Friday, June 7, 2013

Flash Report! Gemini @ The Paris Theatre in Portland by floyd

Doc here with a second take on the amazing scene @ Portland's Paris Theatre on Monday, starring the incredible Gemini.
Senior reporter Floyd, who specializes on the daytime scene @ The Paris, was there with his composition book.  Here are his findings...
Magic Monday in Portland – A Different Perspective
Hi Doc,
I had this report written up and ready to go yesterday.  Just as I was ready to hit the “send” button last night, I saw Gemini’s awesome account of the Monday daytime action at the Paris Theatre (and her earlier mobile exploits .)  Since quite a bit of what I reported was repeating what she so eloquently had already described, I returned to the editing console this morning and shortened my report by half.  Yes, I’m describing a lot of the same activities, but as your loyal senior reporter specializing in daytime action I thought your readers would enjoy a slightly different perspective.  Plus, being free to move about the theater I am able to add some detail to the second set of erotic acts that was taking place down on the arena table at the front of the Paris theater.
It was 1:00pm, and I was heading out of the office for a late lunch.  Before leaving I snuck a peek at Brent’s Yahoo group site and was surprised to see the Gemini Flag and another separate Red Flag just a few minutes later.  Double action including Gemini?  Lunch could wait.
The Real Gemini
It took my standard 15 minutes to ride the streetcar downtown and walk down Burnside to the theater, and when I arrived both couples were sitting on the back bench in the couples area chatting.  The second couple was an affable tall gent and his big-titted, blond ponytailed wife.  I had seen them in the theater briefly last Thursday, when they used some toys on her and she stroked a few cocks. They both wasted no time in getting naked, and soon headed for the arena table down in front.  Minutes later, Gemini and her guy came down and sat in the aisle theater chairs where they had an excellent view of the action.
Ponytail girl was spread-eagled on her back, and her hubby was loosening her up with an ever-larger assortment of well-lubed dildoes.  He had a large flashlight strategically positioned between her legs, which gave us all a great view of her wet, hairy pussy getting reamed.  She was stroking a few cocks, including that of BBC #1, whom Gemini refers to as “D.” It was obvious that BBC#1 was an acquaintance of Gemini, and they soon headed to the annex along with BBC #2 for a classic theater three-way.  Gemini herself has described the ensuing 45 minutes of wild screaming sex.  Let me just say that BBC #1 was truly amazing, fucking Gemini vigorously no less than four times and staying rock hard even after cumming.  I personally heard him cum four times; it was impossible to miss since he let out a positively blood-curdling scream each time.  The lovely Gemini was also extremely verbal and obviously in sexual heaven.  BBC #2 took over after the initial fuck and gave her a good pounding of his own.
Like most of the dozen or so guys in the theater, I was able to walk back and forth and take in most of both scenes.  Down on the arena bed, Ponytail Girl was sufficiently stretched out to take some cock.  As I approached the table, a guy standing beside her blew an absolutely colossal load all over her.  She had gobs of jizz all over her big tits, her belly, her neck, and even had it dripping down one arm.  This was probably the Business Casual dude that told Gemini later that he had already cum, but I can't say for sure.  
The Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
Ponytail Girl selected a gent with very hard, medium-sized cock, and told him to glove up.  As soon a he sheathed his sword, he climbed on top and slid it in her cunt.  Hubby got the flashlight and directed it right between their entwined legs, giving those of us in the penis gallery a splendid shot of him penetrating her, with lube and pussy juice literally streaming down over her asshole onto the sheet.  He started slow but soon built up a good rhythm and began pounding her hard.  She responded with some nasty talk and most erotic fuck noises.
I returned to the annex railing to witness the second massive cum from BBC #1.  At this point it was about 2:00pm, and it looked like the action was winding down.  Plus I was starving, so I ducked out and had a quick bite at the Thai place two blocks away.
When I was done about 20 minutes later, I headed back toward the streetcar stop, which meant I walked right by the Paris.  Since I had the all day pass, I figured “What the hell” and dropped back in.  
Ponytail Girl and hubby were gone, but I was very surprised to see Gemini and BBC #1 going at it again.  Apparently, the break she took, as described in her report, corresponded almost exactly with my lunch time, since she was in the middle of fuck #3, a standing doggie with her completely bent forward with her hands on the floor and BBC #1 grabbing the rail over her shoulders, using it as leverage to bang her even harder.  He came loudly a few minutes later. There were only two or three guys left in the theater, but just when I was sure they were cleaning up and quitting, here comes BBC #1 again, fully hard.  Gemini lay on her back with her massive tits standing proudly, big nipples fully hard.  Her pretty feet were sticking straight up in the air as he pounded her yet again.  Another double screamer indicated the climax of fuck #4 for the athletic pair.
It was an unbelievable day of theater sex, and  a first for me as I had never witnessed the raw sexual power of the beautiful Gemini.
Post script:  Yesterday afternoon’s Red Flag was a return visit by Ponytail Girl and her guy.  They did the toy routine again, but she said she was too tight and sore for cock.  She jacked a few guys, and at one point flipped over into a doggie position, giving us a great view  of her hairy pussy and wet butthole as hubby dildoed her.  She sucked a guy at the head of the table at the same time, which was very hot.  After flipping back over on her back, she invited one and all to blow their loads on her big-nippled titties.  She took several loads, one of them a massive creaming, and that ended the action. They were cuddling on one of the couches, still naked, when I took my leave.

Cheers to all from floyd, your loyal and dedicated correspondent!
Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friend floyd for another great report from that sun drenched Monday afternoon in Portland.  Keep those reports humming, sir.
And to the lovely Gemini... I cannot wait until the day I witness you in action with my own peepers.