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I-Team Report! "Pink Girls" by Amber Aldrich

Doc here with a fascinating feature article from Amber Aldrich ( Those of you who have seen her posts and articles regarding theater sex (as well as dark room parties, dogging, etc.) know Amber as arguably one of the most articulate voices regarding "this thing of our's".

Those of us that have been around the race track a few times in our life often feel that we have seen it all or at least have heard it all.  This article proves that adage wrong.  Amber's profile of the Asian phenomenon of "Pink Girls" and her new friend Mary's history, is a page turner my friends.

So here is Amber Aldrich's I-Team Feature: "Pink Girls"
A few weeks ago my husband and I were at our usual sex club in Toronto where we were invited into a private room containing two other couples and a single woman – a 25 year old stunningly gorgeous Asian girl with the most wickedly sexy legs and a perfect butt. My husband, who is a news junkie, jokingly commented “hey look, it’s Michelle Malkin”. Indeed this woman was a spitting image of the newscaster Michelle Malkin, although of course it wasn’t her. Everyone’s eyes, male and female, were glued on this woman not only because of how sexy she was, but because of how sexy sex looked when she was the one doing it. My 68 year old overweight, admittedly homely, Viagra-dependent husband felt totally intimidated by her, and spent most of the time avoiding any even accidental contact with her lest she be one of these obnoxious “I’m too good for you” youngsters that have recently infiltrated the swinger lifestyle. Consequently, my husband did nothing with anyone.
But then … after everyone else was done and now socializing, she rolled over to my husband and just cuddled with him, snuggled as if they were a married couple about to go to sleep. He was tense at first but then seemed to relax. She whispered something in his ear, then rested her head on his belly and very gently began to mouth the head of his penis with her lips, much like a little girl eating an ice-cream cone. In a short time it was in her mouth. It went into her mouth limp as a noodle, and in about a minute it came out so hard it stood vertically. She crawled on top of him facing away from his face and …

My husband let out a “hmmmm”, her eyes closed, and she went limp like a dishrag. The only motion she made was a subtle little shimmy of her hips to allow her body to absorb the rest of his length. That caused my husband to emit another “hmmmm”. My husband was barely moving, it was a most gentle fucking, yet what was going on in his head was far from gentle. His eyes were the eyes of a boy being led by his parents to the exit of the zoo before he wants to leave. My husband, whose 68 year old cock has lost most of its sensitivity was fighting with all his might not to cum … and clearly losing the battle.

And all of a sudden her eyes shot open as wide as her smile, her head turned upwards, and she said with breathy broken English “Ahhh, there it comes”, as if she was expressing the euphoria that gripped him so tightly that he hadn’t the breath to express it himself. About a second later he yelped, his body began to quiver, and, as my husband struggled to catch his breath, she glared at the other two women with an evil smile that clearly said “see what YOU missed out on?”. After we left the room I asked Phil what she whispered. He said “she told me she likes it soft, and told me to try not to get hard”. I thought wow, what perfect psychology to say exactly that to a man whose been all night self-conscious about his ability to please. With the pressure off, a nice slow blowjob was all it took to do what the other women’s implied demands couldn’t. And she was also exactly right to face away from him for the fucking part. No face and no eyes means no judgment, no expectations, and no disappointment.

When we were leaving the club we passed her in the lounge area. She was wearing a fitted minidress that did the seemingly impossible – made her perfect legs look even more perfect. Phil, who is a leg and butt man, wanted to thank her for not being a sexual elitist, even though she has every reason to be … and compliment her on her legs. She laughed and said she was a “Pink Girl” back home, and “had to have great legs so they would pick me”. This led to an hour long chat over a couple drinks in the lounge. Her name is Mary, and her English is terrible. She just moved to Toronto from China only a few months ago. In China she lived in a farming village about 60 miles from Bejing. And like American farm girls, she was friendly, kind, and totally unpretentious. We became instant friends, and have since taken her to adult theaters and swinger parties.

But I was most intrigued by this “thing” about “Pink Girls”. I never heard of that before. So one day I had Mary over for lunch and grilled her on Pink Girls. I didn’t really have to do much grilling, as she was eager to tell me everything about it. And she told me a fascinating story of fringe sexuality in a backwardly oppressive communist culture. Mary is like me. She craves anonymous sex. She does not relate sex and love. She needs to feel the power of her sexuality, and she has no embarrassment towards wielding that power for her own gratification. For lack of a better word, Mary is a cumslut, just like me. And just like a plethora of other women who frequent adult theaters, dogging sites, gangbangs, and sex parties. Like me, and like all cumsluts, Mary craves the sensation of a penis having an orgasm inside her. And she thrives on the process of making that happen. Mary, like all cumsluts, doesn’t give a damn about the man’s pleasure. His orgasm is simply collateral damage, an inconsequential byproduct … a quirk of biology necessary for her own gratification. Then why does she keep herself so damn sexy? Why such silky skin? Why offer them so much paradise? Simple – it’s an investment. The bigger the investment, the bigger the return on it.

To us in the West, and certainly to the readers of this blog, this is not an outrageous concept. With our swingers clubs, couples-friendly adult theaters, sex parties, gangbangs, rape clubs, and dogging parks, even people who aren’t into it can understand that there are women who are. But how does a cumslut fit in a culture that for 8000 years considered women to be the sexless property of men? How does a woman express a highly selfish sexuality in a social structure that makes individual expression a criminal act? And even if a woman had balls enough to try, how would she find her male counterparts given that any male caught associating with such a woman would be considered criminally insane? Such is the culture of mainland China.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that most Chinese men and women with our sexual proclivities remain in the deep dark closet for life. A woman who in the West would be cutely regarded as a cumslut, would be held in greater distain than a prostitute in China. A woman who does it for money is a criminal, but a woman who does it for need is mentally ill. In China, “mentally ill” puts you in the same category as spies and dissidents. But there’s something else we all understand. In the West deviant sexual cravings can become so intense that some men do bad things to get it. The same is true in China. In the West a “bad” thing is rape, window peeping, pedophilia, etc. In China a “bad” thing men do is called “chikaning”, an act that would be considered a misdemeanor here, but punishable by years in prison there.

Chikans are subway gropers – men who ride the packed subways of Asian cities to cop feels off the legs of miniskirted women. In such forced puritanical societies, clandestine frotteurism provides an outlet. In Bejing summer temperature typically hit 100 degrees, but unlike in the West, air conditioning in homes and the workplace is a luxury. As a matter of practicality, even in this sexually oppressive country, it has become socially acceptable for working city women to don rather short skirts, as long as they are dressed very business-like from the waist up. As a result, a Beijing subway during rush hour is a chikan’s paradise. Chikaning in China is a serious crime, yet it is so common that men are rarely prosecuted for it.

In Asian countries "no chikaning" signs are just as common as “no smoking” signs in the subways. In Japan they even have women-only subway cars. In Beijing there is one particular subway line with an average of two chikans on every train during rush hour. If you’re a woman wearing a short skirt, there’s a good chance you’ll be chikaned on this subway line. Most women regard the chikans as annoyances and do everything to avoid them. A few women are so numb to it all that they ignore the chikans as long as the hands stay below the hemline. And then there are the so-called Pink Girls.

Pink Girls are a chikan’s wet dream come true. Pink Girls are the Asian equivalent of the cumslut. But absent of the outlets we take for granted in the West, Pink Girls employ the deviance of chikans for their thrills. Now in my younger days, I got a perverted little kick out of letting the NYC subway gropers (the subway’s loaded with them) cop a few feels off my legs. However the chikan / Pink Girl phenomenon takes subway groping to a level unheard of in Western culture. But in such an oppressive society, how can this be done? Well, they do it by pretending they’re not doing it! They allow the chikaning to escalate to the point of sexual insanity under the pretense that nothing’s happening – and they never admit said gratification EVEN TO EACH OTHER. Confusing? Well, here’s the fascinating story of how it happens.

Pink Girls are very rare, hitting the Beijing subway at a rate of about one a month. They ride the subway lines most notorious for chikaning back and forth during rush hour donning loose fitting miniskirts and freshly shaved legs. Beijing subways are unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the western world. They are so crammed like sardines that there are actually strong men hired to stand on the platforms and literally pack people into the cars. Riding on a Beijing subway car, all you can see is a sea of shoulders with heads bobbing in it. You can’t see anything below shoulder level – the hidden world of the chikan. Pink Girls look like any other city girl. A chikan never knows who they are … until he just happens upon one. Then there is no question about it. 99.9% of the time a chikan will hit a regular woman and sneak the few feels he can get away with. But in the rare event that he’s found a Pink Girl he’ll know it immediately, and what follows is like nothing imaginable in the West. She stands quiet and motionless, her eyes gazing out the windows or turned upward to scan the advertisements, giving no indication of the fury going on beneath the “sea”.

Pink Girls generally offer leg … but that rarely does the trick. In most cases the chikan will start by extracting his erection through the top of his track pants and contact it against her bare thigh. Unlike the usual girls, the chikans know the Pink Girls are doing this deliberately, so there is no need to be sneaky with her, although they all have to hide it from the rest of the crowd. Asian men are notoriously misogynistic, and women are expected to be totally sexually subservient. In Asian culture it is much more devastating to be identified as a Pink Girl than a chikan. Once the action starts, she dare not expose what’s going on for she will suffer the greater social repercussions than the men. Thus, once a Pink Girl submits herself to a chikan, she must be ready to FULLY submit, remaining passive and (hopefully) enjoy whatever means the chikan chooses to gratify himself.

Thus, when a chikan encounters a Pink Girl, he will almost always attempt some degree of vaginal penetration. What usually stops them is the impracticality of maintaining stealth in a packed subway car. Pink Girls that don’t want to be penetrated take on some control by making it more impractical. Wearing heavy panties, for example, and standing with their feet crossed on the floor locks off any attempt at the vagina. But many Pink Girls WANT to be penetrated. Remember, these women are the Asian equivalent of the common cumsluts we have in our adult theaters and dogging sites, or swinger women at orgies. The difference is that these women live in a culture where what you do is less important than what you appear to do.

Pink Girls have wickedly seductive legs, and work on them constantly. Since the chikan has a carload of potential feel-ups, the legs act like calling cards. Chikans target girls with smooth shapely legs, but more importantly, the ones with the most accessible thigh skin. Pink Girls know exactly what to wear to send the message “I’d be a good feel-up”. Pink Girls are experts at making a penis cum from leg alone. They know how to “fuck” a penis perfectly using the flesh between their inner thighs. They frequently spit on their hands and deposition a slippery slick between their thighs to facilitate effectiveness. A chikan who gets one of these girls will not miss out on anything even she won’t give pussy.

Pink Girls who want penetration are experts in taking a penis standing up … and doing so without letting on to anyone around them. And because a chikan can hit a girl at either the front or backside, Pink Girls have remarkable expertise in taking it face to face or from behind. From the chest up they appear as aloof as any other daily passenger, but Pink Girls are skilled practitioners in the underworld of the lower body. The human anatomy was not made for intercourse while standing perfectly straight. The angles are all wrong, thrusting upward is awkward for the male, and with a woman’s legs open enough to allow penetration, any force can topple her over. A woman needs to bend her torso almost 90 degrees and brace her hands against a stationary object in order to do intercourse standing up. Obviously, this is impossible to do with a chikan in a crowded subway car, even if secrecy wasn’t an issue.

But I’ll let you in on their trick – or at least Mary’s trick. What you do is hang onto the overhead hand rail with both hands and drop the weight of your torso as far as your arms can extend. This will put your back in a snake-like arch. You now stand on your tippy toes and bend your legs slightly as if you were going to squat down, but instead of squatting, your butt will drop lower and automatically turn upwards and arch back. You’ll be amazed at how perfectly the angle of your pussy positions itself for a backside entry. The Pink Girls are copiously pre-lubed, and in this posture it’s nearly impossible for a chikan’s cock not to hit its target … unless he cums before getting it in – something that I can tell you from my own experiences with dogging and adult theater sex happens about half the time. Moreover, because her pussy is dropped lower than his waste, he no longer has to pump upwards, but merely push forward. If she does this right the chican can effortlessly go all the way in belly to butt. And from the chest up, she just looks like an overworked office girl hanging onto the handrails for a restful stretch.

That takes care of a guy behind, but what about a face to face encounter? Well, this is equally easy She again holds the upper handrail with both hands, but leans her weight back instead of down. She can then arch her back pushing her hips way forward and keep her balance braced by the hand rail. She then bends one leg just enough so that the knee is about even with him mid-thigh. This positions her pussy perfectly for a belly to belly entry. Again, copious lubrication does the rest.

The most difficult part of all this is not the mechanics of fucking standing up or keeping it completely hidden. A Pink Girl skirt is strategically designed to drape over the chikan’s hips front or back. So even in the unlikely event that someone may get a quick glimpse below the sea of shoulders, they would see anything anyway. The real difficulty is keeping the man from loosing his cool. The Pink Girls never lose their cool. What she has to do is keep the chikan from his natural tendency to pump-fuck. Chikan sex has to be done clandestine and as outwardly motionless as possible. This is actually part of the fun and excitement for both parties.

To this end, Pink Girls are also experts in Kegel motion. Kegel motion is the ability to move your vaginal tube inside your body. The Pink Girls are totally adept at this, and can grip a penis tightly with the tube, and ripple it up and down along the shaft. Thus, the chikan need only insert and stay as still as he possibly can, and the Pink Girl will literally jerk him off with her insides. In doing this, the girl can get as much, or even more, sexual stimulation from the penis than in regular pump-fucking. Chikans are similar to adult theater trolls in that they are instant cummers. They can typically withstand about 10 seconds of this before cuming. Throughout ejaculation the girl continues to clamp tight on the penis and ripple her vaginal tube up and down along the shaft. The combined sensation of the semen squirts, the pulsations of the penis, and the motion of the vaginal tube are extremely pleasurable for the woman. This is especially true from behind as the angle frequently puts the head of the penis right on the G-spot. Kegel motion is something every woman should practice. With a few daily exercises any woman can become a pro at this. I’ve been doing Kegel exercises for 30 years. One of my exercises is to move a hot dog up and down in my vagina using only my vaginal muscles, then pull it in and crush it to mush.

Mary described a method she loved to put the final touch on a chikan’s finale. Just as he’s about to cum she would slowly turn her head, glance over her shoulder, and stare in his face. She got off on watching what she called “the biggest understatement in the world” – the eyes get glassy, the mouth opens just slightly in a silent scream, and the way he holds to avoid any danger of moaning. Psychological sadism – the icing on the cake for her.

Finding a genuine Pink Girl is like finding a unicorn. Everyone knows they exist, but few people ever actually encounter one. Ardent chikans ride the most notorious lines all day long for months before being fortunate enough to hit one. Thus, the Pink Girl / chikan phenomenon has recently spawned a very lucrative business. Prostitutes that dress and act like Pink Girls. You give her a credit card number, and when you “need” her she tells you exactly what subway car to ride in, where to wait for her in the car, and a precise time. She then acts identically to a genuine Pink Girl. And just in keeping with the ruse, most of these prostitutes are so true to character that they will even engage with other opportunistic chikans while on hire. Many men purposely “share” a hired Pink Girl. One hires her, and the others pretend to be unassociated chikans. The ruse rarely works, however, as the credit card will likely be triple billed to account for the extra “work”.

I’m not a fan of prostitution. I despise it. I put the above paragraph in only for completeness. My interest is in opportunistic sexual encounters for the pleasure of the woman. There is something extremely arousing about the sneakiness, the sleaze of it all. Chikans and Pink Girls are part of Asian culture because sexual freedom is not. Western women (and men) may find it incredible that there are women who actually want to do something like this. But you must realize that’s coming from people who grew up without sexual encumbrance. When something is taboo, it becomes more exciting than the act itself. To a penis, pussy feels wonderful … but getting pussy in the above described manner is mind-blowing. And we Western cumsluts know this. Any woman will tell you at an adult theater or at a dogging site the perverts cum faster and harder, the orgasm lasts longer, and the semen pumps out more forcefully than in bed with your boyfriend.

When Mary first arrived in Canada, she was shocked that there was no chikan / Pink Girl subculture here. This absence was as foreign a concept for her as its existence is to us. She didn’t know the word “swinger”, or any Chinese equivalent. She never heard of a gangbang. She never heard of an adult theater. She didn’t know what “dogging” was. Mary has never been exposed to female bisexuality, and didn’t know how to respond at the club when she was hit on by a woman. When we met Mary she had just discovered the sex clubs, and had only been to one once on the previous Sunday.

Thus, she latched onto Phil and me as her mentors. We took her to her first swingers orgy a couple weeks ago, where she was a huge hit with the men. Mary is, however, still not comfortable with girl/girl activity, but says she “can get used to it”. And there was another surprise for her with Western swingers – condoms. In China condoms are considered a form of birth control. She wears a diaphragm. So in her mind, there is no purpose for a condom. She couldn’t understand why all the women at the swingers party were so insistent on using them. “Didn’t they ever hear of the pill?”, she chortled, perhaps as a tongue-in-cheek poke at her own naïveté. But what really surprised her was the distain that one particular woman showed her for taking it bareback with the woman’s husband. Thank God Mary’s poor English prevented her from fully understanding the name she was being called. I had to explain to that woman that her anger is misdirected. After all her HUSBAND is the one with the commitment to their rules, not Mary. Later on I explained to Mary about concerns over AIDS. She told me she heard of AIDS, but thought it was a disease of drug addicts. She then needled me about why I don’t use condoms. I told her it’s because I don’t worry about things. She said “I don’t either”.

Last Sunday afternoon we took her to her first adult theater. We told her that’s where the chikans hang out … but it’s in the dark. Her response was “ohhhhh … I want that”. Indeed, she appeared very much in her element with that venue. She even wore a typical Pink Girl outfit, Betty Page on the bottom, Mother Theresa on the top. Since this readership is involved in adult theater sex all the time, I won’t bore you with details other than to say between the two of us we ran out of cock very fast. We actually had to watch the movie to wait for the guys to recharge up another shot, and eventually we were waiting for fresh guys to trickle into the theater. Mary didn’t want to leave, and made us promise to take her back.

So is there really any difference between a dogging or adult theater woman and a Pink Girl? No. We are a cut of the same cloth. The only difference is that the Pink Girls get a bigger thrill because there’s more taboo associated with it. In adult theaters, many women focus their attention on their partners, and outwardly ignore the groping and even penetrations from the trolls. This pretense is done to enhance the taboo. However, I’m thinking of trying a subway encounter with a frotteur the way a Pink Girl does it. Mary and I have talked about bringing the Asian phenomenon to the West. She has even offered to let me be a fly on the wall, and watch her in action before I make a fool of myself with inexperience.

Who knows, maybe we’ll start a new craze.
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