Saturday, September 5, 2009

Field Report: Gulf Coast Adult Theater, Biloxi, MS

The good Doctor recieved this report this morning from Bob in Biloxi, MS while I was out on rounds.  I think you will like what he has to say about Gulf Coast Adult Theater (AKA "Adult Theater").  Take it away, Bob:


There is a rockin theater located at 222 Iberville St, Biloxi, Ms, its called Gulf Coast Theater. Couples are admitted free on Friday and Saturday nights. Usually 6 or 7 show up, but as many as 15 couples have been there on one night.

Last weekend a blonde lady came in, took off all her clothes, pulled out a vibrator sat down and started playing with her pussy. Quickly a crowd of men formed watching her show. She had placed both feet on the seatbacks of row in front of her for better viewing and giving the bright steel vibe access to her shaved pussy. She then proclaimed she would take on the whole theater two at a time and not to get too pushy or she would leave and not come back. Guys with there cocks out started to approach her on either side of her face, pushing their cocks into her face, she started sucking on one and told the other to wait his turn. One guy started licking her pussy and she in turn gave the him the vibrator and told him to go slow at first. While he was plowing pussy and licking clit, she resumed blowing the guy by her face. Soon she stopped, and told the guy she was blowing to fuck her. she told the guy licking her to use the vibe on her clit while she was getting fucked. She then started blowing another guy while taking it from behind. She was very vocal and very plain in her commands, you could tell she was in total control of the situation. One guy tried to cut in and she told him flat out, she would leave and he would not get anything if he didn't back the fuck up. He did, and she went back to being pleasured by the other two. This repeated itself at least 10 times, during the night, which means she did at least 20 guys. Then a couple showed up and watched her for awhile, when she saw the couple, she told the woman she would lick her if she wanted a tongue that night. The woman nodded to her, and the blonde dove in licking the pussy of the other lady. While she had her ass in the air, some guy moved in behind her and started to fuck her. Later I found out, it was her husband. He came in the theater after she got there and was watching her perform from a couple of aisles away. Later that night three more couples showed and all but one played. Pretty good night. Remember, give the lady's some space and don't be pushy or otherwise an asshole, and you may get your dick wet !

Dr.'s Note: Terrific job, Bob!  I hope your reports come in often, and are just as hot as this one. 
Between Donny Digital's report on Albuquerque, and now Bob's on Biloxi, the bar has been raised on reader reports.  Who's next out there?