Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Flash Report! Peeper Returns with a Great Trip to Fantasyland 1 & 2 in Tampa on Friday 10/14/16

Doc here, a man who some say once starred in the 1980's nature program "Animals in the Bush" on PBS.  He left the show shortly after it's premier as he felt deceived by producers who promised him a show "on that other bush you like", but never shot it.

The e-mail machine here at The Journal has been humming, and as evidence, the following report from 2nd time contributor, Peeper.

Peeper ventured out to the legendary Fantasyland 1 and 2 in Tampa, FL last Friday, and his story is an impressive one to say the least (addresses in the adult theater dB). 

Take it away, Peeper!


Hi Doc,

Long time fan and part of this thing we love. I don't get out as much as I use too but last Friday was one of my free days to explore.

I visited Fantasy Land 1 and 2 . I got into Tampa around 5PM and decided to buy my tickets early. I stopped by FL2 to look around since I had never been in there since it became FL2. The clerk was very friendly and told me about the place. Just then a young 20 something couple walked in. He said my friend only you can F this experience up. He also said there was another couple in there.

Fantasyland 1
Tampa, FL
Indeed there was a 40-50 something couple in the fishbowl putting on a show. The young couple went into a private room with a glory hole in between. A man in a dress beat us all to the room and locked the door. No I cant figure that one out but he/she won the race. 

After he/she was happy that person left and a few of us entered to see what was happening. To our surprise the glory hole was open and there was a nice little butt placed against the glory hole. 3 of us played with this young play toy. Then she went and enjoyed her companions cock while we watched. After that they moved closer to the hole to enjoy some doggy and feeding at the hole.

After that I left to visit FL1. Nothing was going on at that time so I went to the hotel to shower and change.

After refueling and cleaning up I went back around 9PM. Overall in FL 1 and 2 there were over 20 couples Friday night. Not everyone played but many did. What I noticed was there were many that played out in the open. That is a big change from my last visit a few years ago. I was in the theater when the local TV executive was busted about 8-9 years ago. Since that night I had not seen anyone play in the open. 

Fantasyland 2
Tampa, FL
The highlight of the evening was at FL1. A Hispanic lady (30's white dress and great tits) who was in both theaters all afternoon/evening finally let loose. She took off her panties, spread her legs and took on a number of willing young studs. It was a feeding frenzy. Sitting next to her was a tall thin gal in a black dress. Her male companion was fingering her. He exposed her so myself and another guy moved in to see if she wanted more. She did and we sucked and fingered her to a wet ending. That was all she wanted at that time but I think she moved to the booth area for more.

It was like a tennis match in both places. You could not keep your eye on all the players. Many played in the private rooms, others went to the booth areas. I saw a number of couples at both theater throughout the night. They came out to play.

Field Report! Phantasyman4u2001 Reviews Portland's Taboo Adult Theater and The Oregon Theater on 10/15/16

Doc here, a man who some say once developed a shampoo that was called "Capelli Pericoloso". It's been banned throughout the Western hemisphere for using "un-natural ingredients including sea horses."  However, to this day, The Good Doctor still uses it successfully and often.

The e-mail machine here at The Journal's home office (near the small women's liberal arts college) cranked out the following  Field Report from first time contributor Phantasyman4u2001 on the two remaining Portland, OR adult theaters: The Oregon Theater and Taboo Video.

While we know a ton about The Oregon Theater (I have been there countless times), not much is known about Taboo Video's new mini theaters (I have been to Taboo pre-mini theaters).  

That is until now.

Please welcome to The Journal Phantasyman4u2001.  Take it away, sir.



I was in Portland this past weekend and went to the Oregon Theater both Friday and Saturday nights with some really fun times with couples. Brents Theater Tales explains all the action. I also stopped by another ABS I had heard about. Not the OT but could have potential. Following is the info on it and hopefully locals in Portland can expand.