Friday, April 1, 2016

International Flash Report! The Aussie Cumslut's First Gloryhole Adventure on 10/27/16 in Cannington, Western Australia

Doc here, a man who some say was once voted the USA's Goodwill Ambassador to Tasmania, with a great International Flash Report from the newest contributor to The Journal, The Aussie Cumslut.

This naughty 24 year old young lady has just made her first trip to a gloryhole location, with the twist being it was in Cannington, Australia.  

Will the results of this trip to an Australian gloryhole spur visits from legendary gloryhole girls such as Piper the Gloryhole Princess, Jean (from Jean & Scott),Velvet Skye, Gloryhole Nancy, and Koral?

Well kids, sit back, pop open a Fresca ( Hi Gemini, and the official soft drink of the Journal of Adult Theaters), and enjoy a gloryhole adventure from down under from The Aussie Cumslut.


Hi Doc :o) It's nice to meet you.

So the other day I decided to go to a gloryhole and write about my experience.  The adult store I went to was in Cannington, Western Australia, and my visit was on Thursday 10/27/16.

I was dressed in a tight low cut top and a mini skirt, Wearing black panties and a bra.

The adult store I went to is about a 45-50 minute travel from my house, I left my house around 10am. I got there at almost 11am and walked in. I was hesitant at first as the person behind the counter stared in my direction as the door bell rang. I felt nervous and almost left but I decided I came this far, lets do it. So I walked around looking at items on the shelf pretending I didn't come here just to suck cock.

UPDATE - FINAL WEEKEND! The Journal's NCAA Brackets Tourney - Final Four Edition

Doc here with the latest update on the Journal of Adult Theaters NCAA Hoops Tourney.

It's been a rough ride for most, with upsets galore early, buzzer beaters, meat beaters, and the like. It's been brutal.

But, in tourneys like this one, the baby batter cream always rises to the top. 

Here is the latest rankings of our brave participants, battling it out for a Lizardo coffee mug and a photo:


God's speed this coming weekend.



Doc Roundball here, a man who some say knows as much about college hoops as he does about knitting, with the first round results in The Journal of Adult Theaters 2016 Brackets Tourney.

Friday was a brutal day for everyone's bracket, as a record # of double-digit ranked teams beat their favored opponents.  Yes, I'm talking to you, Michigan State. 

Here are the rankings after 1 Round (click to ENLARGE):

The Shockers, Team Flood Warning (Khal & Khaleesi), & The Spam Javelins are looking good. What will Saturday bring?  

In the wise words of Clubber Lang: "Pain"