Saturday, March 12, 2011

floyd's Blast From The Past: Fantasy Video in Beaverton, OR

Doc here with a Blast From The Past from now-regular Journal reporter, floyd.  In this report, floyd tries his luck at an ABS in Beaverton, OR.  What does he find? a) A corporate cover-up?  b) A political scandal? c) A celebrity look-a-like?

Here is floyd's nicely crafted Blast From The Past and the answer to the above question:


Blast From the Past – Fantasy Video
With so much written about the Paris Theater here in Portland, floyd got to thinking about some of the other fine ABS establishments here, and out popped story from a few years ago….

About five years ago when I first moved to Portland, my job used to take me out to the Beaverton area (east of Portland) once or twice a week.  One day I was coming back from working out there and stopped at the Target store on Beaverton-Hillsdale highway.  Pulling out of their parking lot I saw the sign for Fantasy – For Adults Only just across the highway.  A quick detour and I was in the parking lot.

 I had been in the downtown Fantasy store on Burnside before, but this one was quite different.  Upstairs were all the movies and novelties you would expect, but downstairs was a large arcade divided into two sections: preview rooms where you could rent a movie and watch in private on one side, and the more conventional video booths on the other.  The arcade was a large area and the booths were much larger than the standard ABS set-up.  Spread throughout were pairs of oversized booths designated as “buddy booths” with windows between them that could be de-fogged by a switch on each side, enabling to occupants to see each other if both were so inclined.  These booths has the usual chair but also a padded bench that ran along the wall next to the buddy window.  I had an uneventful jack and left, but over the following months I stopped by at least a dozen times, usually finding just some gay cruising and lots of guys there for a stroke.  I only saw one couple the whole time, and although they were young and attractive they were on their way out as I arrived.

So one afternoon I was sitting in a buddy booth watching a porno and jacking off, when the “open” light started blinking, signaling that someone in the next room wanted to un-fog the glass.  I thought what the heck, I can always close it if it’s not anything interesting.

The Real Grace Slick
circa The 70's

 A very good choice by floyd, because when the glass cleared I saw two guys and a girl, all standing up facing the window.  They were all twenty-something, with both guys fit and over six feet.  The girl was tall and slim, about 5” 10”, with long curly black hair.  I’ll date myself badly here, but she looked a whole lot like a young Grace Slick from the Airplane days. She was wearing tight designer jeans, boots, and a blazing white blouse that promised some large breasts.  She also had a cock in each hand.  The guy on my left had a huge cock, long and very thick, and the one to the right was average size and not nearly as thick.  I immediately motioned to her, indicating my willingness to come right over.  She laughed and shook her head no, then pointed to her eyes.  Message clear: just watch.

She jacked both guys for a few minutes while I pulled mine out and started stroking too.  Then she let them go and slowly took off her blouse, revealing a lacy white bra.  At this point it was obvious that she was well endowed in the titty department!  She carefully folded her blouse and set it on the bench, then seconds later slipped out of the bra. I almost lost my load just at the sight of her tits; I’m guessing 36C, and natural, with big wide nipples.  Not totally saggy, but definitely in the “hangers” category.  She arranged herself sideways on the bench so I had a good view of her taking Thick Dick’s cock into her mouth. She sucked him good for about three or four minutes then turned around and did the same to Thin Dick. After that she switched back and really went to work on Thick, jacking and slurping and sucking until he grabbed his cock and leaned back jacking.  She got the memo and held her big jugs up for his load, which spurted and splashed all over those big ones.  She immediately turned to Thin and repeated the up-tempo BJ.  He was already close from watching his buddy cum, and a half a minute later he covered her pretty face with his load.

This was, not surprisingly, having a certain effect on floyd!  She moved right up to the glass, displaying her dripping tits and her glazed face, and that was all it took.  My cum splashed against the glass in several big spurts.  All three silently clapped as I lost the last drops on the bench.  Then she reached for the button and they vanished.  I cleaned up quickly, hoping to see them as they left, but when I looked through the open door of their booth, they were gone.


Thanks again floyd for your BFTP report.  And if you answered "c" from the opening paragraph, you have won a prize!  My voice on your home voice mail.  Pretty nice, eh? 

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