Monday, October 25, 2010

On The Road Again...

Doc here with a sneak peak at the week to come here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.  As many of the regular readers of The Journal know, The Good Doctor travels extensively with his practice.  This side benefit allows me to visits many of the largest and most active adult theaters in the USA. 

I will be making the drive from the scenic valley near the small women's liberal arts college to my regular airport, Stugots Field, and fly west once again.  The Good Doctor will be visiting patients in both Seattle and in Portland, OR, and we all know what that means... House Call reports from:
  • Airport Video in Everett, WA
  • Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle
  • The Oregon Theater in Portland
  • The Paris Theater in Portland
My last trip to Seattle was entertaining, and Portland is always a blast.  I also look forward to comparing notes with my esteemed colleague (and excellent driver) Brent.  I will do my best to report from the field, and possibly hold 1 or 2 "Twitter Events" which will allow me to send live Tweets from the theaters listed above. 

If you have not done so already, follow The Good Doctor's Tweets here.

It promises to be a productive week.


Flash Report! Major Voyeur Enjoys The Fall Foliage @ The Colony in E. St. Louis

Doc here with a Flash Report from my esteemed colleague, Major Voyeur.  His blog, The World of Major Voyeur, is a must read for adult theater enthusiasts.   MV's post from Sunday is a classic, and with his permission, I have reposted it for you, the good readers of The Journal. The only editing I have done is to drop in photos and addresses of the adult theaters MV visited on Saturday. 

Enjoy the song stylings of Major Voyeur, and his trip to the East Side:
Could not ask for a better weekend.  The temps are moderate, nice breezes, and the leaves are turned.  This is the favorite time of the year for me.  Hard to explain, its just a feeling of contentment when I experience these types of weekends.

It was also great weather for theater sex.  Mild temps lets the ladies dress more skimpy, ready for action.  I set out on Saturday to see what the St. Louis Scene had to offer.  I knew that there were several parties this weekend which did seem to make it quiet for the ABS/Theaters.  My first stop was Pure Pleasure.  I walked into an empty theater with one of the couches turned sideways.  There was that smell of sex in the air, so I knew whatever action happened was not long ago.

Pure Pleasure Bookstore & Theater
2626 North Broadway, St. Louis
 One of the Penis Gallery told me that there had been a skinny single gal in the theaters not more than 15 minutes ago.  She fucked and sucked 5 guys before having to leave.  I check out the booth area and found a couple back there finishing up some fun.  Just missed their show. The couple in the back booth was all show though, not playing with anyone.  I went back to the theater and sat through one movie just to see if anything else would occur.

While there was no play during my attendance, I did find the movie interesting.  It was called “Wife Swap”.  It surprised me cause it was well thought out with decent dialog and quality camera work.  I have been quite fed up with the porn movies since the 90’s.  All that grunch, emo crap with the gal hacking up hairballs to spit on a guy’s cock.  Sorry, I am old school and enjoy a porn with a semi decent plot.

 Since there was not anything happening at PP, I decided to make the trip across the river to the eastside.  A stop at Hustler was first on the list.  A walk through of the booth area was a bust.  There was a crowd of men doing laps in the booth area.  I wonder if this was a influx of BABs regulars.  There is a staff member who now sits across from the front theater.  He is to make sure you pay your dollar to get in the theater and not sneak in behind someone.

Hustler Club and Theater
5420 Bunkum Road
East St Louis, IL

I put my dollar in, but never got the buzz.  The staff guy told me that the lock was broke, just go in.  The theater had a few guys in it.  The place was dirty with coffee cups everywhere.   I started to watch the movie, but the sound was way off and kinda flickered.  I left the theater and found that the staff guy had abandon his post.   Guys were lining up to sneak in while the watcher was gone.  Spend a dollar you cheapskates!

 did find a couple in one of the side booths.  They had the door locked though and did not seem to want any company.  A peek through the lock slot showed a BBW on her knees, sucking her man off while he was looking at gay porn.  About this time, I realized that the Hustler was not going to be a happening spot tonight.  I almost went back to the MV Lair at this point.   But I decided to visit Suzanne @ the Colony first.

A look at the parking lot at the Colony showed a decent crowd.  Scotty, the parking lot watcher told me it was a good crowd tonight.  I paid my respects (and money) to Ed and wandered to the bar.  It was crowded with couples, several deep to the point where I could not sit at the bar.  I took up a spot at one of the tables and watched the couples mingle.  I spotted D & J who were regulars and not my favorites.  B & L were there also.  L is skinny as a rail.  No bumps even for tits.  Just dots.  They are always looking for the chocolate sticks to play with.

 The other couples were not familiar though, but seemed to be semi-regulars in the way they were bantering around with Suzanne and Pedo.  I then notice this cute, slim chocolate drop come out of the dance floor with a tray in her hands.  She was busing the tables and stopped at mine.  She introduced herself as Summer, the new hostess.  I gave her my usual drink order.  She looked familiar to me as in I had stuck my cock in one of her orifices familiar.

Summer brought back my drink and then proceed to bend down in front of me, pulling her blouse open at the top.  She stated that she worked for tips and was quite friendly.  I reached in and found small breasts with thick nipples that jumped to attention with my caresses.   I slipped a few dollars in her top then.  Summer stood up and flashed one of those smiles of appreciation.  Being a bold person, I then ran my hand up her plaid skirt and found that Summer is commando.  Her pussy felt nice and inviting. 

Summer purred from the attention, but had to move on to continue her job.  This was a new development for Colony.  There had not been a hostess running around in years.   I sipped my drink and watched her interaction with the couples.  Summer is definitely a friendly gal.  After finishing the drink, I decided to check out the theaters then to give time for the bar to clear out.  I walk through of the main coed theater found a couple guys just hanging out.  I looked into the split theater and saw that gay side was blacked out.  I noticed movement though and slide into the corner so that light from the hall provided some help in seeing what the action was.

It was Summer giving a guy a little touch and feel.   She soon left and the guy grumbled that she was a tease.  Not really, the guy did not give her tips was the reason she terminated the grope.   I sat in the middle theater for awhile to let things calm down.  Summer did make trips back and forth to the theaters, carrying drink orders, and letting the guys grope her when tipped.  This was definitely a first as far as know that a hostess worked the coed theaters.

The Colony II Theater and Cocktails
4500 Forest Blvd, East St Louis, IL

I made it back to the bar which had emptied out.  The couples were split between the dance floor and the couples theater.  I caught up on things with Suzanne and Pedo.   I found out that the Colony is having a Halloween Party next Saturday.  I will post the details later on.  I told Suzanne that the gal who moderates the yahoo group never mentioned the party.  Suzanne is quite annoyed at that.    Pedo told me of his adventures in finding a hostess for the lounge.  Apparently he interviewed three women.  One was a crackhead and one was hooking.  He settled on Summer who I think he has a shine on for.

 hope that it works out.  After awhile at the bar, an old friend shows up.  Miss Kitty and she was deep into her drink.  It seems that Suzanne was feeding her the mistake drinks that were made.  Suzanne is a good bartender but does make mistakes occasionally.  MK and I bantered awhile.  I gave her a couple dollars for the jukebox.  Summer was working the crowd, letting everyone know that games were going to be played soon.  MK told me that she was too drunk for games other than cock and pussy ones.  I laughed at that. 

MK announced that she was taking me into the couples theater and rape me.  She slammed down two mistake drinks quickly and pulled me from the bar stool.   I meekly followed cause I knew that several couples were already partying in the theater.  We made in there and went to one of the side couches.  By this time, those double whammy drinks hit MK enough that she had to rest a moment.  I gave me time to look around at the action.

There were three couples down a couple couches that were all tied up in an orgy configuration.  Nice.  On the other side, there was about four couples in various stages of undress, sucking, and fucking.  A nice looking black couple had the couch by the door and were at the moment just watching the action like I was.   I did spot addition couples far down front, but could not see what they were up to.  MK was laid out on the couch and I ran my fingers down her pants to find her hot pussy. 

That got her started.  She was bouncing all over the couch from my fingers in her pussy and mouth on those big tits of hers.  She was popping O’s like crazy.  I traded my attention from the action on the couches to her luscious nipples.  It was a hot time in the couples theater.  That is the secret to the Colony.  The action happens in the couples theater and the only way to enjoy it, is to have a woman to grant you access.

I was to the point where I needed my cock serviced when Summer stepped into the theater.  She was going around to all the couples and stating that the games were starting in five minutes, so wrap up what you are doing and come out to the bar.  What!  five minutes, fuck that!  I was nice to Summer, but told her that we were working on our games at the moment and it would be more than five minutes before we were done.  I may have miffed her, but damn!  You don’t stop theater sex to go play ice breaking games.  The fucking ICE is broke.

Would you believe that almost all the couples stopped then and headed out to the bar?  There goes the visual sex candy!  Only MK, myself, and the nice black couple next to the door stayed.  I was fingers deep in MK and she was gobbling my cock down her throat.  Not moving out of that situation.  MK was quite vocal in her cummings and wanting to suck my cock.  To the point that it aspired the NBC guy to pull his date up and drape her over a couch in front of us.  He had her short skirt up and was pounding her pussy in time with MK’s strokes down my cock.

He pulled her blouse up and I saw beautiful dark tits swaying in the motion of the fucking.  It was nice.  MK reached a point where she wanted to be fucked and moved quickly to sit on my cock.   First time in years that I was torn between the want to fuck bareback and the fear of no protection.  I was able to hold off MK enough to slip a condom on.  But she made her promise of raping me come true.  She was slamming up and down on my cock so hard that I was afraid to move.

I sat there and took it like a man.  The black couple moved closer and while MK was bouncing, the guy was rubbing her tits.  His girlfriend was close enough that I was able to reach her small tits.  She had these really small nipples that was tight to her breasts.  As I rubbed them, she was moaning.  I did slip back to her mon and flick her clit which made her slam right back on her man.  It was too much for him.   They were finished and moved off quickly.

MK however was still fucking like a jackhammer.  Unfortunately, she was also drying out which made for a tough go on the strokes.  MK finally had to stop and pulled off.  I rubbed her clit to a final orgasm for her.  She asked if I was ready and yes, I was close.  MK sucked my cock deep and I fucked her mouth while hold her hair tight with one hand and finger deep in her pussy with the other hand.  I soon roared to a massive firing of sperm deep into her throat.  MK swallows good.  We were both wiped out at this point.

And then Summer walks in.   Still trying to find folks for more bar games.  She looked at me and smiled.  Told me that I must have had fun and reached down to squeeze my soft cock.  Not sure what to make of her yet.  MK finally got it together enough so she could make it to the bar.  I hit the restroom to clean up.  Talked to Pedo in the hall afterwards.  He was still praising his Summer acquisition.  I decided that I had enough for the night or morning since it was after 2am at this point.  I gave my goodbyes to Pedo, skipping returning to the bar, and vacated the premises. This change at the Colony is a good thing I believe.  Time will tell on how the folks and Summer get along.  I remember some of that past time with Summer and it was good.  
Doc here again... The St. Louis area provides some interesting stops for this thing of ours'. The Good Doctor has enjoyed a few fun evenings at The Colony and at the Hustler Club Theater, and can attest to MV's accuracy in his accounts of the theaters. If you ever get a chance to visit the Arch City, make the trip across the river to the East Side.

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Click on the "Submit An Adult Theater Report" section on the right hand side of The Journal.  It's easy...Trust me. I'm a Doctor.