Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tour of Duty 2012 With Old Marine Corps Guy: Chapter 8 - Gemini Theater in SD

Doc here with the start of the San Diego leg of Old Marine Corps Guy's Tour of Duty 2012.  I personally think San Diego's adult theater scene is awesome, with solid theaters and couple's play.  The theaters are very clean, couples' friendly, and low key. 

OMCG has three terrific Flash Reports on the way, and it seems that his perseverance paid off nicely at 3 of SD's finest establishments in this thing of ours.

So without further ado, drop down and give me 20, and in the meantime enjoy OMCG's latest TOD Report.


Gemini Books
5265 University Ave.
San Diego, CA
Small bookstore and small theater.
$7.00 admission. 
No in and out.
Small theater showing str8 movies only. 
Five foot wall in back of last row with 5x10 foot space behind wall for lots of gay action.
16 regular theater seats (most are broken).  Very small smoking theater in back showing same movie as other larger theater.  5 plastic patio chairs in smoking room.
Clerk says couples come in, but rarely.

Falsh Report! Mr. PeeperZ Hits Portland and The Paris Theatre

Doc here with the return of regular contributor to The Journal, Mr. PeeperZ. He and the wife were out of their natural habitat (the East coast), and were visiting The Rose City of Portlandia with friends.

How did it go?

Here is Mr. PeeperZ and his report...


My wife and I were visiting friends in the Portland Area last week, and a visit to the Paris Theatre was on my "bucket list". I'm not going to give a full description of the theater, because that's already available here. Our friends were willing to give it a try, so we planned a visit for Saturday night.

As it happened, we were in the area around lunchtime, and decided to check it out, to get the lay of the land, so to speak. The clerk was very friendly. After we signed up, he gave us a tour of the place. There were only a few men in the theater at that time, two of them in the little gay porn room, playing with each other. We peeked in and gave them the thumbs up.

After checking out all the facilities (the stripper pole, the exam table, the couples room and the table down front), I was feeling a bit frisky, so I laid my wife on the table down front, pulled off her shorts and gave her some oral, then a short fucking, while our friends stood off to the side (she sucking his dick). The other men in the theater were appreciative and polite. They stayed in their seats, wanking and smiling. We soon left to enjoy other Portland activities, figuring to be back that evening for some real fun.

When we returned about 10 PM, things were very different. We were the first couples to arrive. As soon as we walked into the Couple's Oasis, about a dozen guys stood by the rail in front of us, staring like cross-eyed vultures. It was really, really uncomfortable! My friend's wife freaked, and was ready to run out the door (my wife and I have played in theaters before - see my previous reports on Teasers and Cherri Bombs - and even we were uncomfortable.) We managed to calm her down a bit, saying we would just hang out a bit and see how things developed. She knew it might be my only chance to see the Paris, so she sat back and tried to watch the movie (which was hard because all these assholes were blocking the screen).

After a while, another mature couple came in. They sat in the corner of the Oasis, and mostly just cuddled, though she eventually did pull her top down. He said it was their second visit.

After a bit, I got a little antsy just sitting there, so I started unbuttoning my wife's dress and played with her tits. She pulled my cock out, and sucked me off a bit. Our friends did a little of the same. My friend's wife still needed some reassurance, so we switched. I asked what she thought about when she sucked my dick. She said "Nothing but your dick!". So I said "Then suck my dick!" (which she really loves to do) and she did. This did calm her down considerably.

The penis gallery was getting pretty excited at the switching, but basically we were able to ignore them. Eventually we switched back. My wife and I got rid of our clothes and had some fun. I ate her out a bit, she sat on my lap facing the crowd while we fucked.

About then another couple arrived, and went immediately into the main section and sat on a sofa. He was a biker type, she was short and pleasingly plump. The penis gallery immediately abandoned us and clustered around the new couple. We took a break, and I went down for a look. She sucked biker for a bit, then he put a blindfold on her. Hands were all over her. She knelt on the sofa and one guy squeezed into the space and did her doggy.

I went back to my friends for a while, and eventually biker and his sub went up to the table, where she pulled a train. She had dicks in both hands while every guy with a hard on and a condom got a turn. My wife and I then took a nude stroll down into the main section to observe the action. She was concerned about being groped, but the guys were all polite, and did not touch without asking first.

Back up with my friends, I laid my wife down on the bench right next to the rail and did her missionary while several lucky guys reached through and played with her tits & clit. I shot the load of my life in her!

As we recovered, another couple arrived (mature couple was still sitting cuddling). They sat in the opposite corner, pretty much out of view of the penis gallery, though still visible from the entrance. They kept their clothes on, but were playing nicely with each others genitalia.

We had pretty much had it by that point, so we departed. Our friends thought it was quite the unusual experience, but I don't think they'll be back. The penis gallery is just too much for her. I wish it was back East (and that the penis gallery had better manners).

Mr. PeeperZ


Doc here again... Portland's Paris Theatre on weekends can be a handful for even experienced couples. I have written many times in the past on my theories why crowd control at The Paris at times is an issue. The weeknight and daytime scene seems to be far more conducive to some couples (right, floyd?).

Thanks again to Mr. PeeperZ for another solid report!  Nicely done, sir.