Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FLash Report: Old Marine Corps Guy's Very Happy Halloween in Phoenix

Doc here with a Flash Report from one of our favorite field reporters (more like a commander if you ask me), Old Marine Corps Guy.

Typically, OMCG will submit a "Blast From The Past" report, but this one is hot off the presses.  So sit back and enjoy OMCG's report from The Paradise in Phoenix:
Been a long time since I was at The Paradise on Osborn (130 W. Osborne, Phoenix), but I gave it a shot
early last night. Hung out in the straight theater while most of the action was going on in the gay side.

Old Marine Corps Guy
(action figure)
  About 8:00pm the door opened and a couple came in. He was dressed up like Superman and she was dressed up like a cheerleader (she had some nice "pom poms", but they weren't the type that she carried :D ). He was in his mid 40' and she was probably mid to late 30's. Nice body, a little plump but all in the right places. Short dark hair.

I was in the back row (about the only row in the theater with only plastic movable chairs to sit on) and they sat down with him one seat away from me. After getting settled in for a few minutes, he put his arm around her and the started kissing. While they were kissing, she was watching me so I started
rubbing my dick (I never take it out 1st) just to let them know that I was friendly.

He started playing with her "pom poms" and rubbing her legs, and she started rubbing his cock, so I took mine out to let them know i was REAL friendly. She took his cock out and started giving him a handjob and after a few minutes she squated down in front of him and started to suck his cock. The guy looked over at me and we smiled at each other and he motioned me over to the seat next to him. I don't need to be told twice so I moved.
Paradise Adult Boutique
Phonix, AZ

I watched her give "Supie" an excellent blowjob. While she was sucking his dick, he reached down and grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. She sucked him for a few minutes and kept up the rhythm with stroking me until he busted in her mouth. Right after he finished he told her to "get one". I didn't know what he was talking about until she reached into her purse and took out a condom. She kind of skidded over in front of me, slipped on the helmet and started to do me like she had done her boyfriend. It didn't take me long to bust and she took it like a champ and finished to the last drop. She sat up, they straightend up and we all said thanks and they left.

Like I said, it's been a long time since I've been to the Paradise, but I think I'll start going more often now.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween...I know I did. :)~
Thanks to OMCG for another great report!  He is a walking enclyopedia of the west coast adult theater scene from the 70's and 80's, but he can still crank out a great Flash Report too. Thank you sir!

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