Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Special Report! Holly Godarkly's The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours” - Part 3 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say  is here from downtown. He's here from Mitch and Murray. And he's here on a mission of mercy.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the moment thousands of you have been waiting for.  It's time for Part 3 of Holly Godarkly's Journey into this thing of ours. You have read the "who & why", and you have read the "how & when." Now it's time to digest the "what happened?"

The Good Doctor's in-box has been blowing up since we started this series, asking when the next editions are coming out, or "has Holly gone to the theater yet?". Patience my friends...It is all here now, and ready for you to digest with a Fresca chaser (Hi Gemini!). 

Fasten your seat belts.  Please welcome back the lovely Holly Godarkly and Part 3 of her journey.


The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours”

Part 3 -- The Experience and Evaluation

WOW!!! The excitement has built. The day has arrived. I finally go to meet the Knight! As my friend Lacey and I were driving to meet him, he texts and says,

“See you at noon. Oh and I’ll be very disappointed if either of you are wearing panties. I will be checking.”

When we meet, he gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I get in the car and as we are putting our seat belts on, he reaches over and kisses me. Wow – very soft, very tender – I enjoy it. While he is driving down the highway, he slides his hand up under my dress and up to my waiting pussy. He slides his finger in and says,

“MMMMM wet – but it will get wetter. Tastes good, too,” as he sticks his finger in his mouth.

Lacey is in the back seat and is wearing slacks, so he makes her pull her pants down to prove she is not wearing any panties either and he fingers her.

Flash Report! Setting the Table for Holly Godarkly by Knight on 10/22/15 at Past Time Video in Stuebenville, OH (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who Johnny Paradise refers to as "The Lou Grant of the Libertines", with the pre-game show for Part 3 of Holly Godarkly's Journey into This Thing of Ours

Holly's escort for this first trip to an adult theater is Knight, a reporter for the Journal in it's early days starting in 2011. In Parts 1 and 2 of her report, Holly discusses meeting Knight and making the decision to have him escort her to her first adult theater.

Also as part of this visit, Holly brought along her partner in crime, Lacey. Who would not want a wing woman by her side as she dips her toes into this thing of ours?

Now, let's meet Knight as he sets the table for Holly.

Take it away, sir.

Hi Doc.. long time no talk! 

I found our lovely Holly Godarkly and her friend Lacey. They both are newbies to This Thing Of Ours (TTOO) and so I decided to choose a proper venue for their first time. I chose Past Time Video in Steubenville Ohio. 

Upcoming Event! Trick N Treat at The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR on 10/31

Doc here, a man who some say has an appreciation of doughnuts that is considered to be "unnatural." 

It's been a big last few days across the adult theater spectrum in regard to Halloween events. This past weekend saw 15th Ave. Adult Theater draw 106 couples to Nightmare on 15th Ave. in Chicago, and the mighty Art Cinema draw 96 couples to Scared Stiff @ The Art in Hartford. 

This coming weekend is a big one in Portland, OR (a place I'd move to in a second if I could) and to the legendary Paris Theatre.  On Saturday, the terrific owner of the theatre, Ray, is throwing Trick N Treat at The Paris, running from 7PM to Midnite on Halloween night.

The Paris is a staple in this thing of ours.  Built in 1890 as a burlesque house, it has undergone many iterations before Ray moved his business from the old Jefferson Theater to The Paris.

Please check out Trick N Treat at The Paris this Saturday night!  Doctor's orders!