Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flash Report: Adult Superstore Adult Theater in Palatka, FL by JaxBchBum

Doc here with a Flash Report from senior Journal reporter, JaxBchBum.  This report takes JBB to the Adult Superstore in Palatka, FL, and with notebook in hand, jotted down for us all the juicy details of his visit.

Enjoy the song stylings of JaxBchBum and his visit to the Adult Superstore...



A quick report from a surprise visit earlier this week to the theatre in the Adult Superstore (ASS) in Palatka FL.   Normally I prefer Theatre X over in Orange Heights as it is more conducive to couples play due to its seating layout; but I had some time constraints and the ASS was a lot closer to where I was traveling from. 

Arrived at the theatre about 5:00 pm and only about 5 cars in the parking lot, so I knew that it wasn't going to be very busy.  Paid my $6.50 and went in the theatre and there were only 2 other guys there.  I have reported before on the strange configuration of couches they have at the back of the theatre that provide almost no privacy to anyone sitting on them.  Great for voyeurs and exhibitionists, but not so good for those couples a little shy or not wanting to be on full display.

Not much happened until about 7:15 when a couple peeked in the theatre for a minute and then left the store.  Bummer, paradise lost I figured.  Well, about 15 minutes this couple comes back in.  A guy was seated in the 2-person couch in the back alcove that provides the most privacy and volunteered to give up his seat, but the couple said it was OK and sat down on the long couch that is along a side wall and they were directly across from me and a fellow seated in the row in front of me.  I assumed they weren't going to play given where they chose to sit, but events proved the old adage "never assume anything" to be true here.

They were an attractive couple and he appeared to be a little bit older than her with him being late 30s and she being late 20s or early 30s.  She had a very attractive body and was wearing a one-piece black dress that was body hugging at the top but with a loose skirt that went just above her knees.  He was wearing shorts and a shirt.  They weren't seated more than 2 minutes before his arm went around her shoulders and his hand moved down to the outside of her left breast and began rubbing it through her dress.  She turned to him and they went into an extended kiss and his hand went down to her legs and underneath her dress, while her hand went down to his crotch and began rubbing his cock through his shorts. 

Action progressed quickly as she leaned back in the couch and he lifted the top of her dress down and began rubbing and kissing her breasts.  At first I thought they were small (B) but perky breasts, but the lighting is so dim and my night vision not the greatest it was hard to tell.  Soon his hand left her breasts and moved down to her legs.  She spread her legs, draping her right leg over his and he raised her dress and began rubbing her pussy.  She had a small patch of trimmed pubic hair above her pussy lips that he was massaging gently. 

At this point there were only 2 of us in the theatre with them and we were both leaning forward in our chairs to get a better view.  He told us "Look all you want, but no touching" so the game was on.  The guy in front of me moved to the row of chairs directly in front of them and turned the chair around so he was no more than 2' from her.  They continued to delight us with her lying back on the couch while he sucked her pussy and got her close to orgasm from her moans.  Then he laid back while she sucked on his cock.  Then they moved to doggy style and he brought out a little flashlight so we could get a great look of him fucking her and showing her ass and pussy. 

Soon they changed positions and he laid back on the couch and she mounted him facing us.  He shined the light on her from the front and I was wrong about her breasts.  They were perfectly round C (maybe too perfect for Mother Nature?) with nipples that were twice the size of #2 pencil erasers.  He made a comment about she must be excited with her nipples swollen that much and she just smiled and moaned a little more.  She rode him for a few minutes and then he went back to eating her pussy some more. They took a break about 8:30 and unfortunately I had to leave. I said my goodbyes and thanked them for the wonderful show. I hope that they played some more to the delight of the other guy in the theatre as well as any new arrivals. 

Just goes to show you that in this thing of ours, you never know what you might encounter and never assume anything.



Doc here again... Thanks again to JaxBchBum for another outstanding report from the Sunshine State.  As good as this report is, wait until you see JaxBchBum's Las Vegas report going up Thursday @ The Journal. It is an excellent study in being patient... And what has The Good Doctor been drilling into everyone's head as the #1 rule in this thing of ours? BE PATIENT.  And sure enough, it paid off for JaxBchBum.

Look for it tomorrow at The Journal, your one stop shop for this thing of ours.


Field Report: The Captain Runs Aground On Horse Cave, KY

Doc here with a report from our favorite crusty old seadog himself, The Captain.  This week the Wally Power Yacht has pulled into Horse Cave, KY for a look-see, and the following was contained is his captain's log.  Oddly enough, "Captain's Log" is also the generally accepted nickname for The Captain's penis (today's factoid brought to you by Member's Only - "When your jacket needs a useless buckle, think Member's Only").

Here he is, dropping anchor (and trou), The Captain...

Ahoy Doc,

My ears perked up when my ships navigator plotted a course on the Cumberland River that would take us near Horse Cave, KY (Ed. note: AKA DC Video). Having read the past report on your blog and seeing other reports over the years, this port of call was on my bucket list for some time now.

Just the facts from TN's Jan 1 2011 Report (here):

"Horse Cave is about 90 miles north of Nashville and 90 miles south of Louisville. It cost $20 to get in the theater area which has two 20 odd seat theaters and 20 odd booths half of which  have gloryholes.  It is open 24/7. but it is at 845 Flint Ridge Rd, Horse Cave, KY 42749  Phone is (270) 786-4123." The theater is in an old strip mall, with a large sign in the front building and the entrance and parking located way in the back of the building. The location has AMPLE truck parking. The location is right off Exit 53 of I-65.

As of September 2011, these are still accurate.

A few more details I discovered during my recent visit on a Saturday afternoon. There are TWO theaters and A LOT of booths. The main theater is to your right as you enter the door where you pay your admission, the booths are to the left. There's also a soda vending machine and some one armed bandits to play if you have any extra singles in your pocket. Note you need an actual $20 bill - you feed it into a bill machine and a few seconds later you hear the door lock click to open. The machine does not take any bill other than a $20, but the staff will help you convert your currency!

In the darkness I felt my way along the back wall for a few feet until I reached the theater and saw a leather couch in the back of the theater.   I was floored when my eyes adjusted to the theater, there are LOTS of leather couches in this theater. This is the most comfortable theater seating I've ever seen. There are 5 rows of leather couches in the middle and approximately 7-8 along each wall.

The Wally Power Yacht
The main theater screen is very small (Think 54" TV)  and on this day the volume was quite low for some reason. It's reasonably clean theater area with good ventilation. Smoking is not allowed in the theater areas, only the booths area.

The bathroom was also clean and a small sign read to call a phone# if it was not clean and stocked with supplies. The front right corner of the theater is VERY dark and ripe for discreet playtime for those that want a little privacy when having sex in public.

The booths are numerous, your admissions covers the booth time, so no need to feed money into the booths. I put a $1 in and after 10mins of movie viewing realized I was getting a lot for my $1. While the theaters are clean, the dozen booths I checked smelled like someone had used them as a bathroom. The smell of sweat and cum is to be expected, but mixing in other bodily fluids is unpleasant.

The store itself has a large selection of movies for purchase, along with the usual costumes and toys. The staff was courteous and helpful in getting me oriented.
There is also a gay films theater area included in your admission. It's not as well ventilated and the cigarette smoke from the booths seems to seep in there. Again, MANY MANY leather couches and one addition the main theater does not have - a dressing room 3 sided mirror in the corner for the voyeur in all of us.

Traffic was light but steady on the Saturday afternoon, with 2 reports of couples coming. One didn't come during the prescribed time period and I was back on the river by the time the 2nd couple was due to come. There were approximately 8-12 men there at any given time between noon and 6pm. In talking with the locals it seems couples activity is still frequent and in checking the Craigslist chatter there seems to be potential.

This theater deserves two blasts of the fog-horn - it's well worth the visit and price of admission.

The Captain


Once again, The Captain delivers an outstanding Field Report on an adult theater, this time Horse Cave/DC Video.  I find that Field Reports are extremely helpful, as every adult theater has it's quirks, and knowing a few ahead of time will only help your experience an adult theater.  Horse Cave is legendary in this thing of ours, and more reports from this adult theater are needed. 

Now, do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Alan Hale Jr. The Good Doctor at, and I will do the rest for you.  before you know it, a glossy and slick report with your byline will hit the interwebs.