Thursday, April 21, 2011

Field Report: A Friday Night in San Diego by Sam

Doc here with a Field Report from 2nd time contributor to The Journal, Sam.  This time he gives us a view of a recent Friday night in San Diego.

What will he find and report?  See for yourself...


Hello Doc,

I got to spend a Friday night in San Diego recently, and decided to check out the theater scene. Based on reviews from The Journal and other sources, decided on Jolar Cinema and the Barnett Superstore.

Both have video arcade, theaters, live girls and of course the adult store. But no gloryholes in either of the places. You can't complain about the theater set up or the seats. But the armrests are huge and seats well spaced between rows, that it difficult to interact with others in any direction. In some other theaters I have been, seats are small and closely placed, which is better suited for this thing of ours. Both theaters cost $10 for 4 hours of in-n-out entry.

Sadly, my night was washed out without any action. In both the theaters, I just saw one couple during the entire evening/night, who just watched for a few minutes and left without playing. It would be incomplete to sign off without mentioning about the store section at Barnett. There were probably more couples and women who came into the store area that night, than all the men who were in the theater. Each time I came out of the theater area, I saw at least several couples in the store area. I was kinda disappointed that no one was interested in the theater area.

Maybe some other time.



Thanks Sam for another informative report!  I agree about the retail store area of the Barnett Superstore.  The store attracts a ton of couples shopping for DVDs, toys, novelties, clothes, and (get this) browsing their shoe department.  Yes, a department.  The place is super clean and gets much more traffic than the theater unfortunately.

It also looks like Barnett has live fantasy girls again, after stopping last year.  The facility is top notch, and the viewing booths are pretty nice.  Now, let's point the couples into the theater.