Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flash Report! floyd Hits The Paris Theatre in Portland for a Daytime Double-Header

Doc here, a man Indian's have a name for, with a Couple's Flash Report from our good friend floyd. floyd specializes on the daytime scene at Portland's Paris Theatre, and boy howdy, he hit pay dirt with these two visits.
Take it away, sir.
A Daytime Double-Header
Methinks it’s about time for you to spring for some high-test aviation fuel, gas up the Lizardo LearJet, and make tracks for PDX.  This summer’s action at Portland’s world-famous Paris Theater has been hot enough to peel the paint off those venerable walls, and yet Portland is still ranked fourth on your list. Perhaps you need to experience some of what goes on here in person, no? In any case, I’m sure Brent and I would be happy to host you for night and daytime visits, respectively.
Anyhow, here’s my take on last week’s daytime action. It’s kind of long but it’s all action and no filler! I was out of town for the first half of the week, so I didn’t get to experience the numerous Red Flags (signifying a couple in the theater) that flew.  Thursday was another matter entirely. 
The first Red Flag went up just ten minutes after the theater opened at 11:00. This reporter saw it late and didn’t make it into the theater until just after noon.  There was a couple still in the couples’ area at the rear. After my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I could see that it was a regular couple, the one that I used to call the Strange Ones. That moniker came from their odd behavior: he would drop his drawers and slowly jerk off while watching the movie, and his older lady friend would sit next to him, fully clothed, and watch the movie. The first half dozen times I saw them that was all they did. All that changed one afternoon when she got completely naked and sucked and fucked a slim black dude until I thought he would have a heart attack.  I chronicled this in the second part of this report back in April.
So there they were, back to their old ways. Since the wild fucking episode I stopped calling them the Strange Ones, so now I’ll dub them Jerk Off Guy and his Lady. This day she was topless, with her huge natural tits on display, and she would periodically bend over and suck him off while he continued his slow stroke and watched the screen.  After twenty minutes or so, they appeared to be packing up to leave, but instead moved to one of the couches in the main theater. Let me leave the main plot for just a moment. This was one of those weird times in this thing of ours, specifically with daytimes at the Paris. There were only about four or five guys in the whole place, and all but your faithful scribe and one other old jacker had grown tired of the half-action that Jerk Off Guy and his Lady were providing, and were either in the small gay theater or up front where they couldn’t even see what was going on.
It was at this point, 1:10pm to be exact, that a single lady entered the couples’ area that had recently been vacated by JO Guy. She was a blond BBW with a cute face and her hair in small ponytail. I was literally the only guy who really even noticed her.  She sat on the back bench, made strong eye contact with this reporter, and started to slowly strip, first removing her sheer dark blouse to reveal huge natural tits encased in an industrial-strength bra. In minutes the bra and her skirt were gone, and there she sat, naked but for a tiny pink thong, playing with her big nipples, even lifting one massive breast to her mouth and sucking it. Well, I thought I’d see if she was interested in some company, so I walked around and stood in the doorway to the couples’ area. She now had one leg up on the couch and was fingering her pussy under the thong. Eye contact the whole time.
After watching her for a few minutes, she said something I didn’t understand, so I walked in and leaned over and asked what she had said. She pointed to her crotch and said, “You can touch it if you want to.” I asked her if I could help with her titty play first, and she answered in the affirmative. Soon I was licking and sucking her big hard left nipple while she had the right one back in her mouth. I moved over and stuck my tongue in her mouth, and we commenced a combination tongue kiss and nipple lick.  Extremely hot. This got her going, and when I put my hand on the one she had in her panties, she quickly replaced hers with mine, and I started diddling her clitty. She was getting hot and bothered when I calmly suggested that she might want a bit of a lick on the pussy.
“Yes, I would really, really like that,” she said.
 She then lay down on the bench, pulled her thong completely to one side, and presented me with a wet, bald snatch. After just twenty seconds of licking, she began to thrust her hips at me, rubbing her whole pussy up and down my face, HARD. Since she was going up and down, I made the decision any cunning linguist would and started thrashing my tongue back and forth, left to right. This combo action did it for her and she soon put a noisy wet cum all over my face. I looked up to see that the other jacker had been pulling her nips while I was lost in the pussy palace. Not another soul was even watching. I was late, so I cleaned up and headed out, as did Big Blondie.
After that wild, virtually unwatched scene, I was thinking that maybe there would be a couple in on Friday too, as Friday’s are usually above average for daytime action. What an understatement that turned out to be! Starting at just a few minutes past noon, there was a Red Flag, followed within minutes by another and an Orange Flag (single lady) on top of that.
When I arrived about fifteen minutes later, I noticed some action in the couples’ area that I couldn’t quite make out in the gloom. One thing I noticed was Big Blondie sitting in the middle in just that pink thong. As my eyes adjusted I could see a white ass going up and down but still couldn’t make out into whom (or what.) After about five minutes I realized that he was indeed fucking a beautiful, very dark skinned black girl while her thin black guy knelt on the floor next to her stroking her tits and face. She was so dark she practically blended in to the black covering on the back bench. He fucked her for a while, then hopped off and put on a new condom and matter-of-factly moved over to Big Blondie. 
Blondie flopped on her back with her legs in the air and he proceeded to fuck her too. I neglected to mention that Jerk Off Guy and his Lady were the other couple. They had moved to the same couch as the day before when Blondie started fucking, and she was topless with several guys standing near.  Turning around from the super-hot scene in the couples’ section, I saw a guy drop his drawers and start receiving an expert blowjob.
It was game on at the Paris, with three girls, all playing!
The guy fucking Blondie eventually finished and left, and a Hispanic dude who is a Paris regular walked in and started stroking the gorgeous black lady’s thighs. After a few minutes he went over and whispered something in Blondie’s ear. Her answer was a simple, “Condom.” He gloved up and proceeded to bang her hard with her legs again pointed at the ceiling. He only lasted a minute or two before groaning out his load.
The next sequence was one for the Adult Theater books. BBG (Beautiful Black Girl) was lying on her back with her head facing a now seated Blondie. Her guy was stroking her legs and Blondie was stroking her tits and simultaneously pulling on her own nipples. BBG then turned on her side, which gave us at the rail a spectacular view of her perfect round ass, and started noisily sucking Blondie’s tits.
After about ten minutes of this, BBG sat up and turned around, then lay back down on her back with one leg draped over Blondie’s. Blondie started stroking her inner thighs, and in no hurry at all very slowly started moving up. When she reached the pussy, BBG gave a little shudder and started slowly rotating her hips. Blondie diddled her for at least ten minutes, and then what every red-blooded male was hoping for happened: Blondie lay on her stomach, put her face in between BBG’s thighs, and started licking her pussy. Hot was not an adequate word for it.
After a good long licking, Blondie sat back up and greeted two guys who apparently had played with her earlier in the week (there were Orange Flags every day, and I’m pretty sure they were all Blondie.) This reporter had moved into the couples’ section for a closer look at the girl/girl, and Blondie had recognized me from Thursday. I was indulging in a little titty play when the two guys came in and took out there cocks. She took turns blowing and jacking both of them like a porn star.
Feeling left out, I asked BBG’s guy if I could touch. He said sure and I moved on her tits first. Spectacular. I asked to touch her pussy and he said sure. She was so dark that I assumed she was shaved smooth. What a surprise it was when touched a full thick wiry black bush! Carefully peeling her pussy lips apart, I proceeded to play where Blondie had eaten. After A bit I couldn’t resist, so I knelt on the floor and leaned over and started licking her. My first-ever taste of black pussy, and she was absolutely delicious! She started her hip rotation thing again so I’m sure she was loving the oral attention. I looked up from the pussy licking just in time to see that Blondie had both cocks in her mouth at the same time. Turning around, I could see that JO Guy’s Lady was in the process of taking her third load all over her big tits.
The action didn’t even begin to wind down until just before three when Jerk Off Guy and his Lady cleaned up and split.  Blondie finished the guys off a little later while BBG was still getting stroked and fingered, and things wound down from there. Doc, it was three solid hours of multiple fucks, swaps, blowjobs (even a double,) loads on tits, and boy/girl and girl/girl pussy licking. Gets my vote for hottest daytime action of the summer due to the sheer quantity, variety, and longevity of the action.
For the link to my previous report “this report” above.:
Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friend floyd for another terrific report.  We are standing by for more daytime reports from you down the road, sir.