Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio - Sunday 2/27/11

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was considering hitting the Rosato Brothers while he still had the muscle...

Doc here with this week's "A Few Minutes...".  You know the routine.  A lead story, some adult theater news nuggets, an opinion or two, a preview of what is upcoming this week at The Journal of Adult Theaters, and a photo of The Good Doctor in a public place.

Let us get started, shall we?

The Lead Story
I am going to start off with the depressing news about the Missouri Adult Entertainment Law that goes into effect on 2/28.  I am by far no expert on Missouri anything, but I have covered the legal challenges to the very restrictive law for the last few months.  The law will essentially close adult theaters and video booths in adult businesses, and restrict the hours of operation of those businesses.  The legal challenges are still being mounted, but there is an air of resignation being sounded by some of the owners of these establishments.

The Olde Un Theater
Columbia, MO

Case in point is The Olde Un Theater in Columbia, MO.  I have communicated with the webmaster of their website in the past, and am fully aware of the challenges ahead of them.  This past week he posted the following message on their Yahoo Group:

Greetings, friends and fans of the Olde Un. Well, we are drawing near to Feb. 28th and the full imposition of Herr Bartle's Sharia Law will be in effect. At least for now, it will be the end of our theatres and peep show operation as we all know it.

After a great deal of legal advice, (much of it conflicting,) there is still no clear consensus as to how to proceed. All rests in the hands of the Missouri Supreme Court, at present, and if THAT body is anywhere near as dysfunctional and incompetent as the Legislature and the Governor... well who knows what will happen, or when.

In the meantime, our facilities are available for rent for private parties and gatherings. Many of you have suggested this type of approach over the years. Details can be worked out as we go forward.

This weekend will be business as usual, so come on down and enjoy. There will be a suggestion box for any and all ideas you may have. For more privacy outside the Yahoo group, our contact e-mail is... Also, we are putting together a FaceBook page to be used for advertising, news and announcements. (And hearing from friends of the Olde Un.) That address is...

The management and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for 40 years of patronage and support. Let us hear from you.

To this reporters eyes, it seems that The Olde Un might provide the "private party" model to move forward, as have some other adult theaters who have been subjected to the same scrutiny.  I will keep an eye on this situation, and how it might effect other Missouri establishments.  In the meantime, reach out to The Olde Un and show your support.

The Nuggets
  • According to The Weather Channel, a force of nature has been decending upon The Rose City of Portland, OR since last night.  That force of nature is Daisy Train, and last night (Saturday 2/26) she turned The Paris Theater into a frenzy of high pressure systems and soaring temperatures.  The Good Doctor's fingers are crossed for a report or two from her appearance at The Paris. 
  • This past week saw a lot of Craigslist ads for couples attending The Lido in Dallas, TX.  A report or two would be nice from Big D on what is happening at one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters.  You can e-mail me directly at Thanks.
  • Weekday daytime couples visits continue to be strong at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Adult Theater in the west Chicago burbs of Melrose Park.  Pay close attention to The Good Doctor's Twitter at  Follow me, and I will provide real time announcements on what is happening in Chicago, CTs in Gary, Portland, and the east side of St. Louis.
  • A big thank you to Erin Go Bragh and to Tony for contributing their first reports to The Journal this past week.  Nicely done gentlemen!
  • I know that late February is not the most active time in this this of ours'. But don't let that stop you from providing a "Blast From The Past" report of your favorite adult theater memories or a Flash Report from your recent adult theater visit.   Just e-mail me and I will edit, format, and post it for you.
Coming Soon To The Journal
  • Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi - Update on this past weekend on The Gulf
  • A Daisy Train report (I hope) from Portland
  • A regular contributor or two pipe in on the latest from their respective regions
  • A new poll on your adult theater habits
Have a great week everyone!