Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flash Report! Dave & Michelle at Deja Vu in Springfield, IL (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a GREAT Flash Report from another first time contributor, Dave and Michelle. Besides an excellent report, they have also submitted 3 HOT pics of Michelle behaving badly.

Bad Michelle.

So withour further ado, here is Dave and Michelle and their excellent Springfield, IL adventure.


Hello Doctor,

One Tuesday night we went to the Deja Vu in Springfield, IL. Michelle had bought a new short summer dress for the occasion. We killed a few minutes out front, seeing who we might be able to play with and then we made our way to the back room. We headed to our favorite booth - one that gives a little more room than the average - and checked out the crowd in the hallway as we did.

The Real Michelle
There was another couple back there, just leaning along the wall. They seemed content to be where they were, although Michelle told me later that they did gesture like they would have liked to have followed us in. I didn't see that, and Michelle usually prefers a little time to warm up, so we closed the booth door behind us. After dropping a few tokens and selecting a video we began to kiss, knowing full well that someone was in the booth next to us, watching.

Within a matter of minutes a stiff black cock was pushed through the hole and Michelle wasted no time going down on it. This was one of those blow jobs strictly for my benefit - lots of eye contact, lots of tongue. I love watching her. She teases the tip then licks from the head of the cock all the way to the base in long, excruciatingly pleasant strokes before opening her mouth to suck on the shaft. She loves taking it deep into her wet mouth, leaving the dick shimmering with her wetness as she slowly pulls it out. Over the next several minutes she alternated between his prick and mine. Between the sensation of the blowjob and the visual stimulation of watching her suck a strange black cock, I was having a ball. She was too.

Her dress was pulled up as she squatted there, allowing her to touch her pussy. When she plays with herself in those circumstances, she brings herself to the brink of orgasm and just hovers there. I asked her to move a bit farther back in the booth, still sucking our neighbor's prick, allowing me to open the door, allowing the couple and a few guys to get a show for about a minute or so. After I closed the door, I could hear the woman in the hall laughingly saying, "My turn" and "Switch!" Eventually our anonymous penis ran out of tokens and had to leave. We took advantage of the time for a quick break.

Back out in the main floor there was a young couple. They had actually been there since before we came in. There were still there browsing when we came out. We watched them for a while, hoping they would make their way to the back. He made eye contact with Michelle several times and we were somewhat optimistic, but it wasn't to be. Another couple did come in though. A little older. She had large breasts and was wearing a short skirt. They wasted little time getting their tokens and heading back. We followed and wound up in the next booth.

After both women exposed themselves and masturbated for a while, I watched him push his wife back onto the stool and begin to fuck her. He held her legs up high, giving me a great view. It was one of those deliberate fucks, taking his time with long strokes. He would plunge his dick all the way in and then pull it all the way out before probing her again. I moved Michelle into the same position and kneeled in front of her and began to eat her pussy. I licked and fingered her until she came, making sure our neighbors got a good view.

At that point, he stuck his dick through the hole and Michelle eagerly squatted in front of him to give him a blow job. I stayed behind her, reaching underneath to finger her pussy. Her clit was enormous - she was obviously having a good time! Again, she began to take turns on both of our cocks. After a while, the dick disappeared and Michelle gave them a great show - sucking my dick inches from the hole.

After a few minutes she suddenly stopped, then looked up at me and smiled. My wife aimed my cock at the hole, pushing me right into the other woman's waiting mouth. It felt great. Michelle licked my ass and played with my balls while the lady in the next booth took me as deeply as she could. I could feel her groaning - apparently her hubby was playing with her cunt or fucking her. The vibrations added to the pleasure. She knew how to suck dick. With long steady strokes she finally coaxed the cum out of my dick and swallowed every drop, not stopping until my dick had grown soft in her mouth.

No, we never met them and have not seen them again, but we left with some very pleasant memories and some new experiences behind us


Doc here again... I cannot wait until Round 2 from Dave and Michelle hits The Good Doctor's in box!  Great work guys!