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Day One at The Good Doctor's new practice went exceedingly well! Patients were well behaved, staff was on their game, and I didn't kill anyone in the process.  Much success!

So from The Park near the giant interstate highway, aloha.


First Time in an Adult Theater: Chapter 13 - Brittany and Terry (w/ 6 PICS!)

Doc here with a GREAT First Time Report from first time contributors, Brittany and Terry.  And just to spice things up a bit, I have included 6 HOT pics of them with this report.

Why? Because I'm a giver.


Hey Doc,

We have been a fan of your blog for some time now. Thought we would finally add something to it.

He (36) has been visiting theaters for years. I (21) have only been visiting since I was 18. Our very few first times were just mere curiosity at the local Akron Adult Theater on Case Ave. While the thought of playing with Terry in the theater really turned me on, each time we went the pushiness of the guys present just killed it. Killed it so much that I decided I would NEVER go back to a theater again.

Fast forward a couple of years to the past fall. Terry heard about Summit News in Warren, OH. Heard it was a very clean facility, new facility, has couches, a private theater, and was couples friendly. So one very boring night, I agreed to go. We went a couple of times, and never really did anything, he would try to encourage me to be more outgoing, but was always a gentleman about it. I have to admit, looking around and seeing the guys rubbing their cocks was a huge turn on for me. I just wasn't ready to take the plunge.

Over the course of two months we went a little more. Each time doing a little more. Playing around in the theater a little. Then we would go back to the private theater and get down to serious business. One day however, I finally got up the nerve. Maybe it was the clothes I was wearing. Maybe it was Mr. 11" stroking his cock. That day I decided to dress up extra sexy in a read top, and a serious pair of stripper heels. We were sitting in the main theater and I just told Terry, I want him, him, and him. I got up, and went to the private theater before he could say anything back to me.

I was so nervous I was shaking but excited all at the same time. I don't think my pussy had ever been wetter. About five minutes passed and finally Terry showed up with the three guys I picked. By the time they arrived, I had my pants off, and just had my red top, knee highs, and heels. I was sitting on the couch just playing with my pussy with a vibrator. Five mins passed and I was up to my eyeballs in cock. I have never been with more than one man before, but oh this was sweet.  Every nerve ending in my body was on fire as three sets of hands explored everywhere they wanted. Pretty soon, I had one cock after another in my mouth. Sucking three cocks at the same time takes a bit of a rhythm but I eventually found it. I guess one guy got a little two excited and shot his load all over my tits. Thanked me for the invite and left.

This just left me with a black guy, and white one who I shall call mister 11". As I hinted about him earlier. Anyways, Terry was just amazed at what was going on. He was just sitting on a stool watching me work over the guys stroking his hard cock. First the black guy decided he would take a turn fucking me. He was alright, but this was also my first time being with a black guy, so I felt a little awkward. I was stroking mister 11" feeling his length and thickness thinking my God I'm not sure I can take it.

About 15 minutes passed maybe, not sure because by this time, I was so turned on I lost track of all time. I could feel the black guy getting close and sure enough out he came, and sprayed his sweet load all over my tits. I never really noticed how warm cum on the skin feels till your in the coolness of a porn theater. But now it was mister 11" turn. He threw on a bag, got in between my thighs, and had that perfect balance of gentle but rough. In a way I am glad the black guy went first as I'm not sure I could of taken all of mister 11" without it. But some how or another my pussy literally sucked his cock deep into me.

I was in heaven. Feeling every inch of his cock sliding in and out of me. My pussy just craved all of it, and then some. After a few mins of fucking, terror struck. I felt it, he felt it, the condom ripped right open. But my pussy took control and out of my mouth came, you'd better not stop. Two seconds later, I had a powerful full body orgasm that just cant be described. My pussy clamped down so hard on his cock, he couldn't move, in or out. When my pussy finally let go of its prisoner, he didn't have much long to last. I had two more orgasms one after the other, and his cock then lost the battle. He pulled out and sprayed what must have been a gallon all over me. I can only compare it to the famous shots of Peter North.

Needless to say, I wasn't done. I had Terry quickly clean me up, and without putting any clothes back on, we were back in the main theater to find my next victim. We invited another three guys one at a time back in to the private theater. Having my way with each one of them. After that, it was Terry's turn. He sat on the couch, and I mounted him.

Well I thought Mr 11" left. But apparently not. Because while we were in the middle of fucking, he showed back up in the private theater. I was very happy to see him. I kept grinding on Terry while he pulled his cock out and stroked it. I waved him over and helped him out with a little head. After about five minutes he was rock hard and I told him to fuck me at the same time, in my pussy.

I had never done a vaginal DP but my pussy was ready to take everything it could get. He told me he didn't have any more condoms, and I said it didn't matter cause the last one broke anyways. He came up behind me and pushed his cock into me with my husbands. OH GOD...it was fantastic. Five minutes of getting fucked by those two and during the whole time I think I had an orgasm every 10 seconds. Which worked them two over good. Because before I knew it, they both blasted their loads deep into me one after the other. My pussy never felt so warm and loved.

We were there for almost four hours total and left after that. I think Mr 11" left another gallon inside of me as the car seat was soaked by the time we got home. Hope we see him again some day on our visits. As I believe he is the sole reason I am now hooked on this thing of ours.

Been back a few times since, and will continue visiting some more. Hopefully soon we can get away on a vacation and find a glory hole, as that is going to be my next great conquest. Unfortunately the Akron area doesn't have any decent bookstores that would house a hole.



Doc here again... There is a good reason why the Summit News Adult Theater is in the Top 3 adult theaters in the country, and that reason is stories like the above.   Coming soon is another report from the Summit News that is incredible, and it will make your week (and month).  Look for it soon here at The Journal.

Thanks again to the lovely Brittany and her guy Terry for the outstanding First Time Report!  Keep up the great work, and we hope more reports are on the way!