Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flash Report: Brent in Portland on Sunday @ The Paris Adult Theater

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from the Charles Dickens of adult theater reporters, Brent in Portland.  Looks like Sunday night at The Paris Adult Theater was a good one, and here is Brent with the gory details:


A hard man could have gotten laid or a blow job from the sexy, sassy Ms Full Swing last night, but only if he had been a little patient. There was a period of time when she and her man went for a drink and a lot of guys showed up then left in frustration before they returned. When they came back they stuck around long enough to satisfy most of the guys there. I'm sure she could have handled more loads, after all she is Ms. Full Swing.

Kitty did her guy and a few others but they couldn't stay that long. I was glad she showed up. There was a cute curly haired blond who came in with her guy right in the middle of a Kitty Cluster Grope. She and her man started making out by the glory holes and a throng of eager guys, including me, moved towards them.

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation. I figured them to be slam dunk action. But my vision was perhaps clouded by all of the excitement that had occurred earlier with Ms Full Swing and Kitty. In the end, they started to play but just when we thought theirs was going to be a memorable first time visit, they left.The Paris was a fast track last night and inexperienced drivers could have easily spun out of control.

Most of the later flags were short stays. There were no requests for Hentai.

I'll write more about my weekend at The Paris in Portland in the next few days. There was some good action on Friday and Saturday.


Doc here again... The action at The Paris in Portland has been very good for a sustained period of time (since early November), and thus it's (and The Oregon Theater's) iron grip on #1 in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Power Rankings.  I'm sure I speak for everyone that we are looking forward to Brent's Friday and Saturday report.