titty fucking her as she flicked her tongue over the head of my cock. She then took all of me down her throat, firmly working me until I came hard all over her boobs and chin.

We gathered ourselves, & I noticed Farrah was now gone from the room.  I wonder where she was hiding? Was she getting her next assignment from Charlie? Were the Angels gathering intel from the other private dicks in the room?

I got my answer when I walked into the first bedroom, and saw Farrah on all 4's, with a big cock pounding her from behind while she had an equally as impressive dick in her mouth at the same time. She was having a blast, and I tried to blend into the woodwork while trying to cool off and start forming syllables again after banging JJ.

I saddled up to Jacklyn, and discovered she was suffering from a headache. Not your typical headache mind you, but a moonshine-infused headache. As we were watching Farrah being taken by her harem of boy toys, Jacklyn and I talked about variety and uniqueness of the people there that night. She then paused, and gave me this passage from her own "Deep Thoughts with Jacklyn" writings:

I will take your word for it Jacklyn, since I try not think of wieners except my own. That lovable rascal gets me into enough trouble.

Farrah at this point was getting rambunctious. She grabbed Jacklyn and pulled her down to the bed with her, with her head at the foot of the bed, alongside Farrah's. I knelt down and began massaging Jacklyn's head and arms, hoping her headache would go away.  Others had a different idea of how to make her head stop pounding.

As Farrah was mounted by another member of her boy toy ensemble (BTE), Jacklyn's tight jeans were being removed from the other end of the bed. It seemed as though her pounding headache was soon to be replaced with her smooth pussy being pounded.  A solid remedy if I ever heard one.

As things heated up, I stood up, positioned to the right of Jacklyn. Another member of Farrah's BTE, a nice guy by the name of "M", was on her left, and Jacklyn was stroking both of us. What a visual this was, as Farrah was getting her pussy filled again while Jacklyn was entertaining The Good Doctor, M, and another BTE member who was now suited up and fucking her.

Grabbing Jacklyn's ankles above her head, she was fucked hard and this guy did last too long before finishing and being replaced by The Howitzer Dude. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. After the third guy had finished with Jacklyn, she got up and composed herself. What a visual this was!

A few highlights, as this report is slowly turning into Moby's Private Dick:
  • The Good Doctor finally met Charlie's third Angel, Kate. She was fresh from her assignment in a sweat lodge in Utah, and came back with an insatiable hunger for chocolate. Curvy, with long straight black hair, large boobs, and a no-holds-barred attitude, she is the perfect third part to Charlie's 3-piece puzzle of Angels. During the night I saw her take on a thin black guy who was also packing a wallop between his legs, making her scream filthy things that would make a sailor blush.
  • Jacklyn took the hand of an attractive woman (we will call her "L") who was in see-through black lingerie, but had not played as of yet (Sidebar: She and I had a long discussion about her nipples earlier in the evening. This girl was hot folks). Jacklyn through her on the bed, then grabbed a young guy in unusual underwear to come over and take L. She started giving him a very hot blow job, and it progressed nicely.
  • A voluptuous dark haired beauty (never got her name) was very active all night, and was always in the middle of some of the hottest scenes that night. She liked her guys young, and showed her appreciation accordingly.
The evening was winding down, and Farrah and I were getting all handsy again. We went back to the back bedroom, and again began fucking and sucking each other. As this was going on (I can never get enough of Farrah, FYI), someone new came to the party.  We labeled this guy the White Unicorn, since he was the only "white-exception" Angel Kate would make.

The Unicorn and Kate made their way over to the vanity area of the bedroom, where he proceeded to bend her over the sink, bury his face in her ass, and finger bang her until she squirted all over the floor. As this was going on, Farrah re-positioned herself on the bed so she could suck my cock while watching this scene unfold. Watching this sexy and naughty blonde watch them with my cock buried in her mouth was almost enough for me to cum again.

As if this scene could not get any hotter, enter Jacklyn.  Somehow she became swept up in this vortex of sex between The Unicorn and Kate. Jacklyn lost her clothes (sans bra), and an explosive three-some took place that was the grand finale for the evening. In the other bedroom across the suite, there was a lot of screaming going on. Word was that a toy demonstration was in full force...Your front line reporter missed it, unfortunately. However, it sounded like an extraordinary exhibition.

On my last walk through the back bedroom, Charlie was finally enjoying the spoils of the evening as the voluptuous dark haired beauty was sucking his cock enthusiastically.  Good for you, sir.

It was now pushing 3am, and this gathering of dicks was officially going limp. The room was now almost empty, as I bid farewell to the sexy Farrah, Jacklyn, T & JJ, and the rest of the PI's. This one incredible party thrown by Charlie, and I am positive the investigative skills of the PIs in attendance were now sharper than ever. I know mine were.

I walked the last Angel standing, Kate, to her car and bid her good night after a nice little conversation. I turned to the Lizardo 3000, parked in the darkness, and hopped inside for the long trip back to The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college). I popped a 5-Hour Energy I had stashed away for such events, opened my moonroof, and let the air flow in on the drive home.

Charlie, and your sexy Angels... Thank you.