Saturday, February 18, 2017

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits DC Video (AKA Horse Cave) in KY on 2/15/17 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say once para-sailed into a local wedding, grabbed the maid of honor on the fly, and lifted back off with her.  5 Minutes later, after the confusion died down, he swooped in again, and dropped her back off in the same exact place. Aside from her disheveled hair and a stain on her dress, all was as it had been. 

Senior reporter Anaconda has returned, and has filed a nice update on what was once one of the legendary adult theaters in the eastern US: DCs Video, AKA Horse Cave in Kentucky.  He also provided two nice new pics of this location (thank you sir!). 

Here we go...


Hey Doc,

I wanted to check in quickly and pass along a brief report on DC'S Video, more commonly refereed to as Horse Cave bookstore/theater. I was in the general area this week and decided I wanted to do some work for you (and your readers) since you do so much for us.

It was about a 90 minute drive up into central KY from Nashville, but the drive is very easy since it's a straight shot up I-65 and the theater is directly off the highway. I arrived around 5PM on Wednesday hoping that maybe there would be a chance of an after work treat. 
DCs Video, AKA Horse Cave
The bookstore/theater is the ONLY business still operating in a large abandoned strip mall. You see a very big/bright sign out front, but plenty of signage points you to the back entrance.