Monday, July 14, 2014

Update: BNA Has Re-Opened for Business as of 5PM ET

Doc here... I decided not to publish anything on what happened Friday at the Berlin News Agency in NJ on Friday 7/11/14 until I got enough information from the source, not rumors bouncing around the interwebs.

BNA has posted a statement on their Fetlife Group, and I think it's important for you, the good readers of The Journal, to hear the statement direct from the source.

Here you go:

Hey everyone sorry for keeping so quiet on this. Yes a call went out that someone had drugs at BNA. However no drugs were found and we believe it all to be some kind of misunderstanding. However when the authorities came they brought with them the fire inspector who sited us for some issues with a storage area in the booth area and as a result we needed to close for a few days before we were allowed to reopen.

I was unable to answer any of the questions posed before now because honestly I didn't know what had happened either, but to make it very clear: NO BNA did not get "raided". I will delete any discussion (ed. note: on their Fetlife Group) suggesting that is the case because I don't want any rumors getting started.

On a lighter note BNA will resume operations on Monday. It was an unfortunate and awkward situation all around and on behalf of management and from myself I wish to extend my sincere apologies for any and all inconvenience and confusion.


Doc here again... BNA's party scheduled for this coming Saturday night (Summer Sizzler) has also been postponed. As soon as I have the rescheduled date I will get that out to you, the good readers of The Journal.

Ok... Show's over. Carry on...