Monday, February 6, 2017

Update #2 on 2/6/17 at 10pm! Flash Report! Rock Hard Visits The Jolar Cinema in San Diego and Gets a Tall, Blonde Eyeful!

Updated #2 on 2/6/17 at 10pm:  Doc here again with a final update on this remarkable report.

This evening I have been conversing with the male half of this amazing couple that was reported on by Rock Hard attending the Jolar Cinema in San Diego on Friday night. He was kind enough to send me 9 STUNNING pics of his girl (now known as The Smokeshow), and all unfortunately for The Good Doctor's eyes only (by his direction).  Some in a little black dress. Some totally nude. Some on a boat. And one selfie flashing her smooth little kitty. 

I truly envy the guys who were at The Jolar Friday night for this amazing show by a first time couple. I hope they all doubled down and played the lottery on the way back home that night. 

Lastly, a huge thank you to The Smokeshow & The Mr. for letting us take a peak inside their wild Friday night at The Jolar in SD.  We cannot wait until Chapter 2!



Update #1 on 2/6/17 at 3pm: Doc here with a very cool follow-up to the following report from Rock Hard and his encounter with a tall, blonde smokeshow at The Jolar Cinema in San Diego.

This afternoon, shortly after taking my mustache out for a brisk walk here in The Valley, I received an e-mail from an unfamiliar account.  In part, here is the e-mail:

Dr. Emilio,

Just read the flash report from Rock Hard about Friday night at the Jolar.. I was intrigued because it happened to be my Lady he was describing. It was our first time in an adult theatre... We went in part because of your blogs and reports. It was an amazing experience. 

Thanks for the info.

How terrific is this, kids? The subject(s) of an amazing Flash Report that took place Friday night, discover they have been written about on The Good Doctor's Journal, and took the time to introduce themselves a regular readers. Add to that the reports and info helped persuade them to visit an adult theater in the first place.

Many thanks to this great couple for writing in, and I hope it's just the first of many!

File this under "Cool". 



Doc here, a man who some say spent many a day on his long board, catching every wave at Trestles in San Diego.

Speaking of San Diego, The Good Doctor just received a terrific Flash Report from Journal contributor Rock Hard about last night at the Jolar Cinema in SD. It's been a minute since we have had a report from The Jolar, so I was excited to read about what happened on a late Friday night in San Diego.

Take it away, Rock Hard!


Had to share what happened last night (2/3/17) at Jolars in San Diego!

A Friday night.. around 11pm.  Not much previous activity concerning women or couples, when suddenly a couple walked in, she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! Blond, blue eyes.. supermodel figure in a low cut thin top and a jean mini skirt. She smiled nervously, but what a smile!
Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA
Her and her male friend looked around a bit, then entered into the theater followed by every man that was not already seated. They sat in the back corner of the first theatre and began kissing and touching. So hot! Immediately, there was standing room only as almost every man gathers around to watch or just stroke themselves. 

Her man began teasing the crowd by slowly flashing the most perfect little titties.. she so looked like a magazine supermodel! After about five minutes, his hand went under her mini skirt and slowly began to caress what everyone hoped they would be able to see, and no one was disappointed! 

He slowly raised her mini skirt and reveled the most perfect little shaved pussy that I have ever seen! Once her skirt was up, she began to play with her clitoris and pussy. He kept covering and then slowly exposing her titties while they deeply kissed. She began to breathe heavy and moan while whispering "wait...wait."

Then came her first orgasm.. a loud sexy scream accompanied by her thrusting up her waist further exposing her pussy to everyone! After a few minutes to catch her breath, they started again. This time he had her stand up facing him and slowly lifted her skirt,, exposing the most beautiful smooth silky ass that probably has ever been in Jolars. 

She bent over and kissed him and I almost lost it right then and there! After sitting back down, they played hard and she had 3 more earth shattering orgasms! Hard and loud. This was not moaning loud, but sexual primal scream loud. Incredible! I think everyone in the building was there watching and admiring this woman.

After she recovered, they went to the store and browsed for a bit. Then a few guys (me included) followed them back towards the theatre. But they turned the other way and entered one of the arcade booths. After about 15 minutes, we heard her sexy scream
& knew she was having another orgasm. I can only imagine and envy what he was doing to her in the booth. 

They left shortly after. It was around 1am and she had entertained everyone in Jolars like no one else I had ever seen or could imagine. 
You just never know what you might see on any given night at Jolars. 

Thank you my blond supermodel! I will never forget you, your amazing body, and orgasms. ️
Rock Hard


Doc here again... Many thanks to Rock Hard for his solid report from The Jolar in San Diego!  Glad to see the scene is coming back at The Jolar, and with night's like this one, I hope it spurs on other couples and hot wives to visit this adult emporium on University Ave. in SD. 

Keep the cards and letters coming, Rock Hard!