Friday, March 18, 2011

Brent's Theater Tails: "Wait Just A Little Bit Longer"

Doc here with a repost from my good friend and colleague Brent. His most recent Flash Report from this past week shows why The Paris Theater in Portland, OR is the #1 adult theater in the country.

So let's have the poet laureate of this thing of ours' take the floor...


Don't Give Up And Go Home Yet. Wait Just A Little Bit Longer

During this past week, Sunday through Thursday, I have seen a lot of flags posted on Brentstheatertails during the daytime and late at night. I heard about the pretty blond who came to The Paris Theater with her husband on Sunday and proceeded to fuck and suck almost all of the guys who were lucky enough to be there. I saw her when i was walking in and they were walking out. She was well dressed in skirt, coat and boots and she was smiling demurely obviously pleased with how she'd spent the last few hours. I was very disappointed that I had missed the show.

The only other night that I visited The Paris was Wednesday. There was a couple in around 7 PM. The couple was made up of a young long haired man and a tall, good looking, well built young black woman- all leg, tits and booty. She sucked him , lubed up, rolled a latex banana down on his whacker and fucked him reverse cowgirl or to be more modern, " reverse backseat limo" style. She worked that cock with her pussy until he reached a climax and shot a load into his rubber.

It was slow in the theater until 11 PM when a couple pulled up in front of The Paris and walked inside. He was big like a right guard for The Sea Hawks- 300 pounds or more. He looked Scottish , maybe Irish- ruddy and fair She was tiny and very pretty, barely 100 pounds. She had long reddish blond hair, that was curly and framed her pretty and unique face.

They sat in the couples section for a while. Then she started rubbing up and down against him. He caressed her small round tits with his big hands. She took off her jeans, revealing tiny red and white checkered panties. They reminded me of a picnic table cloth. There were maybe five of us in the penis gallery watching her. She looked at us and smiled.
Around 11:30 another couple came in. She was well dressed . She wore a blue dress, thigh high black stockings, black panties and a black bra with the nipples cut out. The couple looked Asian or maybe, part Asian. She was thin and very pretty. Her sweet ,demure face was framed by black hair worn in a well cut page boy. At first they sat quietly while the other couple played. They kissed. She whispered in his ear. She kept her legs crossed, her dress was over her knees but her well shaped thighs were visible whenever she leaned towards him. The young blond was now naked . She cupped her breasts while her mate ate her pussy. She was a few inches away from the other couple. The other couple started playing. They started to make out, open mouthed kisses, hands all over each other. She uncrossed her legs and he pushed her dress to her waist. She pulled her top down exposing her breasts to the appreciative audience. Everybody was at full attention, enjoying the show that these two couples were putting on.

The Asian looking guy went down on his exotic lady. She sucked his cock until it was hard. She took off her blue dress and got on his lap. She looked great in her black bra , panties and stockings. her legs and ass were long,smooth and perfect. She tried to get his cock inside her through her panties but that wasn't working. She climbed off of his lap and took off her underwear. She sucked his dick until he was hard again. Her pussy was wet and ready. She climbed on board and started riding up and down on him like there was no tomorrow.

By this time the young girl with the long reddish blond hair was standing on the bench hands high on the wall getting her pussy eaten by her big Scottish boyfriend. I thought " Two couples having great theater sex on a Wednesday night in front of a very small crowd. It just doesn't get any better than this."

The young girl lay down on a bench and played with her pussy while her man stood over her and jacked his choad. She had already had a few orgasms and was about to have one more. He allowed two guys to reach through the railing into The Couples Oasis and caress her breasts and sweet wet vagina. The mens' hands on her body made her shudder with desire. Her boyfriend was stroking his cock faster and faster. Finally he shot a huge load right on her pussy lips. She grabbed a roll of paper towels and started cleaning up.

The Paris Theater
circa 1982

Meanwhile the other couple was still fucking. She was on the bench and he was fucking her old school. I think they finished up doggy style. he shot his load inside of her just about the same time that the other couple was dressed and getting ready to go. The tiny young blond was very appreciative of her audience and was glowing when she walked out the door. Later, outside I saw her and her man talking with the young man who had caressed her tits while she was on the bench. I'm not sure if they hooked up or not but I wouldn't be surprised.

The other couple was also smiling when they left the theater. I complimented the lady and told her how beautiful she was. She said " Thank You." I asked them if it was their first time at The Paris and she said " Yes" and then said " It's kind of amazing what goes on in here." It sure is. It sure is.

The theater was closed and everybody was standing out front, smoking. The 'Japanese' couple was talking to some young street kids. She was relaxed and smiling. Then they walked over to the other couple and chatted with them for a bit, before walking down Third Avenue towards Burnside.

There have been at least 15 flags so far this week. If the other days were as good as Wednesday then its been a good week for theater sex at The Paris in Portland. And maybe The Oregon has been good too?

I'd love to post some first hand reports if someone out there is inclined to submit them to the group.


Thanks again Brent for all you do.


Field Report: Fantasyland II in Tampa by Bill

Doc here with the first Field Report from the newly opened Fantasyland II in Tampa, FL (address is 5006 N. Grady Ave.), along with a new photo of the theater.

Here is Bill's report:


I decided to visit Fantasyland II last night to check out the new spot.  It was a Tuesday evening so I did not expect to see much action. (there were plenty of cars in Fantasyland I as I drove by).  There were at least 12 cars in the lot at F II so I thought I might see more action than I had originally thought.

Fantasyland II
5006 N. Grady Ave., Tampa, FL

F II is a smaller version of F I, with a store, pool table room, arcade, theater and an outside deck (F I does not have a deck).   When I got there, there were a couple of guys playing pool.  I paid for my theater ticket ($19) and as I started to walk in, two guys and a buxom blonde entered just prior to me.  The clerk stated “it is his birthday”.  Well, I did get a show at least.  The big titted blonde gave him a great BJ and then they played in several positions.  She kept saying “are you having a good birthday”.  This lasted about 15 minutes. They (and her bodyguard) got dressed and left.  At least I got a show.

The theater has about 6-7 rows of couches (vinyl covered) and one very good projection system.  It was very clean, but a little too much light for my tastes.  There were about 5 individual rooms with futon beds and individual TVs showing porn.

The arcade has about 10 rooms (a few glory holes) and takes dollar bills.  There was nobody in the arcade while I was there.

BTW, the whole place was very clean and even the bathroom was decent.  I was there for another hour after the “show” and one other male came into the theater for a minute and left.

When I left at 10:30 pm on a Tuesday, there were two males sitting at a table talking in the store, the clerk and me.  There were 10 cars in the lot?


Doc here again... Thanks Bill for being Johnny on the Spot with your first review of Tampa's newest adult theater/ABS.  Regular readers know that Fantasyland II was the former Adult Cinema on Grady.

More reports on Fantasyland II are encouraged and welcomed... Just e-mail The Good Doctor at

Thanks again!

Announcement! Laney From Texas To Take CTs In Gary By Storm This Weekend!

We interrupt your regular porn surfing to make an adult theater visit announcement. 

The insatiable Laney from Texas will be visiting what is possibly the most hardcore adult theater in the country, CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN for 4 days of gang banging...Texas style.

Here is her announcement:

Laney from Texas

Well the time is finally here. I will be coming into Chicago on Friday afternoon
and I can't wait to see everyone.

I just wanted to remind all you CT members (Men and Women)that I will be coming
up to CT's Friday 3/18 Saturday 3/19 Sunday 3/20 and Monday lunch time. I plan
to out do my self this time and take care of ALL you CT members in this 3 days.
Make no mistake I cumming up to fuck.


Friday night.....8 pm to Midnight
Saturday afternoon.....11 to 1 pm night......8 to Midnight
Sunday night........ 7 to 11 pm
Monday lunch ....11 am to 1 pm

I have a few rules:

1. Condoms are to be worn while you are in my pussy.SORRY NO BAREBACK.
2. I will suck your cock, but I expect to get fucked by you.
3. No anal.
4. I love cum ..... it's ok to jack off your cum on me. (Watchers this is the
least you can do for the free show you are receiving).
5. Please don't push my head on to your cock. I had neck surgery 6 months ago
and hurts when you do that.
6. Guys this is a gang bang please don't wear me out with your staminia. This a
Gang Bang so put your hard cock in me and get the job done and let the next guy
enjoy me too.
6. Please use lots of lube every time you enter me. Condoms dry a woman out and
it become rubber and skin and that hurts.
7. I love naughty talk, and love to be talked to.
8. I am a bi female and I love to please women also, so ladies please come out
and have some fun with me.

Many of you guys have had fun with me in the past, but have I always been
short on time and couldn't stay. I want to BEST my record this time. So come and
play with me.

See ALL you Men and Ladies soon!

Laney from Texas



Doc here again... Please do your civic duty for this thing of ours' and make the trek to CTs in Gary at 4620 West Industrial Hwy.  You have the days and you have the times.  Now it's up to you to give her a proper CTs salute. 

Note: I would like a report or two from CTs and the GB with Laney... Just e-mail The Good Doctor and I will get the report up.

Thanks to Laney for her personal note to The Good Doctor. 

Have fun,