Sunday, October 16, 2016

Special Report! Vickie the Vixen's Long, Hard, and Wet Ride to 3.5K

Doc here, a man whose meatball IQ is in the high 160's, with an incredible retrospective from one of the naughtiest women I have met in the adult theater scene: Vickie the Vixen.

This recap of her five years in this thing of ours is nothing short of amazing, and from this editor's eyes, note perfect. Set the set bar at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago very high. So high I don't set it coming down anytime soon.

I don't think everyone truly understands why I do what I do. Its high time I tell you. You could say I'm a slut, a whore, a nasty little girl, a vicious dominatrix or an obedient slave. I am all of that and more. Any woman who allows so many men to grace her nethers surely must have some voracious appetite or be completely insane. Don't worry, I play safe! That life thing kinda entices me. Those who truly know me understand what I am about to tell you. The reason I do what I do may shock you or it may intrigue you. I hope it does both!

Throughout all of my adventures I am accompanied by my best friend and life partner, Victor. From these posts you can tell he's quite a character. The party truly does begin once he arrives. We didn't always have the picture perfect relationship. We didn't always talk about sex. In fact, not that long ago I still shushed him when discussing anything beyond PG-13 in public. 

Vickie the Vixen
My open lifestyle began almost five years ago when I caught Victor cleaning someone else's pipes. He had always drifted a bit but no one ever really pulled him away from me until this one. It was hard to accept; I felt I wasn't doing my job. I wasn't sexy enough or he had just grown tired of me ran through my mind as I mentally beat myself up. I was pissed at him don't get me wrong. I was contemplating doing hard time for the many responses racing through my head. Then rationality kicked in and we talked.

He told me he needed kinky to get off. Really kinky. I was a virgin when we met so anything beyond missionary was kinky. It wasn't like he needed ball bleeding or ass ripping masked cum escapades to get off, he just liked screwing sluts. After much contemplating I agreed to take on the task. We planned to go to 15th Ave. and made the trip during a Marti Gras party. We did the usual tour, spent two minutes watching a gang bang behind the screen and I wanted out. It took a few more visits until I was brave enough to give it a try. 

First I showed up in sweatpants and frumpy clothes, then my wardrobe slowly grew to incorporate a theme for every day of the year. My favorite look though is thigh high tights, garter belt, knee high boots, a short black anything and my signature "Fuck Off" belt. This is my sanctuary. If I was going to do this, I was going to be bad ass at it!

The Cannolipocolypse Has Ended - Maintenance Complete: The Journal Returns with New Brakes & Paint Job

Doc here, a man who some say wields a ball peen hammer like Thor wields Molinjar, with some good news on the just completed maintenance on The Journal.

Yes kids, I ran the brakes down too low on this 2009 vintage blog, and it needed pads and rotors plus a tune up. And while I was at it, I ran it over to The Valley's #3 rated body shop for a paint job & rustproofing.

Absurd prologue aside, The Good Doctor was overwhelmed by the 120+ e-mails, dozens of DMs on Twitter, & messages on Fetlife asking if all was OK in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts collage. I guess I never really knew how much couples and singles alike really enjoyed The Journal, and the help it had given them as they explored this thing of ours

One of my favorite e-mails sent in had a subject line that I will steal often:

A number of readers thought the The Journal going off-line had something to do with my health-related issues. Thankfully I am past that and feeling fit, virile, & fiesty. But at the same time I am very grateful to those of you who expressed your concerns.

This was the major part of the site re-fresh.  I have a minor project that I will start slotting in slowly, but will not require down time. 

I have an amazing retrospective from my good friend Vickie the Vixen that will be first new report post-cannolipocolypse. It is note perfect, and I expect nothing less from Vickie the Vixen.  Yes, she is that good!

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there as The Journal was on the lift at the garage. Words cannot express my gratefulness to all that reached out this past week, and sent good vibes this way.

OK, now where were we?