Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flash Report! The Traveling Man Hits Summit News in Warren, OH

Doc here with a Flash Report from regular contributor, The Traveling Man. His subject this time around is The Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH (address details available in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database HERE).

Now, not every night is a home run in this thing of ours.  At times, running into a fun couple or two maybe more of a coincidence than a regular occurrence.

So without further delay, here is The Traveling Man and his report on The Summit News Theater in Warren, OH.


Had the chance to finally visit Summit News Theater in Warren, OH.

I must say, expectations were high, especially since this is a Friday night.  I found the place not far out of town, yet isolated enough for good privacy.  Parking was pleintiful, yet when I arrived, there were at least 15 cars in spead across the lot, so I figured it might be a good night - even at 7:30pm.

As I entered, I saw to regulars chatting by a table/countertop outside the booth area.  I went into the store area and paid my $10, and when I inquired if there were any couples in yet, I was advised no, but they normally don't come in until 8pm.  Ok, thanks, and off I went to the theater, which, strangely enough had a sign labeled "Theater 1".  I found out later, its the only one.

Well, you enter the theater on the right, and there are basically 6 rows of auditorium style seats, three across.. great possibility with the right couple!  On the right hand side of the theater is a couch perpendicular to the screen, and at the back wall, there are two more couches, side by side, facing the screen.

I stayed until 9:30pm, and all I witnessed was one of the worst sausage fests ever.. with the exception of the Gemini Adult Theater in New Jersey.  On the far left couch was a, er, um, pickle chugger who had no pants on and literally was hanging over the arm of the couch with his ass in the air, and another guy next to him fingering his ass and rimming him.    Whoooo-kayyyyyyyy, am I in the wrong theater?  I inquired, thinking surely there MUST be another theater that is hetero and that has couples, right?     Guys giving guys bj's left and right.  No women.  Even the damned movie was a bisexual one.

There was ONE couple.. but the were regs and they stood out by the counter in front of the booths and simply chatted with the employees the whole 45 minutes they were there (until I left).  She was average looking, short, about 45 years old white woman with red hair.  Didn't notice her guy at all.  

I only stayed as long as I did, because, my logic told me if this place is as nasty as my eyes see (with all the gay activity blatantly going on), then any couples that show up would have to REALLY be into the scene.   Alas, after two hours, I decided to call it a night.  The place closes at midnight, and based on what I had seen already, I couldn't imagine a hetero couple would show up all of a sudden and put on an amazing show.

Again, from all my travels, The Paris Theatre is Mecca.   Tampa, FL, could be as good.. it once was.. until the morality police decided that people fucking and sucking were a danger to society.

The Traveling Man


Doc here again... The Summit News has been in the Top 5 of the Power Rankings for awhile now, due to the frequent couples activity at the theater.  The Traveling Man hit a bad night (for couples fun), and it happens.  I have hit bad nights in Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa... You name it.  Unfortunately, the Traveling Man hit one in Warren.  Thanks to the Traveling Man for his report.

Do you have an adult theater report?  Good, becuase I need them in a bad way.  Reports have slowed down, and this is not as good trend.  Submit your reports to me dorectly at  I will format the report, and drop in a photo or two.  Also, if travel to a theater, if possible, take a photo or two of the OUTSIDE of the theater for The Good Doctor.  I always need fresh images of the various adult theaters to illustrate the reports.  Cell phone pics are fine, as well as night shots.

Thanks again,

First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 4 - Old Marine Corps Guy

Doc here with Chapter 4 of "First Time at an Adult Theater", featuring my good friend and collegaue, Old Marine Corps Guy.  This is one of the First Time Reports I was really looking forward to reading and publishing, and as usual, Old Marine Corps Guy does not disappoint!

So sit back and buckle yourself into the Way Back Machine, while Old Marine Corps Guy take us for a spin with his First Time...


My first time??  Damn, that was a long time ago, and since I’ve got a serious case of CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) it’s hard to remember, but here goes….

I had just gotten back from my second tour in Vietnam in late 1969 and was up in Hollywood.  After being with nothing but guys for over a year, all I wanted to do was get laid, but even with the time of “free love”and “love the one you’re with” I couldn’t find a woman this one night, but I had heard about the legalization of porn and wanted to see it, and maybe get myself off and relieve some of the “tension”, so I went looking for a theater.

I found a place on Hollywood Blvd. called the Cine Arts (I reported on this place in a previous post) and paid my admission price (only 99 cents, believe it or not).  I went through the beaded curtain into a medium sized room with about 12 rows of seats, with about 8 seats per row.  There was an open space between the back wall and the back of the back row that I stood in while letting my eyes adjust to the dark.

I immediately got a hard on because of seeing some guy fucking a girl up on the screen.  I never saw anything like it before and it really turned me on.  Once my eyes got adjusted I saw that the second row from the back was open so I sat in that row next to the wall.  There were a few guy i n the theater and I saw that a couple of them behind me were jacking off, so I took my dick out and started working on myself while I watched the movie.

Cine Arts Theater
Hollywood, CA c.1969
There was a guy sitting in front of me that kept kind of moving around and talking softly to himself that was a little distracting, but the movie was keeping me busy so I didn’t let him bother me much.  That is until a girl all of a sudden rose up from in front of the guy and sat in the seat next to him.  That blew my mind because now I knew why he was fidgeting around so much, and what she had been doing to cause his fidgeting.  I couldn’t believe a woman would be  giving a blowjob in a theater, but it REALLY turned me on .  And, I figured if she was down giving him a blowjob, then jacking myself off was no big deal, so I really went to work.

As soon as she sat down he started kissing her and I could tell that he was playing with her tits.  It was frustrating to only see them do this from the back, but I was too embarrassed to move up to their row, or the row in front of them, so I just kind of leaned up to get as much of a look as I could get.  Well, this got the guys attention and he looked back at me.  I thought he’dbe pissed off and I sat back in my seat. Well, my dick was still out of my pants and he noticed that and smiled and said something to her and she looked back at me.  Well, this REALLY embarrassed me and I tried to get my dick back in my pants real fast, but she said not to put it away and laughed.

Well, he leaned in and whispered into her ear and she whispered back and then he turned back to me and asked me if I wanted to come up and sit with them. I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind !!  But, Marines never back down so I got up,trying to hide my hard-on, and went up walked into their row.  She pushed the seat next to her down so Itook that as a signal of where to sit. 

Cine Arts Theater
Hollywood Blvd, LA

They were probably in their early to mid 30’s.  He was heavy set with the long hair that was popular with guys then (I was obviously military with my“high and tight” haircut).  She was nice looking in kind of a plain way, but with a nice body and with a very nice pair of tits that were still pulled out in plain view.  She was wearing a loose sweater and a miniskirt, and showing legs all the way up just short of her pussy.

As soon as I sat down he told me that it was OK to jack off and I guess to kind of put at ease, she reached over and started to jack him off and he started to play with her tits again.  Well, I too junior out and started stroking and watching (and trying my best not to cum…..I was REALLY turned on with this).  After a couple of minutes of tit playing he reached down and pulled her hem up and started to play with her VERY hairy pussy.  I saw this because she didn’t have any panties on.  She started moaning and you could hear how wet she was with him finger fucking her.  A few minutes of this and she was pleading with her man to fuck her, so that’s what he did.  Now I was really losing my mind watching this and jacking off a mile a minute.  While he was fucking her he asked me if I wanted a piece.  Well, I almost lost it then, but said, “OhYea”, so he got out of the saddle and motioned me in.

She was all scooted down in the seat with her legs hung over the seat  in front, but moved her leg next to me so I could move in.  I found that fucking in a theater seat was not the most comfortable position to fuck in but her pussy was so hot and wet and felt so good that I made the best of it. I gave it all I could for about one minute but couldn’t hold back any longer, and busted in her pussy.  She obviously could feel that I had come because she said “Ohh…that’s a lot”.

I was worn down so I pulled out and sat down, breathing like I had just run a 100 yard dash.  I told her that she was great, and that I loved their style.  She smiled and said it was short, but very nice.  I was kind of embarrassed for busting so quickly, but I hadn’t been laid in months, and this was a real turn on.  She reached into her purse and brought out a wad of Kleenex and cleaned up my cum that was running out of her pussy, whispered to her man and they said bye and got up and left.

I sat there for a while trying to make myself believe that it had really happened.  I had never heard of this kind of thing happening before but it really turned me on and I wanted to find more of it.  That was my initiation into, “ThisThing Of Ours”, and from that first time I was hooked.  I started looking for more of it and haven’t stopped since. 

I Love This Shit !!!!!!!!!!!  :D



Doc here again... If there is any regular reporter here at The Journal that could serve as our official historian, it's Old Marine Corps Guy.  He was in the right places at the right time, and his experiences were in the sweet spot of this thing of ours.  Keep the stories coming sir!

Now, it's your turn for your First Time at an Adult Theater report... Please send your's along to The Good Doctor at Put "First Time" in the subject line, and let it rip.  I need your reports, senior reporters, as well as anyone who has contributed to The Journal in the past.