Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hartford Report #1! Incognito on Friday 10/19 @ The Art Cinema

Doc here, reporting live from Hartford. It was great to get back to The Art Cinema, albeit a little late on Friday night.

OK, a lot late. 

The good news is that Journal scribe Incognito was on hand, and is the first one to submit a report on Friday night at Ernie's terrific venue for this thing of ours.  I had the pleasure of talking with Incognito in the lobby, and he could not have been any nicer. 

Here is Incognito's report on Hartford Night #1....


Upon arriving and paying Ernie for entry, I noticed a commotion behind me as I was entering the theater. Thinking it was Doc arriving, I turned around and saw a gorgeous dark-haired 23 yr old girl showing off her perfect globes and shaved pussy to those assembled, as she was accompanied by another girl and guy. The guy was pulling up her skirt for those lucky enough to be in the lobby, and to get some great snapshots. They paid and quickly made their way into the main auditorium of the theater, with a swarm of men quickly gathering around before they even had a chance to sit.

When they sat down, they both quick went to work on the guys around them. I was near the hot dark-haired girl when he raised her dress to reveal not only was she shaved, but she was also pierced. I knelt down to play with her pussy and the guy grabbed my head and pushed my face towards her pussy. Of course I couldn't resist a meal like this and dove right in while she continued to squirm and work on the guys behind her.

The other girl (a taller curvier brunette) was grabbing all the cock around her face and deep throating everyone. The first guy ended up cumming on the dark haired girls shoulder ( note to guys: don't fucking dump your load on a girl unless you ask permission if its OK first). The guy was mad because he didn't want any cum on this beauty and quickly told him to wipe it up. Then another pre-cummer followed suit and did it too! The guy was aggravated and said the next time he's going on the balcony.

By this time a few guys with condoms in their hands were lining up to fuck this beauty. I backed away to let them have their fun and moved over to the warmest deep throat I ever felt. She worked my shaft and balls until I exploded. Some other guys were negotiating buying a condom off someone for $20 just to fuck the dark haired beauty as I went to clean up.

I came back hoping to fuck this dark-haired beauty, but they were making their way up to the balcony. Damn. I ended up talking with Ernie for a bit out front and he let me know that the Doc would be a little late because of traffic.

There were 2 other couples that had also arrived that quickly made their way to the balcony as well. I was hoping they would come down soon and join the rest of us down below. The dark haired girl and her two friends came down, but they had to make it back home, as they told us they drove all the way down from New Hampshire to check out the theater and Doc. The dark haired girl is a fantasy dancer in a small club in New Hampshire (I don't want to divulge anymore info and the guy was an avid reader of the blog so maybe he can fill in more info - also let us know when you're coming back). She said this was the first time she had ever done this, boy did she learn quickly :)

In The Balcony
Unfortunately I had to break away early, so I could not wait for everyone to come down in hopes to get some more play. The Doc can fill in the rest of the night for everyone. Hopefully I can make it for round 2 tonight if my plans go well.

If not then there's always next time.
Doc here again... A big thank you to for being johnny on the spot with the first report (of what will be many) from Hartford. I had the chance to meet the threesome from New Hampshire, and the girls were as hot as Incognito described.  We wish we had been there earlier to witness their playing.  Rain check please?
Note: To the NH Threesome - Please e-mail me at I have a couple of questions for you.  Thanks!
Saturday night promises to be a wild night at The Art Cinema. The weather is gorgeous, and several couples have reached out to The Good Doctor.  The plan is to be at the Art by 7:15pm at the latest. I immensely enjoy meeting the good readers of The Journal, as well as patrons of this thing of ours. Don't hesistate to come up and say hello. 
See you tonight!