Friday, August 17, 2012

Field Report! Olivia's in Tea, South Dakota by Jack

Doc here with a first time report from the newest contributor here at The Journal, Jack. His report highlights Olivia's in Tea, SD.

I think you will find this interesting.


Good Dr.

I just made a trip to Olivia's in Tea, South Dakota and wanted to let you know what I found.

First hello, and thanks for your Blogspot. It has been helpful over the years. When I arrived I went in thru the front doors to find a nice book and novelty shop.  It was then that I found out I had to go out and walk around back to get to both the theater and arcade. $5 bucks got me a reusable gold pass that can be reloaded on return trips for only 10 bucks.

Tea, SD
There are 2 theaters: one is all male which I did not check on, and a hetero movie room.  Now this one is full of really nice leather couches and a huge screen, unfortunatly it was around 1 o'clock in the day this Saturday and no couples or females in it all.

Next I went into the arcade area with full sized doors and a small seat in some and a couple I saw had leather love seats.  Many movies to choose from and glory holes in most. There were a few guys trolling around so I just looked to see what I could and left.

Now from some of the ads I have seen posted on Craigslist, there will be some action here on Friday and Saturday nights. As soon as I am able to make a return trip during the more likely times for action, I will gladly alert you to my findings and hopefully a report. And with some real luck some pics and maybe a video or two.

Hope this has been helpful

Your avid fan,


P.S. this place is super super clean!!!!


Doc here again... Thanks to Jack for a solid first time report. Keep up the great reports, sir!


Field Report! Ray on CVE in Gastonia, NC

Doc here with a Flash Report from long-time contributor, Ray... This time, he visits CVE in Gastonia,      NC...



Hey Doc,

I stopped by CVE yesterday evening for a few hours. As I think you have heard, they have completely redone the place. The booths are gone. In their place are two new theaters. They are smaller than the main theater, but just as clean. One was showing a gay movie, the other straight. The old theater is still there and is still showing hardcore.

Gastonia, NC
A few minutes after I arrived a couple showed up, but it was pretty apparent that they were not going to play. They struck me as first timers. She was dressed in jeans and mostly just giggled as they stood in the back and watched the movie for a few minutes. Then they were gone. Perhaps they had come in to shop and decided to take a quick peek. Once they satisfied their curiosity they moved on.

A bit later another couple came in. She wore a denim shirt and tank top. She was a short bbw. They watched the movie in the main theater for a long time, then went our to the lounge area for a smoke where they stayed for better than an hour. In fact, they were still sitting there when I left.
There were maybe 5 other guys while I was there. One of them was a pretty chatty regular. He says that couples are few and far between these days, especially on weekdays. Large signs were posted in several locations warning of the possibility of law enforcement showing up. That may explain the lack of clientele.

Overall, the vibe of the place is different. The staff now seems guarded and suspicious, which is a far cry from what they used to be. Also, they changed the old smoking room into a video "sweepstakes" room, moving the smoking area into the lounge. You have to pass through this area to get back and forth to the theaters. As a non-smoker, I wish they could find another place for it. I think non-smoking husbands of suspicious wives would prefer that they would change that, too.
I'll have to try to get by on a weekend to see what it feels like then.


Doc here again... Thanks again to Ray for a great report as always...