Thursday, August 12, 2010

I-Team Report: Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut, Part 9

Doc here with Part 9 of Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut.  In this chapter, we jump back in time to an early Saturday morning at The Jefferson Theater in Portland, and Nina is once again showcasing her talents. 

Here is her, courtesy of her guy "B":
We arrived at the Jefferson Theater at 1:00 am on a Saturday morning… The theater was pretty busy for that hour and was still full of horny guys waiting for any kind of sexual action they could get.

After running the gauntlet of horny perverts standing in the aisle, (if you don’t tell the guys to keep their hands off, a girl stands the chance of attaining 2 or 3 orgasms between the curtain and the couples section) we settled into the couples section. After letting our eyes get adjusted, we could see there were three other couples enjoying themselves. Nina is always a welcome addition to the couples section. We knew one of the couples...She is a buxom big titted pretty lady and lots of fun, and her boyfriend is a slight built good looking guy and hung like a pony (the bastard). We exchanged pleasantries and bantered with some of the guys we knew in the general population section…

I nudged Nina to go over to the chain where the more anxious guys will line up hoping for any form of sexual gratification that may come their way. She stood up and let the first guy stick his hand up under her mini skirt ( no surprise no panties) she pulled her full supple breasts out from under her blouse and let him suck on them. He immediately got busy sucking tits and feeling pussy. Of course by this time Nina has a hold of his swollen cock, manipulating it in a North/South direction, minutes later she had his cock in her mouth and was making him a very happy fellow. Nurse Nancy (the Lady from the couple we knew) came up behind Nina and started to play with her ass. She somehow was able to move the guy’s hand out of Nina’s pussy and replaced it with her tongue; she was on her knees with her tongue in Nina’s pussy and her nose in her ass. I could not believe how long she stayed in that awkward position.

After finishing the guy off and wiping his semen off of her face and breasts, both girls returned to the bench along side of me and Nurse Nancy’s boyfriend. The girls received a standing ovation from the boys in the perp section. In a flash the boyfriend was up in front of Nina waving his huge magic wand in her face. She had to do something with it because it was blocking her view of the movie, so she put it in her mouth. She sucked him until he was good and hard (how could it get any harder). Nurse Nancy leaned over and whispered in Nina’s ear telling her to fuck him. Nina has always been a good girl and always does what she is told.

As I said earlier this guy has a huge tool and is a master craftsman. He gave Nina a twenty minute workout. For the next hour or so she made several other patrons very happy. It is now about 3am and the crowd had pretty much thinned out. I noticed another guy we have seen in there several times, he is a grey haired portly gentleman and usually just quietly sits and enjoys what is going on around him. I told him to come on over if he would like some of Nina’s special attention, he politely declined my invitation. That kind of puzzled me so I went down and extended the invitation again, he said he would like to, but he hadn’t been able to get a hard on in years. I told him I have that problem from time to time and that Nina was an expert at making stubborn cocks perform. He did not want to embarrass himself, However he was made an offer he could not refuse, so he said OK he would give it a try.
Nina just loves to give mercy blow jobs. I motioned her to come down, and had his limp dick up and off in about five minutes. From that time on it was like Androcles who pulled the thorn out of the lions paw, he just could not do enough for her every time we saw him.

As I always say “another great time was had at the porn theater”.
Another classic tale of Nina the Bakery Slut... Thanks "B" for another terrific story from the not-so-distant past.

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