Monday, February 18, 2013

Art Cinema Event Report 1: Sam and Dee (w/PICS)

Doc here with Part 1 of the Art Cinema's Valentine's Event reports.

I am sure than many, if not all of you, have seen the movies Pulp Fiction or Memento. What made these movies different? The narrative was not linear (told in a sequential timeline). The story was told out of order, and that element made the movie very dynamic.  I have long wanted to create a series of reports that were told in that manner, and I thought this was the ideal time to do it.

We will celebrate the incredible night that was Saturday, 2/16 at Hartford's awesome Art Cinema with a series of reports, not necessarily told in order.

There were 27 couples that attended the Valentine's event on Saturday evening, and I am sure there are plenty of reports out there that we'd love to be told.  If you a couple or single there Saturday night, please e-mail me your report at

Here we go...

On Friday evening, 2/15, after flying into Hartford, I fired up my rental vehicle, a Worphin 500 SUV with it's all-wheel drive, and set the GPS to The Art Cinema in Hartford. Friday night was going to be a last minute coordination of plans before the big event on Saturday.

While drilling through the details with Ernie, the great owner of The Art Cinema, a couple came through the doors from the theater into the lobby.  I introduced myself to them, and they to me: this was Dee and Sam.

Dee (the male half of the couple), is a good looking African American guy, very tall (ed. note: almost everyone compared to The Good Doctor is tall, but Dee is honestly tall!), and a super nice guy. I have e-mailed with him in the past about The Art Cinema, and it's scene...

Sam (the female half) is a smoking hot white girl: tall, slender, with long legs, relatively short red hair with highlights, very fair silky smooth skin, and very pretty. She and Dee make a great couple.

We had a nice conversation in the lobby, and it was nearly impossible to keep my eyes off of Sam. She was wearing black skin tight lycra pants, and a revealing top concealing a great set firm 34-B's. As I found out Saturday evening, she noticed I was looking her up and down, and enjoyed that attention from The Good Doctor.

As they were leaving Friday night, I kidded with them that I hoped that they behaved themselves, to which Sam replied without missing a beat, "Never". 

Let's fast forward to Saturday evening, shall we?

The Real Sam
The Good Doctor was in the lobby of The Art Cinema, greeting the couples arriving for the evening. After talking with the sexual dynamo known as Sweet Temptation and her guy before they hit the main floor of The Art, I turned around and spotted Dee and Sam. Once again Sam looked stunning in her black tight pants, black stilettos, and thin top.

After a few minutes of chatting, they went back up to the exclusive couple's balcony of The Art Cinema. In my mind, I was hoping there would be the opportunity to spend some sexy time with them (SPOILER ALERT: We did.)

About half way through the night we found ourselves sitting in the front row of the lighted upper balcony of The Art. This location is ideal for the more adventurous couples, since you are not shrouded in the darkness found in the lower balcony. Dee and Sam ventured by and took up seats next to us, with Sam to my immediate right.

I began asking Sam what her first adult theater experience. She replied that once she stepped through The Art's doors, and got a sense of the theater, that she was hooked! Verbatim: "I love it here". She explained that she has had some great times there, with both guys and girls.  One of her favorites was having the female half of a couple ask her is she wanted any help as she gave a BJ.  She did, and they gave a double BJ to a very lucky guy on the main floor of The Art.

I asked Sam what turns her on the most... I won't divulge what she said, but rest assured that behind her innocent looks lies a very dirty minded girl. As she was telling me these secrets, I was stroking her leg slowly.  She also told me that she was sexually insatiable, and I later saw proof beyond a reasonable doubt that she was indeed insatiable. I asked Sam if she minded what I was doing, and she said "not at all."

This was my cue...

I continued this very dirty conversation, but was now slowly rubbing her pussy through her pants...I could feel her hard clit right through her pants, as well as the wetness of her pussy. Her next move was incredible... Sam reached down, and pulled the top part of her pants down to exposed her smooth hairless pussy. I ran my hand down the front of her, and into her tight wet pussy.  As I cranked up the dirty talk, I cranked up the intensity of the finger fucking. I reached behind Sam, grabbed a large chunk of her hair, and pulled as she was getting close to cumming.  It wasn't much later that she came all over my hand in spasm after spasm.

The Real Sam and Dee
Sam had pulled her top down, exposing her perfect set of boobs. I ran my tongue all over her nipples, and took it into my mouth, sucking softly... Sam was now masturbating herself as I was sucking and nibbling her nipples.  I then replaced her hand with mine, and brought her to another hard climax.

Sam's hand was now rubbing me, and soon was wrapped around my cock, stroking me... She would remove her hand and lick her palm in one motion and return it back to me, showcasing her exceptional hand job skills. She commented on how hard I was, as I told her that was of her doing.  You know, cause and effect.

I stood up, and she pulled me closer. She leaned in and took me into her soft wet mouth, and took me all the way down her throat. Sam's pretty eyes looked up as she rubbed the head of my cock across her lips, and back into her mouth. She would  eventually take my cock, and spank her tongue with it as she told me she wanted me to "cum all over my tits."

I didn't last much longer folks, as I was soon shooting spurt after spurt of cum all over her beautiful tits (as she desired).  As she rubbed it in, I could see her smile aiming up from her position in front of me.  This visual is one of many from this night that will never be forgotten.

Later on the evening, Sam, Dee and I joined another great couple from earlier in the evening, J&D in the dark section of the balcony.  But that report will be coming later in the week.

Look for Part 2 of The Art Cinema's Valentine's Event from The Good Doctor Tuesday morning...