Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flash Report! The Back Row Reporter on CTs Adult Theater in Gary

Doc here with a dynamite Flash Report from senior reporter, The Back Row Reporter. The action at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN still gets white hot, especially on weekends.  This was the case on Saturday night 2/18, and BRR was there to report. 

Here is his report...


Hi Doc,

Here's my latest report - The Return of the Sexy Librarian.

The past Saturday night we had an unannounced visit from the Sexy Librarian.  I'm not sure why she got this nickname but I think it's because she's got a certain look about her.  She wears glasses, she's definitely sexy, and she easily could be your local teacher or librarian.  Now the last time I saw her was back in September (09/02/11).

You may find that report on page:

I've been told she's actually been back a few times since then but I missed her.  So I'm calling this report (The Return of the Sexy Librarian). For a quick flashback, that night was the night she really got wild.  That was the 2nd time I'd seen her and on that night she ended the night as a bareback slut having decided to have the guys go bare.  Check out that previous report - it was a wild night.

Jessi (is a Bad, Bad Girl)
Well on this night there were posts for Jessi the Bad Girl (CT's glory hole queen), a couple for a gangbang at 10:30pm, and another couple for a gangbang at 01:00am.  So it was quite a promising night in the making.  Alas, as so often happens the night didn't shape up that way.  First there was a re-post stating the 1am was now a 2am gangbang.  Well that's about the time CTs closes.  So the hopes started to dim for that one. 

But there was still the 10:30pm gangbang to look forward to.  And for the gloryhole fans there was Jessi.  Jessi is a regular at CTs and she's got her own fan club there.  In fact Jessi posts here on this blog and she usually features lots of pics. So check out her previous posts.

I've never seen her in the theater so I can't report on her except from others comments.  And apparently she a pleaser.  But be forewarned that Jessi is a bareback slut and she only does the gloryholes.  Now we all know the particulars to not being able to see who's doing what to you and that's not everyones cup of tea.  So I cannot report on her directly.  But on this night Jessi paid a visit to the theater and got busy in there.  It would have been great just to see her in action but unfortunately she'd left before I got there. 

But surprise!  The Sexy Librarian was there hosting a crowd.  She wasn't fucking or playing when I got there but there was a crowd of guys paying rapt attention to her.  Apparently she's already played some and was taking a break and talking to the guys.  There was one particular short white guy who looked as if he'd fallen in love.  Really, when she got up and left the theater he followed so closely behind that he was almost blocking her fella.  It was quite a sight since her fella is kinda on the meek side.  The Librarian is clearly the dominant one in this couple.  At one point telling her fella to return to the theater after as he was following her out as she went to ask for a different movie to be shown.  So her fella returned to stand watch and wait while the short white fella chased after her.  This couple has an interesting dynamic as evidenced in my 09/02/11 post.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
Later (I suppose it may have been around 11pm) another couple came in.  They sat in the 2nd row and watched the porn movie.  She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.  And their posture did not suggest that they were interested in playing.  So the guys stayed a reasonable distance leaving one seat empty between them and the anyone.  No one crowded them.  A couple guys got their dicks out and stroked them while looking in her direction.  A clear signal but the couple didn't show any signs of being the least bit interested.  They got up without any interaction with the crowd except to comment on the porn movie (it was particularly bad).  And they left and didn't return.  I overheard a CT staffer saying that they were the 10:30pm gangbang couple but that's hard to believe because this couple showed absolutely no interest in having a gangbang.

Anyway, the Sexy Librarian had returned before they left and after a bit she got back on the table and back into action.  She always dresses sexy and I wish I had a picture of her to share. Speaking of which there was a black guy with a flash light and cell phone camera taking pics/vids.  I've seen this guy before and that's all he seems to do is take pics and shine his flash light.  I guess that's ok but it would be better if he asked first.  After all most of us prefer to keep our anonymity in this thing of ours.  At one point the Librarian's fella asked to see what pics he was taking.  It was a video without faces.  But who knows if that's the only pics he took.  Really I wish these guys would consider everyone else before clicking away without asking.

So the Librarian is fucking and sucking and everyone is having a good time when one guy blasts all over her boobs.  Not a problem she didn't mind at all.  But then that short white fella (the one who found the love of his life) started licking her boobs clean of the cum some other guy just laid down.  Well to each his own but it was different to say the least.  But if you are in this thing of ours for awhile eventually you see just about everything.  Later he was eating her pussy, bragging about his multiple (pure gold) piercings which included a dick piercing, and practically crowding other guys out on his side of the table.  Geez, but she seemed to like him as they kissed several times.  Hey if it keeps the party going then I guess it's ok.

Anyway, at some point a black fella approached without a condom and I believe he got started before her fella asked to see him.  He pulled out and the Librarian's fella told him that he need to use a condom.  He stepped away and put on a condom and another black fella stepped up, wrapped up, and started banging away.  The Librarian seemed to really like this guy.  She asked him to take his shirt off, get comfortable, and give to it her.  Well he did.  They got completely on the table an banged away for a bit before he had to retreat.  Done in by the Sexy Librarian.  We do like our ladies freaky at CTs.

The Sexy Librarian left after servicing just about everyone there who stepped up.  There are always some guys there just to watch.  I enjoy the voyeur aspect too but I usually wanna get in on the action as well.  That's why I like CTs.  When ladies get on that table it's to be fucked.  At some theaters it's more about putting on a show and the theater crowd just get to watch.  At CTs the chance of actually getting into the action is better.  If you wanna just watch then that's ok too.

The 1AM or 2AM couple gangbang couple had not shown up by about 12:45 so I left.  But I kept looking at my cell phone for a new post saying that they showed up.  I was ready to turn around and hurry back but that post never came.  I've heard from one of the dedicated guys that stayed around until closing that they never showed.  So all in all it was a good night with the CTs own gloryhole queen Jessi doing her thing in the booths and then stopping by the theater for some action.  And the Sexy Librarian making an surprise visit and doing her thing.  Too bad about the 2 couples that didn't show but that's how it is.

So it was a good night.  Not as good as advertised but thanks to both Jessi and the Sexy Librarian still a really good night.

A couple words of advice:

For guys:  When in doubt always ask with regard to condom use.  The Sexy Librarian couple is a classic example.  Usually it's condoms required.  But for at least one night it was the Librarian saying the hell with the condoms let's fuck.  She did that non verbally but quite knowingly.  But on this night it was condoms required.  One can easily understand how a fella could get it wrong.  After all, some care, some don't care, and some (like Jessi) wanna go bare.  But again, when in doubt always ask.
For ladies/couples:  Be clear about your wants and requirements.  Don't leave it to the decision making of the crowd.  Always tell the crowd what the deal is and remember to occasionally repeat the rules.  New guys are always joining the scene who may have not heard the original announcement.  Don't be shy about asking the guys to let new guys know the deal also.  It helps when the crowd polices itself.

Signing off from the back row,
Back Row Reporter (BRR)