Friday, September 25, 2009

Theater Profile: CVE (Carolina Video Exchange), Gastonia, NC

CVE (Carolina Video Exchange)
2308 N Chester St
Gastonia, NC 28052-1811
(704) 867-1717

The good Doctor is starting the weekend shot out of a cannon, with an outstanding adult theater/ABS profile of CVE in Gastonia, NC (just outside of Charlotte).  This report, submitted by Alex and Lauren, takes the couple's perspective, and is refreshing in it's approach and detail. 

Without futher ado, take it away Alex and Lauren...

Good morning, Doctor,

Gastonia is a small town, just west of Charlotte, NC. Frankly, it is a spot hardly worth noting except for the fact that it has the only adult bookstore and theater action anywhere in the region. The undisputed king of adult entertainment spots in Gastonia is the Carolina Video Exchange, known better as CVE.

CVE is made up of 4 separate areas: the sales floor, the video booth area, the theater and the couples room.The sales area carries all of the usual products: sex toys, lingerie, shoes, DVDs, lotions and potions. But it is the layout, cleanliness and staff that keep couples coming into this place constantly. Many of them do not play, of course, but we have seen some who come in just to buy a movie or vibrator and wind up getting curious about the rest of the place and wandering back to the other areas. It's always fun to see a new couple taking their first steps into the lifestyle!

The video arcade is different than most. No tokens or dollar bill machines. Your entry fee gives you unlimited access to about 20 booths, each with its own movie running constantly. About half of the booths have glory holes. Again, we note that this place is clean. I don't know how they do it, but somehow they keep the cum spills, paper towels, condom wrappers, etc. off the floor and out of site. We have talked to dozens of couples who ONLY go to CVE because it is kept up and kept clean. Kudos to the management.

The theater is small - maybe 50 seats - with hardcore videos playing constantly. There is no separate couples section, but the boys will pretty well behave as long as they know what your rules are. Our only complaint with the place is the seating in the theater. Traditional "theater-style" seats make it a little difficult to get very "comfortable" but somehow the couples and ladies that want to play seem to find a way to do it. Pretty much anything goes in the theater. We have about seen it (and done it) all in there.

Finally, there is the couples' room. 6 "leather" love seats are postioned around the edges of the room with a large screen TV in the corner. We have seen as many as 13 couples in this room at once! By the way, this is couples only. Single guys can't even be invited in. Sorry.

Admission to CVE is $15. Women are free. That gives you access to the theater, video booths and couples room (if you are a couple). There is free admission to the theater and video booths for couples on Wednesdays and Sundays. Admission to the couples room is $5 on those days.

We should be able to provide some "action reports" in the future. In fact, we will probably be at CVE tonight. More info is available at

Thanks Alex and Lauren!  Hope to hear about your weekend adventures shortly, and please don't skimp on the details (you know Doctors...We need all the details before a diagnosis).