Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! The Secret Room 2125 Party in The Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 2/24/17 by Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh!

Doc here, a man who some say is called by Native Americans Niichaad , which roughly translates to "The Swollen One". The legend is that Niichaad once sat on his own balls during a tribal gathering, horrifying many.  The name stuck, unfortunately.

Well kids, the first Secret Room 2125 Party was a huge success!  We had a great turnout, had an incredible bartender in JP's Slut Toy (and JP!), and a fun, playful vibe all night long! The Secret Room was hopping, and among the most playful of the attendees were my good friends Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh!

The last time I saw The Slaneesh's, The Mrs. was dressed as a loofah, and The Mr. as a bar of soap at our huge Halloween Party at 15th Ave. back in October. Mrs. Slaneesh was looking fantastic Friday night, and the Mr. dapper as always. 

Of concern was the fact that Mrs. Slaneesh was overdue for her regular exam, and through questioning The Good Doctor discovered something missing from her evening that needed treatment and corrective action. 

With that set-up, please welcome back to The Journal the awesome Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh!


I wanted to get a Flash Report done for the Secret Room 2125 party. It’s been too long since we have submitted one and too long since you were involved with Mrs. Slaneesh’s ongoing medical treatments! (ed. note: Her condition was acute, her situation dire.)

We planned to get there early and spend some time in the sauna pre-party, but a few wardrobe malfunctions at home combined with a longer than normal travel time, saw us arriving around 8:30pm. We were met in the parking lot by none other than Vicky the Vixen and Victor (happy birthday buddy!).   As Mrs. Slaneesh brought her body as a gift for Victor this night, there were sure to be shenanigans in the works.

With the Party Room separated from the rest of the building for this event, we used our Doc’s frequent patient cards (15th ave couple’s free admission coupon) to get ourselves into the theater and spa to grab a locker and stash our belongings. Mrs. Slaneesh also took the occasion to change into something more appropriate for her evening; tonight’s choices included tight yoga pants, a black sheen shirt (see through in the light) and her favorite corset. I forbade undergarments of any kind (actually I forbade all clothes, but win some, lose some) so these were stored for later use!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Just Announced! Mardi Gras Party Tuesday 2/28/17 at The Oregon Theater in Portland, OR!

Updated 2/27 at 1PM: Box Score! The Secret Room 2125 Launch Party on 2/24/17 at The Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater

Doc here, a man who some say was mistakenly announced as winner of Best Supporting Actor in the 1997 production of "Take my Wife, Please", before losing out to Dirk Smallwood in "Analpocolypse Now". 
While Sunday night's Academy Awards ended in a 5-Star shit-show of screw-up, Friday night's The Secret Room 2125 Launch Party in the party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater went off without a hitch!

And what a night it was...

I am working on a detailed report of this first of The Good Doctor's monthly Friday parties, but in the meantime I wanted to let you know what a great night it was. The turn-out was tremendous, the vibe was high energy, and the girls (and guys for that matter) looked great!

Box Score: The Secret Room 2125 Launch Party:
M/F Couples: 32
Single Females: 4
T's: 5
Single Guys: Dozens and Dozens!

When we next chat, I'll fill in the details on the evening. And it was one for the ages!


Friday, February 24, 2017

Final Update 2/24/17 at 2PM: TONIGHT! The Secret Room 2125 Launch Party Details at Chicago's Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Emporium on Friday February 24th, 2017

Final Update - Friday 2/24/17 at 2pm: Doc here, and the the big day is here as well! It's time for The Secret Room 2125 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

The Party Room is decorated, swag bags completed, and the BYOB bar is stocked with soda, water, mixers, & Red Bull. And the most important past of the BYOB bar? Your bartender, JP's Slut Toy (along with JP!).  Please remember to tip JP's Slut Toy, as she would deeply appreciate your appreciation!  

Also, please wish a Happy Birthday to our good friend Victor when you see him tonight! I am pretty sure he'll have a party hat on, I'm just not sure where

Final Notes to make your party experience all you want it to be:
  • This is a cash only event, both at the check in desk and the BYOB bar. We would appreciate singles and fives if you have them!
  • Please check in your booze with JP's Slut Toy upon your arrival. 
  • Please note: There is no parking at the Sports Complex across the street! It's posted as No Parking, and they mean it. Please park in our lot or on 15th Ave.itself. Sports Complex will tow you if you do not comply. 
  • There are no cell phones, smart watches, or cameras allowed in the Party Room. We will be mentioning this when you check in, but this is a zero tolerance policy. You can check your phones outside, but not in the Party Room. 
  • Guys: Be respectful of other couples and singles. Anyone not is going to have a conversation with security, and it won't be a good one.
  • If you want to venture next door to 15th Ave.'s store and theater, normal admission rates apply.  Keep your wristbands on.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone at 8pm at The Secret Room 2125 at The Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL


Updated Thursday 2/23/17 at 9pm:  The Party Room is decorated, and the swag bags completed for Friday night's BIG Launch party for The Secret Room 2125 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Want to take a peek at them?

New special guest announcements!  The record setting, straight shooting Vickie the Vixen, along with her sergeant in arms, Victor, will be inside The Secret Room!
Our next couple was once seen (and rewarded) dressed as a loofah and a bar of soap.  And The Mrs. is one naughty, soapy girl...  It's Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh!  And they will be inside The Secret Room!
RSVP-ing on the 15th Ave Fetlife Group is none other than that legendary chocoholic, SlutDiane!  She will be inside The Secret Room too!

Also, just announced... There will be a contest for the Launch Party!  The Good Doctor will be looking for 6 contestants for our first "Boogie or Blowie" contest. Details tomorrow night at the party, and it will be something seen to be believed!

Which other sexy ladies are attending The Secret Room 2125 Friday night?  If you are, and want a pic published, make sure you e-mail that pic to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com before 2pm Friday 2/24/17! 

Gentlemen... If you miss this event with our special guests announced here at The Journal, you only have yourselves to blame. This party will be epic!

Next update Friday morning... It's only hours to go before we launch The Secret Room 2125.  Be there with us as we start a new tradition at The Party Room!



Updated Thursday 2/23/17 at 9:30am: It's a big day in preparation for the huge Secret Room 2125 Launch Party Friday night inside The Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Make sure you check out my Twitter feed @LizardoJournal for special sneak peeks at the swag bags (for the first 15 male/female guests with their paid admission). 

Please Note #1: This is a CASH ONLY event. This applies to both admission to the party AND the BYOB bar (which will be awesome with JP's Slut Toy running the show there). 

Please Note #2: Everyone is invited to this special launch party!  No invites are needed.  Just come to the event, and enjoy!  

Check back later today (Thursday) for pics of the swag bags, and more updates!

Do not miss this Launch Party!  Don't be that guy or girl kicking themselves Saturday morning for missing it!

Questions?  Please e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com .



Updated Wednesday 2/22/17 at 9am: Doc here with another hot update on Friday's Secret Room 2125 Party inside The Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park. 

Officially confirmed to making an appearance, my very good friend Stunt Slut Simone!  Guys and gals, Stunt Slut Simone is on the Mt. Rushmore of naughty adult theater girls. She has ants in her pants, and cannot wait until Friday to get here and enjoy the party.

And...She just sent along three brand new awesome pics to tickle your taste buds:

The RSVPs on various social media are looking great!  And it's no wonder!  Legends such as JP's Slut Toy behind (and in front) of the BYOB bar, Stunt Slut Simone holding court, another good friend of the Good Doctor, Slut Diane, has RSVP'd, and a few others that I am waiting on clearance to mention that will be in attendance.

And for the ladies, a few members of The Good Doctor's GB crew, The Black Sox, will be in attendance! 

Tomorrow's update will include pics of the Launch Party swag bags for the first 15 M/F couples, and an attendee update.

Do not kick yourselves for missing this event, which is the start of something BIG in Chicago's western burbs!  The Secret Room 2125, FRIDAY night starting at 8pm and running until 1am!

Questions?  E-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com .


Updated Monday 2/20/17 at 7:30am: Doc here with today's update on The Secret Room Party 2125 this Friday night at the Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL.

You are going to like this update...Pinky swear.

I am happy and proud to announce that the special guest bartender manning the BYOB bar will be my good friend, the legendary JP's Slut Toy! Need a JP's Slut Toy refresher?  I've got you...

I am very happy that JP's Slut Toy (& JP) will be on hand to help your old friend in the white suit and aviators kick off The Secret Room 2125 Party!  Not only will JP's Slut Toy assist with your BYOB bar needs, she might even venture out from behind the bar... 

Make plans to join us inside The Secret Room 2125 on Friday night, 2/24 at 8pm!  For  party details, check out the poster below.

Questions? Please e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com .



Updated 2/17/17:  The final promo video for The Secret Room 2125 Launch Party is here...

The Secret Room 2125 Launch Party is a private couples and singles Dr. Lizardo event at the Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Emporium, 2125 N. 15th Ave, Rear Entrance, Melrose Park, IL. And you are invited!
Date: Friday February 24th, 2017 Time: 8pm to 1am
This is a private party that you are invited to attend. Entrance is through the Party Room door only at the rear of 15th Ave. Adult Emporium facing the rear parking lot.  This is a Party Room Only Event. 
BYOB: YES!  PLUS a very special guest bartender!  More on this in the next few days!
Dress Code: Girls: Sexy in Black (not mandatory). Guys: Dress to Impress
Your Invite: 
M/F Couples - $20

Single Guys - $30

Single Girls and T's - $15

To celebrate our launch party, the first 15 M/F Couples will receive a Secret Room 2125 Swag Bag with their admission, starting at 8pm.
The Secret Room 2125 Parties will be a monthly event at The Party Room. We hope you'll join us for the beginning of something special!
Doc Lizardo will be your host!
Join us for the launch of The Secret Room 2125 Party, Friday February 24th, 2017 at 8pm!
Questions? Please e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Flash Report! Friday Night 2/17/17 at The Oregon Theater in Portland by ORichard

Doc here, a man who some say puts the "hu" in "hula", with a terrific Flash report from senior Journal scribe ORichard in Portland, OR.

ORichard ventured to Poatland's premier adult emporium, The Oregon Theater, and has filed this report with my typist in the home office of The Journal.   Things are picking up very nicely at The OT, and this report is indicative of the current state of affairs.

Take it away, ORichard!


Hi Doc,

TJ showed up early with a negligee-clad young beauty who he shared with the boys on the table after thoroughly giving her his own OT banging. Just as they were leaving around 9, the size queen arrived and started seeking hard cock, and as usual, asked the boys to fill her quim with loads of cum. 

Later a fellow showed up with a slim friend who had a cute stripper outfit on. They stayed and performed and played in the couples' area. Meanwhile three CDs circulated through the crowd seeking their own assortment of ready cocks. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits DC Video (AKA Horse Cave) in KY on 2/15/17 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say once para-sailed into a local wedding, grabbed the maid of honor on the fly, and lifted back off with her.  5 Minutes later, after the confusion died down, he swooped in again, and dropped her back off in the same exact place. Aside from her disheveled hair and a stain on her dress, all was as it had been. 

Senior reporter Anaconda has returned, and has filed a nice update on what was once one of the legendary adult theaters in the eastern US: DCs Video, AKA Horse Cave in Kentucky.  He also provided two nice new pics of this location (thank you sir!). 

Here we go...


Hey Doc,

I wanted to check in quickly and pass along a brief report on DC'S Video, more commonly refereed to as Horse Cave bookstore/theater. I was in the general area this week and decided I wanted to do some work for you (and your readers) since you do so much for us.

It was about a 90 minute drive up into central KY from Nashville, but the drive is very easy since it's a straight shot up I-65 and the theater is directly off the highway. I arrived around 5PM on Wednesday hoping that maybe there would be a chance of an after work treat. 
DCs Video, AKA Horse Cave
The bookstore/theater is the ONLY business still operating in a large abandoned strip mall. You see a very big/bright sign out front, but plenty of signage points you to the back entrance. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Box Score! All You Need is Love Valentines Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford on 2/11/17!

Doc here, a man who some say puts the "Loo" in "Igloo", with the Box Score from this past Saturday night's "All You Need is Love" Valentines Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. It was a great night, as we welcomed both our "regulars" as well as large number of first-timers!

Joining us this night was the legendary Harper Cox, along with her partner in crime Dark Kali!  These two ladies are a force of nature, and we were happy to welcome them to the event.  Follow these crazy kids on Fetlife... They are game-changers!

We appreciated all of our guest making the trek in for the event, especially with challenging weather conditions the last few days!

We had a terrific response to the Valentines Swag Bags (as usual!), and we hope everyone enjoyed all the treats inside for all your senses.

Box Score: All You Need is Love

Couples: 84!
Single Females: 5
+ Dozens and Dozens of sexy singles

Our next HUGE event is Mardi Gras at The Art on Saturday April 22, 2017 at 7pm! We hope to see you there for one of our biggest parties of the year! You can check out the poster for the party at http://www.theartcinema.com/events.html

From the staff at The Art Cinema, thank you for a terrific Valentine's party!


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Just Released! The Final Video for the Secret Room 2125 Launch Party! Friday February 24th at 8pm in Chicago!

TONIGHT! My Naughty Valentine Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago - Saturday February 11th, 2017! Hosted by Doc!

Updated Saturday February 11th at 11am: The Lizardo Lantern arrived at 15th Ave. Adult Theater a short time ago, and is now perched on the roof, awaiting tonight's HUGE My Naughty Valentine Party.  When the party kicks off, look to the sky and recite the Lizardo Lantern Oath:

Breaking News! A legendary lady of the Chicago scene will be stopping by tonight in a very rare Lizardo Party appearance!  If you are a regular reader of The Journal, you'll know this stunning lady! 

My good friend StuntSlut Simone is back and better than ever! She's in a mood, folks. ;o)

The Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and will be leaving for Chicago shortly. This is one of The Good Doctor's favorite parties, and for good reason.  With the legendary ladies who have stated they will be coming, to the near perfect weather, there is no excuse you should miss this party!  Tons of RSVPs from SLS and Fetlife already! 

Please remember this is a BYOB event!  We have coolers to keep your beverages cold while you are getting the opposite. We have cups, ice, mixers, soda, water... See Natalie at the bar to check your supplies in.

The Sexy Outfit Contest will start about 10:15pm tonight. See The Good Doctor and sign up for this crazy, fun contest!  Great prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place!  

The room is staged, the orchestra engaged. Are you ready to dance?

See you tonight, kids!



Updated 2/9/17: Good afternoon kids... Here is the latest update on this Saturday's HUGE My Naughty Valentine Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

The special Valentine's Swag Bags are done, and here is a sneak peak at them:

The first 50 M/F Couples get one of these bad boys, starting at 8pm!   Get there early so you do not miss out on them!

Next, we will be welcoming several special guests from out of town.  Leading off, something naughty this way comes, and her name is StuntSlut Simone!  This sexy Gang Bang Queen of the Midwest will be on hand Saturday night, hoping to be hit with as many of Cupid's cumshots arrows as possible Saturday night.

Here is a tasty image of StuntSlut Simone for your eyeballs:
Next update Friday...




Saturday February 11th, 2017 from 8pm to 1am!
Location: 15th Ave. Adult Theater, 2125 N. 15th Avenue, Melrose Park, IL

Your Invitation:  Tickets Available Only at the Door! 

Male/Female Couples: $30. Single Males:$50. Single Females & Trans-Gurls: $20. (Sorry, no passes accepted)

Dress Code: Girls - Sexy in Red. Guys: Dress to Impress

Hosted by Doc from The Journal of Adult Theaters


My Naughty Valentine Swag Bags for the first 50 M/F Couples in the door, starting at 8pm!

A $50 retail value inside each Swag Bag! Get here early so you do not miss out on these bags of naughty delights filled with items for all your senses!

PLUS! M/F Couples and Single Females receive preferred parking in our rear lot!

SEXY OUTFIT CONTEST with great prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!  MC'd by Doc!

Join us for My Naughty Valentine on Saturday February 11th, 2017 at 8pm!


UPDATED! Box Score and Report! Snow Bunnies Gone Wild at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 1/14/17 by Doc!

Doc here, a man who some say used to vacation on LV-426, until that little issue with the eggs came to light and shot that plan to Hell. Game over, man!

It was a warmer than usual night in Chicago's western burbs on Saturday January 14th, 2017 for 15th Avenue Adult Theater's first huge party of 2017: Snow Bunnies Gone Wild.  In years past, the January event took place in as cold a night as -10F. But this night was not one of them.  So much so that some ladies who arrived wore their special sexy outfits in without even a coat (Hi Elizabeth!). 

It was warmer than usual outside, and real heat was inside the Party Room & theater at 15th Ave. As the humble sea bass host of the huge Saturday night parties at 15th Ave., I had a bird's eye view on most of the evenings festivities, and would to share a few of them with you.

But first, The Box Score for the evening...

M/F Couples: 75 (Up 31% from last year!)
Single Females: 5
Trans Girls: 7
Single Guys: Dozens & Dozens

It was a very busy night, and our guests steadily arrived throughout the evening. Since the theme was "Snow Bunnies Gone Wild", we saw many ladies with their own ears and fluffy white tails along with their sexy (and mostly) white outfits. Did I mention I love bunnies? 

One of the early arrivals is no stranger to fans of The Journal: My good friend StuntSlut Simone, along with her hubby Mr. S. Looking awesome as always, StuntSlut Simone typically undergoes a couple of outfit changes as the evening progresses. The progression goes from evening wear to slut wear, with the latter outfit treated to be very good at stain removal. 

Another early arrival was another good friend of The Good Doctor, the tall redhead we will simply call "M".  M was accompanied by a cute couple, and together this threesome had big plans for the evening.  M had been looking forward to this evening for awhile, and seeing her in her awesome new blue dress, well kids she rocked it. Hard!  More on M later in this broadcast.

Another early arrival was Precious, a cute little spinner with a rocking body, sexy lacy lingerie, and playful attitude!  This was her third party in a row, and is blending right into the scene like a veteran.

The Party Room was filling up, and that meant one thing: The Sexy Outfit Contest was coming up!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Field Report! Denver Adult Theater Overview by Max Geo!

Doc here, a man who some say was once one of the original voices used on the early Garmin GPS devices.  The phrase "Turn right here, douchebag" was a crowd favorite.

Regular contributor Max Geo is back with an overview of the Denver adult theater scene, which has had it's ups and downs over the years.  In this report, we get updates on Circus Cinema as well as Pleasures (the former Act 1&2). 

Take it away, Max Geo!

This Saturday Night! "All You Need is Love" Valentines Party at the Mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on 2/11/17 at 7pm!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Field Report! 2004 Theater & Bookstore, Lexington KY by Unbelheathen

Doc here, a man who some say once ran a head to head foot race with a cheetah, losing badly. 

The Good Doctor has had over 200 unique contributors submit reports to The Journal over it's 8+ year life. Some are regulars. Some are infrequent.  Others are one and done. And then there are the reporters than disappear for years, only to re-appear when several years have elapsed.   That is the case with Unbelheathen

Unbelheathen has submitted a Field Report on 2004 Theater & Bookstore in Lexington, KY.  It's a solid update on this location, as reports are few and far between from KY.

Take it away, Unbelheathen.



Stopped in hoping for an after-work crowd on a recent Wednesday at about 5:30 and stayed until about 7:45. No couples, and the theaters were populated only by a few sleeping elderly gents, probably hoping for the future.

The booth area, by contrast, was hopping. All but the booths closest to the entry have gloryholes, and there was a steady rotation and cruise around. Mostly gay, but there was a unicorn - a solo young woman, cruising and waiting like the rest of us. My hopes were raised and dashed - she was in a booth with door unlocked, but waved me off as I entered. I complied politely, of course.

Updated 2/8/17! Breaking News! The Westwood Theater in Toledo Closed - To Re-Open (eventually) with New Owners

Updated Wednesday 2/8/17 at 12:15am: Doc here with quick update on this post. Journal reporter Smoke drove by The Westwood today, and it was locked up and dark. He also took an exterior pic of The Westwood, and just as fellow reporter Mr. Glass stated, all signage has been painted over with no more Pleasure 365 branding anywhere to be seen. 
Photo Credit: "Smoke"
Whenever I get more intel on the next chapter for The Westwood Theatre, I will have it up on The Journal as soon as I can. 


Updated Saturday 2/4/17 at 9pm:  Doc here with an almost- final update on this past week's closing of The Westwood Theater in Toledo.  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Update #2 on 2/6/17 at 10pm! Flash Report! Rock Hard Visits The Jolar Cinema in San Diego and Gets a Tall, Blonde Eyeful!

Updated #2 on 2/6/17 at 10pm:  Doc here again with a final update on this remarkable report.

This evening I have been conversing with the male half of this amazing couple that was reported on by Rock Hard attending the Jolar Cinema in San Diego on Friday night. He was kind enough to send me 9 STUNNING pics of his girl (now known as The Smokeshow), and all unfortunately for The Good Doctor's eyes only (by his direction).  Some in a little black dress. Some totally nude. Some on a boat. And one selfie flashing her smooth little kitty. 

I truly envy the guys who were at The Jolar Friday night for this amazing show by a first time couple. I hope they all doubled down and played the lottery on the way back home that night. 

Lastly, a huge thank you to The Smokeshow & The Mr. for letting us take a peak inside their wild Friday night at The Jolar in SD.  We cannot wait until Chapter 2!



Update #1 on 2/6/17 at 3pm: Doc here with a very cool follow-up to the following report from Rock Hard and his encounter with a tall, blonde smokeshow at The Jolar Cinema in San Diego.

This afternoon, shortly after taking my mustache out for a brisk walk here in The Valley, I received an e-mail from an unfamiliar account.  In part, here is the e-mail:

Dr. Emilio,

Just read the flash report from Rock Hard about Friday night at the Jolar.. I was intrigued because it happened to be my Lady he was describing. It was our first time in an adult theatre... We went in part because of your blogs and reports. It was an amazing experience. 

Thanks for the info.

How terrific is this, kids? The subject(s) of an amazing Flash Report that took place Friday night, discover they have been written about on The Good Doctor's Journal, and took the time to introduce themselves a regular readers. Add to that the reports and info helped persuade them to visit an adult theater in the first place.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Flash Report! A Cheerleader & a Blonde Walk into The Oregon Theater in Portland by Brent

Doc here, a man who some say puts the "O" in taco, with a terrific Flash Report from my good friend and colleague, Brent in Portland.
Things have been picking up at The Oregon Theater in Rip City, and this report from Brent paints a great picture of what may happen on any given night at an adult theater.
Take it away, Brent!
I saw the first couple come in and then disappear. I tweeted and posted to this group and started messaging people. I knew she was a player from The Paris. A cute, nicely built, cheerleader type. Beach Blanket Gidget.  
The Oregon Theatre
Portland, OR
As they were walking into the theater another couple came in. She was thin and very well built, long platinum hair, high heels, stockings, a choker, black arm length gloves . She looked like (here's an obscure pull) Carol Lynley with long, straight Jean Harlow hair. Oh, and perfect, natural breasts, long silky legs, an epic ass and a pussy that was more sensitive to touch than a Bally's Pin Ball Machine. He had a bag full of whips and toys.
I finished my notifications and wandered into the auditorium.
The cheerleader was on one side and guys were hovering around her. One guy was fingering her and I could hear her pussy sloshing like a bucket of water on a boat.
On the other side of the theater, the other blond was making out with her boy friend, She had her black stocking-ed legs spread wide and he was playing with her pussy through her panties.
I went out to text and send out some more notifications.