Monday, September 21, 2009

Announcing National Correspondents for Dr. Emilio's Journal of Adult Theaters

Updated 9/25/09! The Doctor Needs You!

In the one month that this blog has had a heartbeat, the response from you, the readers, has been off the charts.  Reports from readers like Donny Digital, Bob in Biloxi, OldMarineCorpsGuy, and Oldbeatnik have spiced up the good Doctor's own content to provide a national perspective on the adult theater scene.

Geographically speaking, we have a good chunk of the country covered with correspondents. I am proud to announce the following contributing reviewers:
  • Alex and Lauren, Charlotte area
  • Robin, from all over the country
  • Donny Digital in the Albuquerque area
  • Bob in Biloxi covering, well, Biloxi
  • OldMarineCorpsGuys covering Arizona and Southern California
  • Oldbeatnik travels nationally, and will be submitting reports accordingly
  • Brent (from BrentsTheaterTails) covers Portland, OR.
  • My practice is looking for reviewers from the Northeast, the South (Texas, OK, LA), Denver, Canada, and from Florida.  Any reviews are welcome, and I will work with each one of you to help edit and customize your words.

Thank you for making The Journal of Adult Theaters a growing success!