Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flash Report! The CEO Visits CTs Adult Theater in Gary IN by CK on Call on Sept. 11 '15

Doc here, a man who some say cancelled his subsription to Field & Stream magazine when they announced this past week that they were eliminating all photos of fish in the magazine.

Last month I escorted senior reporters The CEO and Mr. Chairman  to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN for an evening at the movies.

And by "movies", I mean a serious gang bang. 

The guys at CTs didn't disappoint, as one by one, step by step, they stepped forward.  Shot after shot, blow by blow, The CEO had a jump start on her Halloween outfit dressed as a sultry glazed doughnut. 

Senior reporter in his own right, CK on Call was right there, in the trenches, and has provided his excellent report on the evening. 

Here we go...

My apologies Doc, for not sending this to you sooner. I got busy preparing for a trip to SE Florida.

After waking up on Sept 11, and checking my emails, I saw Doc's posting about the CEO's visit to CT's later that night. I've been reading about the CEO's exploits in the Journal. As luck would have it I was in town. I knew I couldn't miss this opportunity to see her in action.

I arrived shortly before her announced time. She arrived 15 minutes fashionably late, dressed to kill, in a shredded lil black dress. First thought was WOW! Back in the day, the ole coots woulda called her "A Hot Piece of ASS!" Second thought was, I bet no panties. (Later proven right.) By the look if her, The CEO meant business that night.

She went into the back of CT's to freshen up, and quickly emerged and entered the theater. Followed by all the gents who were eager to meet her.