Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Updated 2/8/17! Breaking News! The Westwood Theater in Toledo Closed - To Re-Open (eventually) with New Owners

Updated Wednesday 2/8/17 at 12:15am: Doc here with quick update on this post. Journal reporter Smoke drove by The Westwood today, and it was locked up and dark. He also took an exterior pic of The Westwood, and just as fellow reporter Mr. Glass stated, all signage has been painted over with no more Pleasure 365 branding anywhere to be seen. 
Photo Credit: "Smoke"
Whenever I get more intel on the next chapter for The Westwood Theatre, I will have it up on The Journal as soon as I can. 


Updated Saturday 2/4/17 at 9pm:  Doc here with an almost- final update on this past week's closing of The Westwood Theater in Toledo.  

Senior Journal Reporter Mr. Glass stopped by on 1/31/17, and was kind enough to send a pic of the only remaining sign on The Westwood's exterior:

All other signs on the front of the business (the numerous rules and regulations of the private members club), plus any mention of Pleasure 365, the now-former ownership's ABS in Toledo), have been painted over.

The Westwood's website,, also went dark as of Thursday 2/2/17. No message thanking former patrons, no referral to their other business, the plug was just pulled. Not that different when The Paris Theater closed without warning in Portland last year. 

I have no idea what the next chapter of The Westwood Theater will be. I hope something positive, couples and female friendly, and run with respect to their customers. 

As some of you may know, I did work with The Westwood's owners over a two+ year period, assisting with promotion of events, marketing & web design, and most importantly, photographing this grand old theater after it's renovation.  Hell, I even designed their logo. But it's been a couple years since I have done anything with them, and seeing this chapter close on the WW is awful, since it didn't have to go this way. 

It is here where I will bite my tongue and bid addio to The Westwood.  Hope to see you soon in another life. 



Doc here, a man who some say was poised to catch tonight's "The Bachelor", but my e-mail and Twitter blew up with breaking news from The Glass City, Toledo.

Oy vey.

The best way to run this story down for you, the good readers of The Journal, is to take you through yesterday and today, in order. 

This started yesterday (Sunday 1/2917), when I got an e-mail from one of my trusted Journal reporters, Mr. Glass. He said that there was a ton of chatter on Toledo's Craigslist about equipment being moved out of The Westwood Theater, and some notice posted on the door that mentioned that they would be closed Sunday and Monday, and will open Tuesday. 
The Westwood Theater - Private Members Only Club
I reached out to my regular Toledo contacts familiar with the scene as soon as I heard this info. No one had heard anything.

I normally trust Craigslist for it's accuracy as much as I believe in the Tooth Fairy or Bigfoot. But armed with this intel, Mr. Glass said he would take The Glassmobile over to The Westwood today (1/30) to give it a look see. 

What did Mr. Glass find earlier today (Monday)?  In his words...

Stopped on the way from home. It was indeed closed, but not closed. New hours. No Sunday or Monday. Remainder days seems to be the same hours as before. The door has been stripped of all the rules, ect though. So they either wanted to clean it up a little or maybe more changes happening.

Not long after his e-mail, I got another e-mail from Mr. Glass.  Craigslist was blowing up with posts about The WW. Closed. Not closed. Disgruntled employee (maybe) sounding off. Told you so's. Lots of noise. 

I then took a flier and reached out to a contact I have not spoken to in a couple of years, who has intimate knowledge of The Westwood.  He confirmed that The Westwood is changing ownership, and will be closed for awhile before eventually re-opening.  He was optimistic about it's future. 

I will be getting some new information on Tuesday, and will update this post when I get it. 

A huge round of thanks to: Mr. Glass, Happy Handie, C&R, L, & Smoke for contributing to this report. 

More to follow...