Monday, June 25, 2012

Flash Report! The Collared Traveler @ The Lido Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a double-feature if you will... New reporter The Collared Traveler reports in from one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters, The Lido in Dallas, TX (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Thursday night are the busiest for couples wishing to interact with single guys, and TCT hit The Lido on such a Thursday. 

Here is TCT and his double-feature from The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas.


 I've only written once before about the 15th Ave Theater in Chicagoland that I live somewhat near.   I'm here in Dallas for business and been sitting here at the Lido Theater since about 10pm on this hot Thursday night.
The Lido Theater
Dalls, TX

So far I've seen 5 couples enter.  Each couple entered the main theater and then retreated to private rooms about 5 minutes after sitting down.  This place is a damn sausage fest.   I've counted 40 guys here and they are just everywhere.   They've scared the couples out of the theater and some of them looked like they were ready to play with backpack in hand.

One couple did line the men up outside the private room but then she only selected the black guys.  Lucky for them!  There's just a lot of dirty guys here that are creeping the women out.  I can just tell after having been active at this thing that we do!
I'm still here and trying, but doors are closed in the private rooms and they aren't inviting anyone in.   There is a couple sitting next to me on the couch in the waiting room outside the theater and I'm working them but they seem to be waiting for a couple.   Time keeps ticking.....

Later on that evening...


So yes things got better.  Another 3 couples came in.  One couple with a very hot girlfriend.  I mean playboy hot.   She kept looking down as the came down the hallway and it was quickly obvious that she wouldn't be playing.   He took her into the theater and about 20 guys followed.  They came out 2 min later and retreated into a room and locked the door.  I was positioned perfect since I didn't follow the gauntlet of guys into the theater.  I was first outside the door with hopes it would open and the request of a visitor was made. They lasted 5 min and then quickly made a hasty exit out.
The next couple was about 45-50 years old, and she was fairly attractive and he was a bit on the creepy side but had a backpack (so I knew that was a good thing).   They too went into the theater for only about 2 minutes as the crazy crowd of chasers followed.  I again waited outside in the hall hoping to get them into a room quickly.

They did emerge a few minutes later, but the line behind them was right in tow and the passed me to go down further into a room. He selected a tall black guy to join first.  I figured I would wait my turn.  She came out alone and looked like a wreck!  She said she was headed to the bathroom. Her face was wet and hair wet too.  It creeped me out and I passed on my chance to join when she got back.  I did hear the black guy who was in there say she was sloppy and that the guy wanted to suck too.  Glad I took the pass.  About 5 others got invited into that room.  

Last couple I had seen was young and dumb.  Showed up late about 12:15am and too as the others went straight to the theater.  She clung tightly to her boyfriend and kept whispering to him.  They only lasted 2 minutes in the theater and again the line chased them into a room.  They then quickly made a exit minutes later.  

Overall.....I think this place is great!  I've never seen so many couples in only 3 hours.  It was however packed with guys  (I would say about 40 guys).   Now another thing I really liked was that it was all like minded guys looking for chicks.   No trolls, and no guys wanting to get with guys. Some of them looked like trolls but they were not acting like the typical meaning of the word in this thing of ours.    The facility was clean and they even had this guy walking around with a flashlight.   He was security I guess.  

My complaint is that they guys had no class.   They were cut throat about getting closest to the women and acting way creepy about their actions.  Not giving anyone space and chasing each couple about the place with in seconds.   Standing next to them very close to make things uncomfortable for them.   Guys take this as a lesson...... Wash before you go there, dress in clean clothes, and please give the ladies space to get comfortable!!!  

I will for sure be back to The Lido in Dallas.    There was another theater just blocks down the road but I ran out of time to see that one (ed. note: That isn't a theater any longer. It's The New Fine Arts, a former theater but now just an ABS


Doc here again... Thanks again to The Collared Traveler for his diligent report. He was a trooper hanging in there at The Lido, and giving us the skinny on this great facility.  Looking forward to your next reports, sir.

The Good Doctor is looking for your reports... Just drop Crazy Legs Hirsch The Good Doctor an email at with your report, and if you are a first timer, I'll need a pen name.  Also, I'm looking for more Couple's Flash Reports. Remember, The Good Doctor will edit and format your reports, and even drop in a pic or two.  You just supply the raw report...

It's easy.  Try it.


Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper Hit APV in Everett, WA (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash report from new contributors, Bambi & Thumper. These two theater sex veterans ventured out to Everett, WA and APV (Airport Video), and this is their report.

Note: There is a special message for the less expereinced guys in this thing of ours in this report.  Take notes, please.

Here is the lovely Bambi, and her guy, Thumper, and their Couple's Flash report.


Hi Doc,

Long time fan, first time writing. The wife (her cyber name is Bambi) offered to give the booths at the APV (Airport Video) in Everett a shot the other night. She said that she was a little weary of all the swarming that takes place when we visit the main theater. Our experiences are not as wild as some of those posted to your blog. We have been to the APV a number of times, HEB and Fantasy Unlimited, plus the lone adult theater in Vancouver, BC the "Fox". In addition we have been to Deja Vu in Vegas.

Bambi and her Anklet

This last time (June 2), I posted a note to a Yahoo group we belong to, describing the time and what she would be wearing. She never goes to a theater without her anklet! I have attached pics taken at the hotel prior to leaving for the APV. Not only did I forget to bring the camera to the theater, I forgot the hand wipes and sanitizer! The entrance to the theater had a number of guys hanging out front, as well as inside. It appeared busy for a Saturday night. Bambi waited inside the entrance while I got change for the booths. Now the Yahoo group we belong to is small in number (390) so I imagined that this was just a busy night and not because of our posting. Bambi was not hard to notice, with her sky high red mules, black stockings, jean skirt and red top, so we were followed into the booth area.

Bambi's Outfit for the Night
We settled on one booth and walked in. We heard a lot of noise outside, and only later on did we find out what it was. More on that later. The minute we got in the booth, a dick appeared through the hole. Bambi went to work deftly with her hands and made short work of this visitor. This was repeated four times in quick succession. With the exemption of one person who does not understand the meaning of personnel hygiene, it went modestly well for a first time. The guys inside the booths did get a eye full and were able to grab a feel. However a couple of things did creep us both out, and if you will indulge me I will quote from a member of the group who provided an updated posting;

The sharks were definitely swarming last night at APV - don't think too many knights were in the house. I got to APV at about 10:05 and there was a crowd that had gathered outside of the booth. I did see the red heels and anklet, and went into a booth on the other side to figure out what the scene was. Here's what I saw...  Guys arguing with each other in english and spanish about who was "next"   Several guys laying on the floor to look under the door.  One guy trying to record video on his phone under the door. I said to him,  dude that's not cool, and he didn't even acknowledge me.  I was going to chat with you guys on the way out and give you my impression, but as I was walking out, you we just getting in your truck. Maybe this is all part of the scene that you guys want, and if so, that's way cool, but as an outside observer - truly an outside observer, there was a funky vibe.

We left after she finished me off with one of her patented bj's. Things would go better if the rules, to this thing of ours, were clearly posted for all to see. The trolls are killing the fun.


Doc here again.  A special thank you to Bambi & Thumper for an excellent Couple's Flash Report. This is a report with a moral to it: Guys, if you swarm a couple, there is a 99% chance they will bolt.  Be patient, and the prospect of being rewarded somehow goes up dramatically.

Trust me on this.  This year marks my 30th year in the game.