Sunday, August 5, 2012

Flash Report! Bob In Biloxi's Tale Of Woe & Confusion for 8/4/12

Doc here... Our good friend, Bob in Biloxi, has returned...

Unfortunately, his tale is one of woe and confusion. Of dual personalities, And of denial.

My name is Lizardo, and I carry a badge.  I was working bunko late on a Sunday evening, when this report hit my desk from Bob.  This is his story...


Hey Doc,

I know it’s been forever since I filed a report, but that may be about to change. We’ll see.

Last night’s trip to the beautiful Gulf Coast was a total waste of carbon based fuel. There were three couples in attendance at the Gulf Coast Theater and none at the ABS down the street.

Bob in Biloxi
The first couple that came in used to be a regular couple that decided she wanted to get paid for her services from here on out. (Can I really count that as a couple then? I will have to refer to the rulebook on that and get back to you).

After they left with one hapless fool, it was an all sausage fest with the majority of the confused folks and happy fellows either on their knees or bent over.

That is until the 2nd couple showed up. Both were very young (20’s?), she was a dark haired lady wearing a pullover blouse and daisy dukes. They sat on one of the front couches by themselves, trying to relax and enjoy the movie. He would hold her hand as she leaned against him, gently stroking her arm. Just as it seemed they were relaxing, one of the confused fellows (that had been on his knees at the very back couch), decided he would flop down on the couch next to her. That may have been OK with them until he placed his hand on her leg, after that they were out of there. Smooth move Ex-Lax!!

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
The last couple that came in was slightly older than the second couple. She was a slim lady with dark hair dark and tiny tits; she was dressed in a sexy long summer print dress. They sat on the very back couch and were immediately surrounded by confused folks. After awhile he started playing with her pussy lifting her dress up for everyone to gawk at her shaved pussy. That started the old stand up to get a better view, at which time she covered her face. You may be asking yourself now, who was the first to stand up? Yep, the very same confused fellow that ran off the second couple.

I could tell this was going nowhere fast so I began to walk up the aisle and out the door. As I was leaving one of the happy fellows tried to grab my cock, big mistake, I wheeled around and contemplated for a second on sending him the local emergency room, but instead simply pointed my finger in his face. I didn’t have bail money on me.

I don’t know where all the aggressive behavior came from last night, and frankly I’d rather not dwell on it long, but if it’s not reined in and kept in check it could mean the demise of our quaint little theater on the Beautiful Gulf Coast. I don’t know how long it’s been going on, and it was a slow night by comparison to other Saturday nights I remember. I now wonder if this isn’t the reason?

Let’s hope it changes and these people buy, find, or somehow inherit some courtesy, common sense and tact.



Doc here again... It's good to have you back, Bob, but sorry to hear the scene at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater was that bad/lame.  Let's just hope it was an off night...

Chin up, sir.


Flash Report! The Traveling Man Reports From The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a great Flash Report from a man with plenty of freqent flyer miles in his account: The Traveling Man.

Last report was from 15th Ave in Chicagoland.  This one, just a few days later, comes from the Mecca of this thing of ours, Portlandia.

Grab yourself a Voodoo Donut, and enjoy...


Hey, Doc. 

Sorry I didn't get the opportunity for a more formal introduction at 15th Ave two weeks ago.   Well, I made it to Portland, and completed my business by late morning, so I headed on over to the Paris Theatre and arrived at 1:45.  Dead.  Nada.  Zilch.  Total sausage fest...until...5:30 a nice couple comes in.  They were a fit white couple, around mid 40's.  She was a blonde who obviously took care of what she was blessed with.  Deep tan, pretty face resembling Lindsey Wagner, with great augmented tits and an ass to make women jealous and men cry.  

She immediately took to sucking him off while the railing crew wanked away.  She teased and he teased as she slowly, with his help and encouragement, slipped her jeans down to present that deep tanned ass.  The lady was here to have fun, but on her terms.  No touching the puss, and she wasn 't giving anyone but her man head.  Her tits were game, and she couldn't stroke enough cock. 

In the couples arena, she laid down on the table by the railing and the hungry hands started exploring her body.  She reached out and grabbed my dick, making me smile like Tiger Woods BEFORE the shit hit the fan.   After a few position changes, they moved to the overflow areas so she could get up close and comfortable with some cock.  She sucked her man while sitting and laying on the bench, and stroked off more cocks and wiped their cum on her glorious tits..which, btw, I estimate as 36 DD.   her expert manipulation of the Travellin Sausage caused me to erupt in her hand, on her arm and all over her fingers.  Yes, she looked like she stuck her hand in a gallon of Elmer's.

She was so turned on after a short spell, they returned to the Oasis, where he took her doggy style against the wall and long dicked her up the ass.  Yes, the immortal pleading "Fuck my ass!" resounded from this beautiful blonde, and anyone in attendance knew the stars were aligned this early evening.  After they were through, the left for the evening by 6:15.  yes, 45 minutes of Paris Theatre prime time.

A little later an older gentleman in his 60's came in with a heavyset brunette of about 40 years old.  They sat in the entrance corner of the Oasis, against the wall, checking out the activities.  They didn't even touch themselves, not to mention each other, even after couple no. 3 entered the theatre.

He was a slim 50's white guy and she was late 30's Asian, wearing a short jeans skirt and a sheer top.  She was solid in build, about 5 ft. Tall, and this was her first time at the Paris.   They laid down towels on the first couch on the right hand side of the theatre, and took a seat.  Not even three minutes went by before he had her sucking his cock, and the men crowded around.  She wasn't shy, and was his to command.  He enjoyed showing her off, and her tits, ass and pussy were available to explore, but no intercourse and no oral.  She held my balls as I stroked to beat the band as she rode her man's cock in front of the crowd,  he called her a slut, a cock sucking slut, who was naked and kneeling on the floor while sucking his cock as ten of us were waving and stroking our cocks at her.  She was cool, comfortable, and really enjoying herself.  

Her man told me she enjoys two or three men at a time at Club Sesso, but this was a new place for them, and there were too many guys in the crowd for her to feel comfortable sucking guys off.   They left around 7:30 pm and he said we just made the lady "a regular".  Three cheers for the Paris, and it wasn't even 8pm on this Friday night.

Well, The Travelling Man had been at the Paris for about 6 hours, not including jumping to Chinatown for dinner, so I was feeling tired.  There is plenty of weekend ahead, so I called it a night, headed back to the DoubleTree, and typed out this Flash Report.

Have fun, people!

The Travelling Man


Doc here again... Thanks again to the well traveled Traveling Man for his due dilligence in the trenches at The Paris Theatre in Portland, and the fine report. 

Keep them coming!