Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Couple's Flash Report! Scott & Jean at Fantasyland 1 AND Xtreme Video in Tampa (w/11 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say was the original Professor X (Rated), with a Couples Flash Report that is nothing short of amazing.
Scott & Jean are back, and they hit not one, but two adult theaters last Thursday night in Tampa, FL.  Fantasyland 1 and Xtreme were on the calendar, and off went these two X'ers.
Make sure you check out the gallery of pics at the end of the report. (and click on them to ENLARGE the thumbnails)... Wow!
Many thanks to Scott & Jean for this incredible report!
Here we go!
Hi Doc,
Scott and I had a free night Thursday/Friday and decided on making a second trip to the awesome Fantasyland  1 in Tampa.  We had contacted a few people from the Fantasyland forum to let them know we were going out that night.  Before leaving, we got a message from someone on the forum saying that there were 10 guys waiting in the store for us to get there.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited before we even left the house.
Fantasyland 1
Tampa, FL
When we arrived there were quite a few men milling about, so I knew right then that it would be a busy night!  We went Into the theater to watch the action on the screen for a bit but I was horny so after a few minutes we headed into the glory hole rooms to have some fun.  After making out and groping Scott for awhile, I knelt down at the glory hole to take a peek through.  Luckily there was already some body waiting, so I got right down on my knees and took him in my mouth and started blowing him.  He was pretty big, so I stroked him while sucking on the head.  I had been horny, wet, and looking to fuck all day, so I figured why wait!  
After he put the condom on, he put his dick back through the glory hole and I got pounded nice and hard.  Scott was right there in front of me, so I took him in my mouth at the same time (which he loves) and blew him while I was getting fucked.  Scott wasn't ready to blow yet, so I went back and forth between blowing and fucking guys for about two hours.  I ended up sucking off 10 guys (more with repeats) and fucking 5 others.  It was quite the successful night at Fantasyland, but after leaving I didn't feel quite done yet.  As it was still relatively early and I was still really horny, we decided to pull a  double header and headed to Xtreme on Fowler. 

I was a little unsure about playing out in the theater at Fowler as I had only been with strangers on one other night outside of booths. I'm very glad I decided to venture out into the theater this evening though!  We had posted a quick craigslist ad to see if anyone would be interested in meeting up there, got a ton of responses, and were quickly able to set up a meeting time with a guy I was excited about.  
Jean on 5/1/14
We got there before him so when we went into the theater there was no body there.  I had taken my panties off in the car which Scott discovered as he was feeling me up while waiting and his playing with my clit had me very excited for our new friend's arrival.  Within minutes of our entrance, two different guys came in before the guy we had arranged to meet showed up.  When our new friend got there, he sat down next to me, I turned to him, introduced myself as Jean, and asked him if he'd like a blow job.  He of course said yes, so as he was unzipping I took my shirt off and got down on my knees in front of him.  
While I was blowing him, both he and Scott were feeling up my tits and the other two guys were inching closer to get a better look.  Then I bent over the couch and after putting a condom on, he entered me from behind and starting slamming into me, alternating between fucking me fast and going slower as he told me he didn't want to finish quickly.  I then looked at the other two men and asked if one of them would like to be blown.  They both said yes and one of them stepped right up and dropped his shorts.  
Based on the noises coming from them, they were certainly enjoying themselves, almost as much as I was.  The guy fucking me from behind finished, so I walked around the couch and continued blowing the other guy while stroking Scott.  I went back and forth between blowing the remaining two guys and Scott until deciding that I wanted to ride some dick.  After putting a condom on the first dick I blew while getting fucked, I jumped up on him and started riding his long dick hard and deep.  He put both of his hands on my tits and starting rubbing and pinching my nipples.  Then he moved his mouth to my tits and started sucking.  Scott leaned down and sucked the other one.  
Jean on 5/1
That was an awesome sight, to see two different guys sucking my nipples at the same time.  I hopped back off the dick and got back on my knees to finish him in my mouth. After he finished, I went around and started sucking on some dicks again.  At this point the only one who hadn't cum was Scott.  
Guy number one asked if I wanted to ride his dick as well and of course I did!  I slid down onto him and started moving my hips around as his hands went straight to my ass.  He asked if he could spank me a little, so Scott showed him just how hard I like it, which made it that much better.  After he had cum again, I leaned back over the couch and Scott slid into me with reckless abandon.  He was almost back against the wall because I was pushing back on him so hard.  He then slipped out of me and I decided it was time to get mine.  
I laid down on one of the couches and began to touch myself.  I was able to get off twice rather quickly as I'd been horny for hours.  Luckily the movie was loud, so it may have drowned me out a bit as I'm typically rather vocal when I get off.  My favorite moment of the night was to looking up after getting off and seeing 4 guys jerking themselves around me.  Scott was ready to blow and he pretty much growled at me to get him in my mouth so I did and came a ton down my throat. 
Finally, it was time to clean up and say our goodbyes. This had to be one of my top 3 theater nights, it was so nice to have 4 dicks at my command! We will definitely be going back there some time soon as we appreciated the smaller, more intimate setting it provides.
I'd love some new guys to play with so feel free to write us at : .  
Hope you're all having your own dirty adventures!
Jean (and Scott)  

Jean's Naughty Gallery
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Couple's Flash Report! C&R at a Cinco de Mayo Party (w/3 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say makes an award winning flat meatball sandwich (blindfolded), with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from my good friends C&R.

C&R will be attending this coming weekend's Lingerie and PJ Party at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago. But first, they hit a Cinco de Mayo Party and have filed this report to The Journal.

Take it away, C&R!


Hello Doc,

We have attached two pics of her outfit from last night at a Cinco de Mayo Party we attended (plus a bonus Valentines Day pic) for your readers.

The Lovely "R"
When we walked into the party, she went right to the center of the theater on her own, bypassing the couples only area. She was followed by many of the guys and was surrounded when she sat down. A couple of guys climbed over the row of seats behind her to get next to her. She exposed her breasts from her double mesh outfit, lifted her legs up and placed them on the seat backs in front of her.

Guys started jacking off on her and then she took matters into her own hands, playing with guys cocks and their balls. She took about a dozen loads of cum before she could even take a minute to wipe off her rewards.
At different times, a couple guys got between her legs, which she then used to pull the men in closer. They shot their loads on top of her pussy. With her legs stretched straight into the air, guys were rubbing her legs down to her pussy. Only when there were no more guys cumming on her, did she get up from her seat. She walked to the back of the theater and conversed with some of the party goers. We decided it was time to leave to save up energy for the party at the 15th Ave Theater in Chicago next week.

BTW- all of the couches in the couples lounge were filled with some very amorous couples - we applaud them!


R's Photo Gallery
(Click on the Thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friends C&R for another great report and the hot, hot pics of the lovely R. As mentioned above, they are planning on attending this weekend's Lingerie and PJ Party at 15th Ave's Private Party Room in Chicago this Saturday @ 8PM. Why not join them?

I will.