Sunday, March 3, 2013

Flash Report! 15th Ave Adult Theater and CTs Adult Theater by CI - Unbelheathen

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from both 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa and CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN from new reporter CI - Unbelheathen.
This report does a nice job of separating the two Chicago-area adult theaters, and how different they are from one another.
Take it away, CI!
I did make it out to 15th Ave. in Chicago on the Wednesday (in early February), & went to the spa. Eventually a couple showed up - he much older than she, and she decidedly BBW. The mood between them was a bit tense; not sure if either wanted to be there that night, though conversation did reveal that they were experienced lifestylers.
15th Avenue Adult Theater
As per instructions, I wore the towel around until the couple went into the Sauna, then joined them - as did the other two fellows in the place at the time. She was jacking her man with a third party rubbing her clit when I went in; said third party grew tired and asked if I would take over. I did, of course, and offered to lick rather than rub; she accepted. I enjoyed her tasty pussy for a long while.
We all got too warm and moved to the bleachers. Over the course of time I ate her some more, never really producing much response, and she sucked two other guys - though not apparently to completion. I guess I wasn't her speed. An interesting adventure nonetheless.
CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
On the Friday night I was able to stop at CT's on the drive home, and ended up in a huge gangbang with a very attractive brunette - two other couples present but not playing, and near on 40 guys in the theatre - it was packed. Got good head with CIM and swallow after waiting my turn.
So that's what happened, and I thank you for your time and all the work in your site.
CI - Unbelheathen


Doc here again... Thanks to CI for a nice job on his first report from Chicagoland's two adult theaters.  Keep up the good work sir, and keep sending in reports!


Field/Flash Report! Mon Chalet Adult Hotel in Aurora, CO by The Traveling Man

Doc here with a double header report for you, the good readers of The Journal: A combination Field Report AND Flash Report.  Senior reporter The Traveling Man was recently at Mon Chalet in Aurora, CO, and has submitted his findings to The Good Doctor.

Take it away, TM!

Doc, LTNS, since we kind of, sort of met at the 15th St. Theater in Chicago about a year ago.
Doc, I have been hesitant to write about the subject of this report, simply because it is not a "theater" by definition.  The Mon Chalet is an Adult Motel about 20 minutes from Denver International Airport in Aurora, CO.  There are about 30 rooms on property, and many couples leave the blinds open, or doors open if they are inclined for a more up close and personal exhibitionist/swinger experience.
Each of the various rooms come with nice bathroom with bidet and steam shower, Chinese basket swing over bed, assorted water features, and 13 channels of porn  playing  on the TV.   Some rooms have a separate play room with sex bench, and deluxe rooms have personal hot tubs.
Mon Chalet
Denver, CO
However, what makes the Mon Chalet reek sex, is the clothing optional pool building.  Trust me, no one wears clothes here.  There are four large movie screens (one over one of the two large hot tubs) all playing a different porn channel.  Movie screens are approximately 6 ft. x 12ft. each.    So, while it isn't a theater, there ARE x-rated movies being played nonstop, and naked couples.. from 21 years old to 71 years old, swimming, hot tubbing, watching, stroking, sucking, fucking, gang banging, etc. in the tubs, in the pool and on the bed.   It is, simply an amazing place.  Picture The Paris Theatre with a built in pool and hot tubs, but with about 60 people in the theater on weekend nights....mostly ALL couples, and between 2-5 single guys.  Yes, THAT awesome!     Single guys can only attend in the evening if they rent a room.
Please see below an accounting of my experiences there this weekend.  While not as wild as many other times I've had there, it was more than enough to keep me cumming back.   In your travels, give it a shot on a Friday or Saturday night.  Note:  rooms start at $136, and fill up quick, so make reservations at least a week and a half in advance.
Now onto the report...
Chatted up this young couple.. She was like a size -2 about 4'10" tall 90 lbs, 21 year old nude dancer.  Her boyfriend was cool, and they only had a swim pass, so I let them keep their stuff in my room for safe keeping.  Her entire ass could fit in one hand.  Small A sized tits with pierced nipples.  She was a very pale skin Hispanic/white girl.  
They chatted up a couple..older guy, 25 year old Hispanic girl who also had a swim pass.   Since they didn't want to get it on in public in the pool area, I suggested my long as everyone was cool with me watching.   They were cool with it, and I ended up fingering both girls, playing with titties, sucking nipples, etc.  both girls watched me stroke, and both stroked me and held my balls for awhile.   
I retired around midnight, and around 4am, I went back to the pool area to see what was going on.  On the bed, a real cute blond.. Looked like Lyndsey Wagner.. Her legs were pinned up towards her head as her BF fucked her like a champ.  I sauntered over, opened my robe and had the General salute her.
Lyndsey Wagner lookalike didn't want to suck my cock, but she motioned me closer.  She wanted me to straddle her head, and as her man fucked her pussy good, she sucked on my balls as I stroked over her face and shot on her tits.   This was 4am, LOL.
Sunday, around 2pm, I get a call from the couple I met the night before.  They wanted round two, and said they'd come around 8pm or so.  Now, the night before, little hottie was admiring another young beautiful brunette, but they never got a chance to get together for a chat.
Well, around 7pm on Sunday, a young couple (early 20's) came in for a swim, and she looked like the girl the little hottie had admired the night before, (I started chatting with them, and, no, it wasn't them).  I explained that a couple I was friends with would come by later on, and I think they'd all hit it off.  This was their first time at the Mons, and she was a little wide eyed at people fucking and sucking all over the place, the pool, on the bed, in the hot tubs, etc.   We talked about anything and everything.  By 9 pm, I was sure my new friends had a change of plans and would not be showing.   I had three chairs reserved with towels poolside, just in case.  Around 9:30 a young couple comes in, and she was gorgeous!   About 5'5" 120 lbs., 26 years old, healthy A+ tits, FANTASTIC ass.  Did I mention I'm an ardent ass man?   

Well, as they pass by, I start chatting with them, we exchange names, etc, and they ask if they can sit down in the two spare chairs.  Of course, I tell them.  A few minutes go by, and the guy says to me " we're friends with so and so ( the couple I was with the night before...little hottie).   WHAT?   Apparently, these two couples played together, occasionally, and once these two heard what fun the other two had on Friday night, they made plans to visit and surprise me on Saturday night.  Unfortunately, little hottie fell sick, and they had to cancel, but couple two wanted to show up, anyway, even if alone.  Blonde chick told me she has been with little hottie a few times, and it was always awesome.

They swam, we hot tubbed, etc., then I introduced them to the first couple I had met that night. While the girls did kiss a few times in the pool area, neither one was aggressive enough to pursue a foursome (or, as I had hoped, a FIVEsome, lol).    Alas, I had to retire around midnight, as I was flying out Sunday morning, and never did participate in and other action, although I WITNESSED countless fucking, blow jobs, and pussies being eaten in the hot tubs, pool and bed area.

You HAVE to experience the Mon Chalet.  There simply is no place like it!
The Traveling Man


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Traveling Man for this detailed-filled report from Mon Chalet. While this is a bit of a departure from our usual focus on adult theaters and ABSs, I have been looking for a report from this place for awhile now.  Nicely done, sir.

I have added Mon Chalet to the database, and included their address and website info.