Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Night At The Movies: Times Square In The Late 70's

Doc here with Monday Night At The Movies... Tonight is another short documentary about Times Square in the early 80's.  This feature has some nice close-ups of some of the classic old porn palaces of that era in NYC.



Blast From The Past: The Colony in East St. Louis by Justa Reply

Doc here with a Blast From The Past from one of our newest field reporters, Justa Reply.  The Colony Theater & Cocktails has been the subject of several reports, but this one from Justa paints a vivid picture of one of our favorite haunts.

Submitted, for your approval, is Justa's report:

East St. Louis was several hours away from me, but I made it to The Colony Theater a couple of times in the mid-90s. Haven't been back since, but from reading internet posts here and there I don't think it's changed too much.

The Colony was sort of a combination swinger club/adult theater-- at least it had that feel. Had a bar area with a pool table, and a "couples only" area through a closed door off the bar area. The other end of the building contained three theaters (probably about 150 seats each) and a "couples only", locked theater room (couples had to "rent" a room key when they paid to enter the theater). The whole place was rather run-down-charming in a '70s sort of way. They had one rule-- you had to wear some type of "dress shirt," ostensibly to keep up some sort of standard even though it was a porno palace. Any short of shirt with a collar would do fine.

First time I went I got there too early, later finding out from the regulars the action didn't start until around midnight. Between roaming sessions I periodically stood at the back of the main theater and got to talking to a nice guy and fellow hobbyist. After a while he began periodically asking, rather crossly and to no one in particular, when the action was going to start. I asked him if he'd ever been there and not gotten at least something. He shot a perplexed look off into space for a moment. "No!" he said.

After while a couple ambled into the theater. They went down about half way and the wife, a big boned ole gal, flopped into a seat and promptly started sucking cock. Took about five seconds for her to collect about a dozen guys around her, all with their cocks out getting ready. She didn't do much for me but I did enjoy the spectacle for a bit, and was about to turn away but stopped short-- this little, scrawny, oldish guy, about 5'5" and around 60 years old, pulled out a sausage that made John Holmes look like a piker. While having a "holy shit" moment staring at that massive slab of man-meat, I nearly missed the entrance of the second couple.

A nice looking woman about 40 strode purposefully down the isle, husband in tow. She was just beginning to put on some middle-aged weight but was still attractive and curvy. She quickly walked about five rows down, suddenly turned left and headed down a row, then I saw her cigarette ash glow yellow with one last drag, and she sat down. I took one last look at Horse Cock, then headed up to the newcomers. By the time I got there she had her feet propped on the row of seats in front of her and a guy was already between her legs pumping away. Both tits were exposed and she was reaching up behind her with both hands, stroking a cock in each. Two other hands were squeezing each nipple. I got in line.

I think I was number three or four. When it was my turn her pretty ankle raised up like a railroad gate crossing and I walked in, flopped to my knees and slid home. She'd already been cum in several times by then and that silky-smooth wetness was like erotic heaven. Sensory overload ensued and I quickly hosed another load on top of the existing ones, staggered to my feet, and went out for a breather. Got a drink of water, cooled down, caught my breath, then looked back in. She was still at it with a crowd of guys bunched around her.

By then the sudden, predictable change had come over me and I wasn't horny anymore so I left the theater and hung out in the bar for quite a while. Along about 2:00 A.M. the place started to wind down. I headed out, but took one last look in the main theater on my way. By then most everyone had left, but there was another mid-40-ish gal in there, bent over the back of a seat, with some guy banging into her from behind. Her husband looked on with a grin. She took it for a few minutes, then said, "that's enough. I gotta be in Sunday school in a few hours."
Thanks Justa for the fine report! 

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blast From The Past: "The White Limousine" by Brent in Portland

Doc here with a classic Blast From The Past by the poet laureate of "this thing of our's", Brent in Portland.
Brent at home, circa 2010
This little post is about The Pussycat and The Studio Theaters in Buena Park, California, back in the early 1990s . I would drive down from Visalia listening to "Welcome To The Boomtown" and would feel a rush of adrenaline as I drove over The Grapevine down I-5 through Los Angeles traffic to The Beach Blvd exit.
I'd head first to The Studio where Howard Stern would be playing on the TV in the lobby and the amount of action inside the theater was directly proportional to the number of people hanging out by the concession stand. I'd go into the super clean bathroom (crushed ice in the urinal),clean up a little and then open the doors  to the theater. A sexy prerecorded female voice would welcome me inside the auditorium, where two movies played simultaneously on three screens. The place was always crowded, especially on weekends. There was no couples section so the couples were scattered around the theater Sometimes it was easy to find out where the action was by the crowd clustered around. I don't remember there ever being as much actual fucking and sucking as there is at The Paris- a lot of that would take place in cars in the parking lot behind the building (a form of dogging) or at one of the nearby motels, but I remember there was always something going on.
Down the street was The Pussycat Theater. It was older and more run down than The Studio. I remember one night watching a very pretty blond with frizzy hair,and a sexy body fuck and suck about 6 guys right in the middle of the theater. She was very high and very horny and she exuded that high and horny energy that is so endearing. She really didn't care who fucked her or whose dick she sucked and she took no precautions, whatsoever. I still remember how pretty she was. In my minds eye, she was wearing a frilly white dress and had a red ribbon in her hair. Actually she wore a jean skirt and top, both of which she unbuttoned when she sat down. Within ten minutes the guys were on her like saliva on a cigarette.

Another time a man pulled up to The Pussycat in a white limousine. He brought a lady into the theater where they played for a while and met another couple. The four of them played in the theater and the action was just getting good, when, suddenly, they decided to move the party to the Cadillac. I'm not sure how it came to pass (I think I begged) but I, along with a few other guys from the theater, ended up back in the limo watching the couple that had been in the theater fuck and suck each other while animal porn played on the VCR. The man who owned the limo asked this pretty model- like black girl (where did she come from?) if she wanted to suck my dick. I don't recall if she was his girl friend or what- but she bent over and started sucking my Johnson. As soon as I got off they drove me back to my car. I really didn't want to leave the party but it was obvious, by the open door and the foot kicking my ass, that they wanted me to leave. Oh, well. That was one hell of a consolation prize. I got into my car and started to drive, imagining the orgy that was going on inside that white limousine
As always, no one spins a yarn like Brent.  Thanks once again for the contribution.
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Blast From The Past Holiday Special from Old Marine Corps Guy: The Jamie Gillis Story

Doc here with a heart warming Holiday Version of Blast From The Past.  Old Marine Corps Guy (back when he was Young Marine Corps Guy), takes us down memory lane and into the best Jamie Gillis story ever.  Take it away OMCG!
I remember the Studio and the Pussycat on Beach Blvd and the Mitchell Brothers in Santa Ana, too. All had good action, and lots of it. I think the Pussycat had more action in the theater than the Studio because the older ladies that ran it (yes, ladies ran it....remember??) all knew what was going on and were okay with it. They even had a small room upstairs that they would let people use for "on-the-spot" gangbangs (you ever get up there?) The studio management was not very "play-friendly" and even had one of the counter guys come in and walk the isles with a flashlight. That's why most of the Studio action took place in the parking lot behind the theater.

Probably the most memorable night I had there was at the Pussycat (I know it was sometime in 1976 or 77 because I was stationed at Camp Pendleton then) was when the porn actor, Jamie Gillis, brought in 2 EXTRODINARILY BEAUTIFUL asian women (I spent a lot of time all over the far east and learned to LOVE sexy asian women so this was a REAL turn on for me). I remember it was a week night and not very crowded (must have been only about 10-15 guys and one couple that wasn't doing anything). As soon as Gillis and his two hotties came in ALL of the guys forgot the couple and made a beeline for them. They went down to the front row of the theater, got settled in, and Gillis pulled out some coke and passed it over to the girls and then took some for himself and then told the girls to, "Get the guys heated up", and he settled back to watch the girls.

They started kissing and playing with each other while he (and all the rest of us) played with his unit. Both the girls had those old type jeans that zipped all the way from the front to the back and both of them unzipped completly to expose their pussies, and started taking turns getting down in front of each other and licking each others pussy.

After each of them did each other they both started to give Jamie a "double-blowjob". While he's getting this he's snorting up half of Columbia (REALLY turned me off, but I guess it was the thing to do back then). After he got "his" he told the girls to sit back down and asked the guys who wanted a blowjob to line up in front of which ever girl we liked (I liked both of was a REAL hard choice). Both the girls started sucking and didn't stop until the last man was down. One of them (I think she was Korean) said, "Good to the last drop". After that everyone straightend up and they left.

I'll never forget that girls comment, or that night.
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Return of JaxBchBum! Vegas Adult Theater Report

Doc here with the return of one of favorite field correspondants, JaxBchBum.  Rumor has it he was buried in the sand with no escape until 2 weeks ago, when he ventured to Las Vegas.  His report spotlights one of the newest attractions in Sin City, Deja Vu on Industrial Blvd.

Take it away JaxBchBum:
Hi Doc,

A couple of quick reports:

Was out in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and checked out a new theatre - Deja Vu over on Industrial Blvd on the north end of the Strip (Déjà Vu Showgirls, 3247 Industrial Rd., Las Vegas).

Quite the complex with a huge retail store with fantasy clothing, lotions, vibrators, dildos, videos, etc. Also has a "showgirls" area (didn't venture there as figure it would cost some big $$$). They have a theatre complex as well as an arcade. $10 for entry into the theatre. Go down a hallway off the retail store and get buzzed in to the theatre area. There are 3 theatres. The first theatre on the left shows 2 different m/f films on large flat-screen monitors. All the seats are plush faux-leather chairs. Theatre is perfect size and holds about 20  people. Next theatre adjacent is a little bit bigger and shows 2 m/m or m/TV/CD films. Similar seating but holds about 25 people. At the end of the hallway is another door that leads into the large theatre that must seat about 50 people and some of the chairs actually recline and have cup holders. This theatre has 4 large wall mounted monitors and showing a little bit of everything from m/f, m/m, gangbang, fetish, etc. Place is immaculate and if it isn't brand new, sure looks like it. At night, they have valet parking, but think that is primarily for those going to the Showgirl lounge. You can bypass the valet attendants and drive around back where there is plentiful parkng and a direct entrance into the retail store.

Anyway, visited one weeknight and one weekend night. The weeknight I was there from about 9 - 11pm and the place was virtually deserted. I think there were 2 other guys there during that time and they were both in the gay film room. Couldn't believe how empty the place was. Anyway, returned on Friday night about 9:30 and although it didn't get very crowded, the action certainly got a bit hotter. I checked the theatres out upon arrival and I had the place to myself. Went first into the m/f room and had the theatre all to myself. Was there about 10 minutes and some guys came in and moved around from theatre to theatre before settling into either the m/m theatre or the big theatre. About 10, a m/f couple came in and she looked dressed to play with a tight button-up blouse and a short skirt. They went into the big theatre. I gave them about 10 minutes to get settled and then I went there as well. Came in and the couple had sat down on the third row from the back on the outside aisle. It is a deep theatre with about 7 rows of seats with each row about 7-8 chairs across. There were 2 other guys, both sitting on opposite ends of the back row. One guy had his shorts down around his ankles jacking off. I moved down to the row behind the couple to where I got a pretty good viewing angle between the backs of their seats. It didn't take them long to get started playing with one another as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and he was moving his hands from between her legs under her skirt up over her breasts. After a bit of this foreplay, he unbuttoned her blouse and she removed her bra and he would alternate between rubbing her tits and leaning over and sucking on them. They didn't seem to mind that I was watching. One thing led to another and then she got up knelt down in the chair and bent over sucking his cock. He flipped up the back of her skirt showing she had no panties and began rubbing her ass. After this went on for a bit, she sat back down and he knelt down on the floor and began eating her pussy. She was obviously enjoying it as she would let out these low moans from time to time. One of the guys that had been sitting on the back row came down and stood behind them so he could get a good viewing angle. Then she got up, removed her blouse and skirt,he slid his pants down, sat back down and she rode his cock up and down facing him and watching us watching them. I thought she might reach out and stroke the guy standing on the one side, but never did. He climaxed, they relaxed a bit and then she got dressed and they left. An action packed Friday night - at least for about an hour.

Another great report from our favorite beach bum.  I might need to send the I-Team out to Vegas soon for an overview of the scene.  Thanks again Jax!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House Call with The Good Doctor: San Diego, Redux

Doc here with the first of a batch of "House Calls with The Good Doctor" that are in the hopper.  Two weeks ago I was on the west coast visiting several patients and attending seminars.  I covered the entire western seaboard, from southern California to the Pacific northwest, before heading back to the valley. Due to time constraints, I was able to cover 2 different adult theater hubs on that trip:  San Diego and Seattle.  Portland would have to wait until next time.

Part 1 of this article will focus on San Diego. The San Diego plan was as follows: Visit all three theaters and see if things were better or worse than the last House Call in April of this year.  The Good Doctor again fired up the Lizardo 3000 rental car and off we headed for stop #1, Adult Depot.

Adult Depot
3489 Kurtz St.
San Diego, CA

Being a Saturday night, my extensive medical training has taught me that the odds were pretty good of a story to report back to you, the good readers of The Journal.  The parking lot at Adult Depot is large and in the rear behind the store itself.  The lot was 2/3 full when I arrived...A good sign. 

Upon entering the theater portion of the facility (two theaters joined by a hallway), there were plenty of guys milling about, but no couples.  After 30 minutes, The Good Doctor picked up his stakes and moved onto destination #2, the Barnett Superstore.

Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore
3610 Barnett Avenue
San Diego, CA

Being such short distance apart, makes the inevitable shuttling back and forth between these two theaters pretty easy.  Barnett is easily the nicest and largest of the 3 theaters in SD.  Two seperate theaters, with 35-40 full size leather recliners.  Not too shabby. 

Walking into the theater area (you need to be buzzed in, another nice feature all 3 SD theaters have), there was an ecletic mix of guys, two TV/TG's, and a couple sitting in the back row.  They must have just gotten there before me, since they were just settling into their seats (which I later spotted to be a bench instead of the recliners mentioned earlier).

I entered the theater and sat in the row in front of them, keeping a very safe distance.  Afterall, I was there to observe and report (my duty to The Journal).  After a few minutes, an older guy sat next to them.  He was much more interested in watching than anything else, and he lasted 10 minutes or so before moving on.  Next up on deck was a younger guy who sat next to them, and decided to put on a show for the couple instead of vice-versa.  They seemed to ignore him, and within a few minutes, the guy and woman changed places on the bench.  It was nicely coreographed, and they didn't miss a beat in the switch-a-roo.  This seemed to puzzle the younger guy and he moved away.

Next up to plate was an older guy, who looked like Robert DeNiro in "Heat".  This guy moved much more deliberately, and slowly started rubbing the woman's leg as her guy began to lick her shaved pussy.  (At this point of time, I will usually point out a celebrity look-a-like for the woman in a scenario.  It took awhile to come up with one, but I'd say a slightly heavier Bonnie Hunt is pretty close. She was wearing a black dress and no panties from what my trained eye could see.).  The heat was cranking up, and the peanut gallery (minus the TV/TGs, who were busy amongst themselves) moved in for a closer look. 

The younger guy re-appeared and positioned himself between Bonnie's legs and began to finger fuck her very wet pussy (the squishing sounds were great).  I assumed he was getting into position to mount her, but he pulled away and moved aside (I later noticed he was probably more interested in guys than Bonnie...Enough said). 

It was at this juncture that Robert DeNiro made his play...Bonnie was laying down on the bench now, with her head propped up a bit on something.  DeNiro moved in and planted his cock into Bonnie's mouth, getting quite the treatment from her, including an apparent aggressive face fucking..  This went on for a bit, and then after some whispering between the two he put on a condom and as we say, DeNiro was off to the races. 

After the deed was completed, DeNiro and Bonnie exchanged parting pleasantries, and the next gentleman took over.  This scene repeated itself 2 more times before Bonnie and her guy were content.

The Good Doctor, ever the efficient time-manager, noted that he needed to vacate and head to #3 on the SD theater list, The Jolar.

The Jolar Cinema
6321 University Avenue
San Diego

The Jolar is an interesting place, from The Good Doctor's perspective.  The front of the facility is an ABS.  They also have live booth girls, who will entertain you through a thick piece of glass.  Travel through thr portal from the ABS, and down the hallway, you will be buzzed into the theater.  The set-up is almost identical to the theater set-up inside Deja-Vu in Las Vegas.  Two theaters, side-by-side, again with leather recliners.  One theater is twice the size of the other (30 seats versus 15 seats).

Saturday night couples are free.  Only one problem...No couples were there when I made my guest appearance.  There were more than a few single guys, milling about, waiting for a two-some taking advantage of the freebie.  Unfortunately that night between 10:30 and 11:30, there were no takers.

The evening started with much promise, but ended with a wimper.

The "vibe" was off that evening.  Brent in Portland and I have had many discussions about the "vibe" inside adult theaters...It's either there, or it isn't.  The vibe inside the old Jefferson in Portland was awesome.  Same with The Paris, and at times, The Oregon in Portland also carries a strong vibe.  Tonight, in San Diego, outside of the DeNiro/Bonnie encounter, the vibe was missing.  Mileage always varies when it comes to "this thing of our's".

Adult Depot: Recommended
Barnett Superstore: Highly Recommended
Jolar Cinema: Has potential, but the lesser of the 3 San Diego theaters

The Good Doctor will be back in the San Diego area next month, where I will once again make a house call and check in on it's theaters.

Have a report?  Please e-mail The Good Doctor at  It's easy...Try it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flash Announcement: CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN

A Public Service Announcement by The Good Doctor*

CT's Adult Bookstore and Theater
4620 West Industrial Hwy.
Gary, Indiana 46406
Phone # (219) 944-3773

*Not responsible for cancellation or no-show.  I'm a doctor, not a party planner.

Have fun!


Semper Fi! Old Marine Corps Guy on the LA Adult Theater Scene of the 70's and Beyond

Doc here with an outstanding insight into the LA adult theater scene of the 70's and beyond by Old Marine Corps Guy.  Let's fire up the Way Back Machine, and venture to the 1970's with OMCG:


Very good report on the old Pussycat Theater chain. I was living in the Hollywood area back in the early 70's and those WERE the places to go to. Big, clean and LOTS of couples. Problem was back then that they were SO fully packed that you couldn't really play very well in them. Had to wait a few years for them to thin out and then the action at all the Pussycats got REAL good.

I remember back when Deep Throat was premiering at the Pussycat on Hollywood Blvd (1971 or 72), there was a picture on the front page of the LA Times showing the live of people waiting to get in stretching from the front door down the block and around the corner. And most of those waiting in line were COUPLES !!! Boy, have times changed.

If you REALLY want to go down memory lane, see if any of these other Hollywood theaters bring back some fond memories (and woodies too):

The Cine Arts, Richards, The Flick, Tiki Room, The Cave, The Cinema, The Libra Den, The Projection Room, The Twin "X". These were all smaller theaters in the area that the couples would go to after they got heated up watching Deep Throat or the Devil and Miss Jones in the Pussycat and they would screw EVERYBODY in the smaller theaters. This was back before AIDS and home videos were invented. Back in the "fuck-the-one-you're-with" days.

The Cave, 1982

The Art, 1983

The theater scene has changed dramatically over the last 40 years. It used to be that you could almost have your choice of which couple (or single women...there were lots of them back then, too) you wanted to be with because there were that many to pick from and that's what everyone was there for anyway. Now it's very infrequent that couples come in at all. What a shame.

However, there is still one exception. I was up in Portland, Oregon a couple of weeks ago and spent every night I was there at the Paris. That is still going strong with lots of couples and lots of action.

Wish it was still like it used to be, but I guess I'll just have to live on memories. And good memories they are.

Keep up the good work,

Old Marine Corps Guy
Doc here again... Absolutely terrific report from Old Marine Corps Guy.  He was there on the front lines during the 70's and it looks like we missed something special.  The Good Doctor didn't enter the scene until the 1980's, and the video revolution was just starting at that point.  Most adult theaters were in the process of converting to video projection by the mid to late 1980's and turning their back on film.  By this point in time, "this thing of our's" was changing dramatically (and not for the good).
You can still grab onto a piece of that experience by traveling to Portland, OR and visiting the Paris and Oregon Theaters.  Two very different experiences, but it's as close to time-travel as we will get.
Thank you again to Old Marine Corps Guy.
As you were.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Flash Report: Saturday Night by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with a report of this past Saturday's fun in Biloxi, MS from prolific field reporter, Bob in Biloxi.  It sounds like Bob had a great weekend!

Take it away, Bob!
Hey Doc, Bob Here,
Another chance to slide down to the coast before the oil takes over, and man I’m I glad I did, been kind of slow at the theater. (Must be the heat) Right down the street however, is the only ABS in town, and that place has seen an increase in couple activity. Those too shy to brave the theater setting find the control afforded by using the glory-holes exciting. Last night a few couples came in, one very sexy lady I’ve seen three times. She was dressed for play, short skirt, button blouse, high heels, and a smile. The weird thing about this place is its mostly gay movies, since their customer’s sway that direction as well.

But they do have a couple of booths that show straight videos. Anyway this one couple spent about 20mins trying to find a straight movie and each time a gay guy would take up residence in the adjoining booth??? WTF, he didn’t do anything, neither did they, so I fail to understand the waste of time? Eventually my patience paid off and was able to secure a booth next to them. She gives a wonderful blow job, very talented. Soon she pulled off my cock, a signal for me to pull out. As I bent down to see what was going on, her husband asked if I would mind joining them in their booth. Duh, not at all, I was able to play, suck on her more the ample tits, stroke her lovely shaved pussy that was soaked, until she bent over and said take me. I held up my end of the bargain and we fucked until we both came. She’s a real sexy lady, about 5’1’’ and I’m 6ft so she had to keep her legs almost together while I took the snap!

That’s all from Saturday Nite on the coast, see ya next time!!!
As always, an awesome report from Bob in Biloxi.  I like his writing style, and always enjoy his e-mails hitting The Good Doctor's mailbox.
Do you have a report to submit?  E-mail the Good Doctor at

Monday Night at The Movies: The Pilgrim Theater and The Combat Zone

Doc here with this week's short feature: "The Pilgrim Theater and The Combat Zone".  This is a nice little companion video to the one a few weeks back about the history of The Combat Zone in Boston.

So sit back, order a #3 combo with Dr. Pepper, and enjoy the show:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blast From The Past: The Pussycat Theater Chain

Doc here with a little history lesson for all of The Good Doctor's readers...

What adult theater chain ruled the roost from the late 1960's until the mid-90's? Of course, it was the Pussycat Theater chain.  Flash forward to 2010, now there is only one left, "Studs" (which was also called the Tomkat for a period of time), which was once the epicenter of the Pussycat chain.  This location  in West Hollywood features the handprints and footprints of porn glitteratti, ala Mann's Chinese Theater. 

So here it is...Wikipedia-style:  History of The Pussycat Theater Chain


David F. Friedman and Dan Sonney founded the first Pussycat Theater. Dan Sonney invented the name, based on Woody Allen film What's New Pussycat. Friedman has also cited the Pink Pussycat burlesque club on Santa Monica Boulevard as having previously established the word "pussycat" in relation to "pink" porn, since the early 1960s. The first Pussycat Theater opened its doors in March, 1966 on 444 South Hill Street, Los Angeles. Two years later, there were almost a dozen locales, from San Diego to San Francisco.

In 1968, Vince Miranda bought a 50% share of The Pussycat. Miranda was not able to stop those outside California from using the Pussycat name. Miranda spent $1 million to improve the decorations of the theaters. They were also known for being cleaner and of higher quality than other porn theaters. The interiors featured red and gold carpeting, velveteen fixtures, beveled glass, mirror walls, chandeliers, oil paintings, murals, and merchandise bearing the Pussycat logo. Some Pussycat theaters sold popcorn from the ticket box to people on the sidewalk, with no obligation to buy a ticket.

Vince Miranda and George Tate - who were gay lovers - shared ownership of Walnut Properties, the company that owned the Pussycat Theaters. Miranda may have had exclusive California licence to show Deep Throat, a big money maker. His main competitors were the Mitchell Brothers.

Residents who lived near the theaters, complained to the city governments that children could see the images of women on posters, ads, and cardboard stand-ups. The residents wanted the theaters shut down. The citizens groups and government sued Walnut Properties under a variety of laws, including obscenity, public nuisance, rezoning, eminent domain, The Red Light Abatement Act, and the U.S. Supreme Court's "preponderance" redefinition of porn theaters. Walnut Properties was served with over 100 civil lawsuits filed between 1973 and 2005. Between 1977 and 1994, at the Pussycat Theater in Santa Monica, "the Los Angeles Police Department made 2000 arrests for lewd conduct on the premises.". In 1981, an ordinance was passed banning adult movie theaters in Santa Monica.

In 1983, porn video tape sales began to compete with porn theaters, reducing theater attendance. At the age of 52, Vince Miranda died of complications related to cancer in 1985. George Tate and his new boyfriend Jonathan Cota inherited Walnut and the Pussycat Theaters. The IRS imposes a federal tax lien of $6,047,760.00 on Miranda's estate. The theaters were losing money fast. Many theaters are given to debtors in place of money, and/or converted to general admission theaters.

By 1990, less than 20 California Pussycats remained, and by 1992, only a dozen Pussycats were still open. In 1994, Walnut Properties filed for bankruptcy, claiming liabilities of $17.7 million. George Tate spent all the money and died the same year. Jonathan Cota inherited Walnut and it's debts.

By 2001, all the theaters were lost except one at 7734 Santa Monica Boulevard. Film maker Roger Corman saved the last Pussycat Theater by brokering a deal with an unnamed buyer. In 2004, Cota threatened to file a lawsuit against the Pussycat Dolls, for trademark infringement on the Pussycat name. The U.S. Patent Office declared the Pussycat trademark to be "abandoned" and the case was dropped. Today, Cota runs the last Pussycat Theater. Now it shows gay porn. The name was changed to the Tomkat and then to Studs.
Doc here again... A clarification on the last paragraph: Studs shows primarily gay porn, but inside the theater there are several mini theaters.  One of these mini's shows stright porn. Hope you enjoyed this Blast From The Past.  Much more to come in the following days and weeks.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A National Call for Reports and Reviews by The Good Doctor

Doc here with a call to arms!  The Good Doctor needs your reviews, reports, and past rememberances of adult theaters.  Whether it's a new report, a profile of your hometown haunt, or a vivid memory of that "one time at that adult theater when that woman walked in...", The Journal needs you.

I am working on a few brand new "House Calls" that will be published in the next week or two.  However, what makes The Journal thrive is you.  So join the ranks of  Brent in Portland, Sable in Seattle, Bob in Biloxi, OldBeatNik, JaxBchBum, and Curly. 

Put pen to paper. Then e-mail The Good Doctor at  And then, MAGIC!  Your report will be seen by the hundreds of visitors this blog gets each day.

So put down your Doritos and lets see what you have. 

It's easy. 

Trust me, I'm a Dr.

I-Team Report: The Kansas City Scene (or lack thereof)

Doc here with a repost from an entry in the comments section regarding what is not going on in Kansas City.
The state of things in K.C. is accurately described.

Erotic City - passed into history. A wimpy ABS still exists there, but the freewheeling booth area in the back is closed for good.

Bazookas - Smallish theaters (75 seats or so), an occasional couple or two, but almost no playing. They usually hook up and go somewhere else. Kansas City ordinances dictate no doors on the video booths.

The Strand - nasty, smelly pit of a place. Lots of broken/missing seats in the theater. About 99% M/M. Both Bazookas and the Strand periodically get raided. No doors on the few video booths there either.

There are no ABS gloryholes left in town, as far as I know.

The Olde Un in Columbia is a great place but about a two-hour trip from K.C. Big ABS in front, nice hallway full of booths with huge gloryholes toward the rear (the gloryholes are actually hinged, lockable doors you can stick your whole head through, which may not be enough anonymity for some folks), and in the back three "theaters." The theaters are each about living room size with couches arranged around and a big screen TV at one end showing porn. One theater is couples only, one is "coed," meaning singles and couples allowed, and one shows gay porn. Many couples on the weekends and lots of playing. Some of the braver couples venture into the coed theater occasionally for showing off or playing. It's a great place, very clean, not a dive, and a relaxed atmosphere.
Doc here again... The only theater I have heard of personally was The Strand, but in name only. 

Thanks to the anonymous poster who provided the I-Team worthy report.  If you have any intel ony anything adult theater related, please e-mail The Good Doctor at


Monday, May 17, 2010

The Good Doctor's Referral: The World of MajorVoyeur

Doc here with an extremely strong referral to a veteran blooger and colleague of  The Good Doctor. Steve's "The World of Major Voyeur" is a must read for anyone with even a passing interest in the world of adult theaters, adult book stores, and his own version of "News of the World".

Focused on the St. Louis scene for his 1st person reports, you will also find reports that may make you laugh, or may drive you to take a cold shower.

Make sure you go for a trip around the World of MajorVoyeur!



Monday Night @ The Movies: Hump! The Strangers Amateur Porn Festival

Doc here with this week's Monday Night @ The Movies.  This week is a double-feature. First is a brief trailer for the Hump! Amateur Porn Festival in Seattle, and the 2nd feature is a report of reactions to the festival by exiting moviegoers.

Get out the Junior Mints and enjoy!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Feature! I-Team Report: Inside The Good Doctor's Power Rankings

Remember way back when your local newscast would commit to an investigative report.  They would deploy their "I-Team".  Headed by the biggest hard-ass on their news staff, no one was safe from their reporting tactics.

Today, The Good Doctor has unleashed his own I-Team, to get the inside poop on his Adult Theater Power Rankings.  You have questions, we will get the answers.

What criteria is used to determine the rankings?
#1 Field reports via the net
#2 Cooperation and couple frendliness of the theater
#3 Condition of the theater
#4 Advance or present-time posting of events or visits to the theater (example would the Red Flag reports from The Paris Theater, or the "NOW" reports from CTs in Gary)
#5 Craigslist postings
#6 Where applicable, The Good Doctor's House Calls

I hope this adds some clarity to the power rankings. Now back to the studio, where Cleet has the latest from the sports desk.


"The Venus and The Fox": Article about the Vancouver Adult Theater Scene

Doc here with a reprint of an terrific article from the "The Cultural Gutter" website titled "The Venus and The Fox".  Written by Robin Bougie, it is a fascinating look inside Vancouver's adult theater landscape (article was published in 2007). 

As of right now, The Fox Theater is still open, but there is pressure from the Vancouver business licensing board to revoke their license.  While their days may be numbered, it doesn't take away from this inside look at The Venus and The Fox.
The Venus and the Fox
by Robin Bougie

The Venus Theatre is what one might call a disgusting shithole. Located in Vancouver at 720 Main Street, in what most refer to as the toughest, roughest neighbourhood in all of Canada, the Venus is the kind of entertainment venue where you have to be a total badass to even show up -- heck there's a scary biker bar right next door. So why would one forego a nice relaxed jerk-off session provided by your home entertainment system for this inhospitable level of hell?

The element of danger, that's why. The streetwalking hookers. The drugs. The sleaze. The grime. The smell of sweat and sex. Oh, and pizza. They sold stale cardboard-looking pizza for 99 cents a slice in the lobby until just a couple years ago. I never worked up the nerve to put it my my mouth.

This classic two-tiered building (at one time a majestic vaudeville theatre called "THE IMPERIAL" which opened in 1912) is now the kinda smut den yo' mama warned you about, with the upper balcony where most of the public debauchery happens. You take your life in your hands going up those stairs, and a valid fear of touching any surface in the place is replaced by concern for falling flat on your ass due to the fact that the only light is provided by the crappy old-fashioned 3-light video system illuminating the screen with it's hardcore pink images flashing, flickering and moaning.

The scene is a tad nightmarish. Chairs held to together with duct tape, wads of used toilet paper on the floor, constant eerie moaning crackling out of the soundsystem speakers, the hazy stench of piss in the air -- and at any given time a guy getting sucked by a hooker or another guy. Humanoid shapes in the darkness take in the action, leering and waiting.

Couples can rent a VIP room and watch movies in private, but most freaks just crash out on one of the filthy couches positioned at the bottom of the balcony seating. Here they smoke some rock, get their cocks sucked, or watch someone else getting a BJ. But it's buyer beware, as the whores in there are diseased, practically feral, and been known to rip off their customers. The late ‘90s XXX video on the screen seems totally secondary, and just playing for atmosphere.

Rumor has it the owners are getting ready to sell the property, which will no doubt lead to it being bulldozed. Half-a-million dollar condos have sprung up all around the block the Venus inhabits, and with the real estate market the way it is in Vancouver right now, the smart money is on its demise coming much sooner than later. I'll be very surprised if it survives to 2008, in fact.

Further up the hill on Main street on the 2300 block is my neighbourhood porn theatre -- The Fox. I live about 7 blocks away, but for years never ventured anywhere near it since it was obvious that only gay dudes went in there to cruise for other gay dudes. Like the Venus, it seemed like asking for trouble to even buy a ticket, but as I became more entrenched in publishing my magazine Cinema Sewer, which is focused on classic porn and exploitation, getting to know the place on an intimate level became a priority.

I couldn't ignore the building's unique presence what with the constant 365-day-a-year screenings of old skool favourites starring naked luminaries such as Seka, Serena, John Holmes, and Jamie Gillis. I would go on to see some of my favourite porn films to this day in that theatre, sipping smuggled in beer and munching Chinese rice crackers.

My first experience at the Fox wasn't a great one. I walked in off the street and asked for an interview with the first person inside that I saw, which got me kicked right out of the place almost before I could finish my sentence. I mean, if the Chinese guy (who I later found out was a fellow named Mr. Li) working there had a broom in his hand, I'm sure he would have chased me out the door beating my head with it. I pointed at my camera and stammered out an assurance that I was friendly, and that I just wanted a few words with him -- but thanks to the language barrier and his intensely paranoid attitude, I didn't get any.

Quite by chance I later befriended a guy that would go on to become a Cinema Sewer contributor and stage his own successful "Return to Porno Chic" events at the Fox -- Dmidtrui Otis. He came into the music store I was working in and asked for porn soundtracks, and we found that we had a mutual interest in the history of these movies, as well as the Fox. A history that over the years we would excitedly share with one another as we deduced more and more of its timeline.

Our first exciting discovery (well OK -- it was Dmidtrui's discovery, but "our" sounds better) was that this unassuming little shit-scab of a theatre had outlived thousands of other 35mm porn houses across the continent. By the mid-to-late '80s, the advent of the VCR had massacred the adult movie theatre landscape, with the few survivors converting to video projection when the 35mm porn print distribution service crumbled into nothing. That meant no film prints, and no film prints meant no theatres.

Previously "The Savoy Cinema" in the early ‘80s, where owner/operator Sean Daly programmed 3D movies like THE STEWARDESSES, and HOUSE OF WAX, the venue became The Fox after a few years when an East Indian family bought the business and turned it into a porn theater. Instead of relying on a distributor like most smut houses, they bought over 150 adult film prints of their own to rotate in groups of two a week throughout the year. A few years after that Mr. Li and his wife bought the films and the building, and Li's cousin ended up buying the aforementioned Venus Theatre down the street as well.

With the laborious and thankless process of film projection compared with the utter ease of simply sticking a VHS tape or a DVD in a player, none of the other fuck-screens on the continent still had the gorgeous flicker of projected film on a celluloid screen. The Fox was now IT. A dinosaur. We were astounded.

Dmidtrui put in weeks of detective work to make absolutely sure there weren't any other screens still regularly playing 35mm porn, and despite a few fakers (there was one in Toronto that comes to mind) he was able to announce the fact that this was indeed the last one during a beer and sweat-soaked sold out screening of DEEP THROAT and BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR.

It was the evening of Saturday June 16th, 2001, and it was an enormously awesome evening for me, because it was the night that our neighbourhood was reintroduced to that stinky den of sin. For decades barely anyone except chronic masturbating old men had ventured through its doors, and now there was a line-up of nearly everyone I knew going down the fucking block, with about 70 people turned away at the door. Dmidtrui had pulled off something special, and the raincoat regulars were totally confused.

"Jesus Christ!" one old booze hound exclaimed to me as he walked into the lobby, "I've been coming here for, well, what is it now? Well about 20 years I'll bet. 20 years, and I've never seen anything like this!"

I sold $140 worth of Cinema Sewer to the masses, and positioned as I was next to the men's bathroom, I had the true pleasure of snorting lungfuls of festering stench all evening. The theatre itself, packed with sweating, scantily clad patrons also began to give off a rank odour, but I couldn't stop smiling. This type of seedy filthy atmosphere was the way these movies were meant to be seen. These people wouldn't ever forget this night. They were tourists in a den of depravity and filth (a place they wouldn't set foot in normally) but made safe for one night by the effect of "a happening."

Stepping into the Fox Cinema was like no other film experience I've ever had, but I can only assume that it was like legendary Time Square grindhouses such as the Avon, The Globe, and The Lyric. This was a cum-soaked time capsule that glides you right back to the late ‘70s, a cinema-going experience that simply didn't exist anymore to a generation of film fans obsessed with immaculate DVD transfers and THX surround sound. It felt nasty. It felt dirty. It made us feel alive.

Our experience watching films seated amongst the usual patrons on any given night (as well as our trips upstairs to the projection booth once Dmidtrui had befriended the Li's) told us that the quality of the prints ranged from abysmal to pretty decent. Taking into account that most of them have been played over and over for 15-20 years, they've held up retardedly well.

Surviving a night at the Fox was easier once you knew the unwritten rules. The middle of the theatre was a "no mans land". Sit there, and you're usually safe from being approached by gentlemen aching to suck your balls. The Cruising goes like so: you go for a saunter and find a suitable partner in the first few, or last few rows in the back. Then you sit down a couple seats away from them so this "patron of the arts" can size you up. If he moves closer, that means "rock on," and the pair will often move to some seats in the first three rows where blowjobs and/or handjobs take place, and once the dirty deed is done, gents usually leap from their seats and bolt for the back door. Friendly chit-chat of any kind is totally frowned upon.

"I loved that back exit. EVERYONE exited through there", my gay friend Spuzz told me when I asked him about cruising the Fox. "To be seen exiting was like a major thing". Spuzz told me lots of funny stories about being groped in the dark, the time a guy brought a girl in and everyone took turns banging her, and about the old fart who got in trouble for leaving his dick hanging out the front of his pants.

As ballsy as he was for taking part in sexual shenanigans with gawd-knows-who in the theater, even Spuzz didn't have the guts to venture into the men's room. Vanessa Del Rio once told me that she loved going into mens room's in porn theaters because the pheromone-heavy smell of men's piss makes her horny. She would have loved the Fox. Walking through the door to that dank graffiti-scrawled shit-pit was like being boxed in the face with a glove made out of sweat, cum and urine.

I witnessed some pretty amazing situations and met some interesting people, myself. Watching Dmidtrui almost get in a fist fight in the lobby with two extremely upset female theater-goers who seemed intent on getting their money back because they disagreed with the concept of depictions of sex mixed with violence in 1977's DISCO DOLLS was one such experience. The two were wracked with righteous indignation and decided to make a major scene and tried to rile people up, but found zero takers for their cause, and were shown the door.

Another weird one during a screening of 1985's A COMING OF ANGELS (a great porn version of "Charlie's Angels") comes to mind: A reprobate who reeked of whiz snuck in the back door and confided to me in a slurred speech that he hated porn. The mere idea that a porn theater existed in his hood gave his rage enough fuel to "come down here and and fuckin' firebomb this place". Ironically, when confronted he contentedly coughed up $8 and took a seat. (??)

In August 2002 Ron Jeremy showed up for a night of porn trailers, and that was quite a scene. Witnessing usually chaste girls I knew pull their tits out for a hairy, old, short guy -- who if he wasn't famous, could be confused for a homeless street crazy -- was rather bizarre. But here these star-fuckers were, flipping their boobs out for him to sign, or dashing upstairs to the projectionists booth to double-team his groin in the tiny, cramped bathroom. After that he left the theatre and went to the Templeton cafe downtown where Ron got another blowjob in their bathroom from YET another desperate scenester. Wow, that's something to brag about... you got to suck the cock of a fat, sweaty, unfunny cheapskate along with a million other people over the last 30 years. Go you.

Soon after, Kier-La Janisse (Curator of the Cinemuerte film festival and then employee of Black Dog Video on Cambie Street) and several other partners arranged to take over the Fox on the weekends and make the theatre into a cult movie theatre under the name "Criminal Cinema". This was a fantastic idea which excited me to no end. Unfortunately, it was an idea that the Li's capitalised upon by charging an overinflated rental fee to the filmic entrepreneurs, pricing them right out of business.

Kier-la and crew made a valiant attempt to make the place a little more hospitable by ripping out the notorious elevated seating area at the back -- which was a trashed shitpit of broken movie seats and a dubious arena for patron's various sordid acts. They also slapped new paint on the walls, put a new carpet in the lobby, and arranged for an amazing mural of Scott Baio to be painted in the girls room. All at no fee to their unimpressed landlord.

It died nearly immediately due to a total lack of support from local moviegoers. None of the people who had been pleading for a retro grindhouse theatre that would play exploitation film prints showed up. My wife and I saw incredible rare screenings of EL TOPO, BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA, GIMMIE SHELTER and STREETS OF FIRE with an average "crowd" of ten people in a room that can fit 300.

Advertising was good, admission was only $5, and there was plenty of popcorn and cheap beer on tap. The only thing missing were people who would brave the Fox, people who weren't scared to walk through the door, people who weren't disgusted by what they thought it stood for. Film enthusiast and Cinema Sewer reader Kieran summed up the situation nicely:

"I went to the showing of BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA. I got there early with Kier-la, Darren and some others from the Black Dog crew. After downing a few beers and chatting, we ran outside for a quick smoke before the show began.The others finished first, and I was last to go in, extinguishing the smoke. Darren calls to me "Come on, it's starting", and just at that moment, a well-dressed woman is walking past the doors, she mutters aloud: "Yeah, you don't want to be late for the circle jerk, perv." I was fuckin' SPEECHLESS. I laughed and felt embarrassed/ashamed at the same time."

Keirien and I both figure that fear of incidents identical to the one he experienced were a major factor in keeping people away, but I don't care to allow supposed film fanatics to use it as an excuse. To this day I haven't forgiven the movie geeks in this city for dropping the ball on that one.

But the real heartbreak was yet to come.

Friday, July 17th 2003 was the last day the FOX screened 35mm prints before switching over to a DVD projection system. The theater still exists today screening modern porn DVD releases, but that was the day an era ended, and we saw the curtain draw on a long, sordid linage of pornographic history. The Fox: adult movie house for nearly twenty years, and the last (and perhaps longest running) 35mm porn theatre ever.

REST IN PEACE. I still miss you.
Doc here again... Have a report from an adult theater you'd like to see at The Journal?  Email The Good Doctor at

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Special Announcement: Big Party at The Colony Theater in East St. Louis THIS FRIDAY!

Doc here with a special party announcement from one of The Good Dr.'s favorite adult theaters, The Colony Theater in St. Louis (actually across the river in East St. Louis, IL...You get the idea).  The Colony is a very cool place, with 4 theaters under the same roof, along with a full serve bar and a couples theater.  The Colony has both an adult theater and a swing club vibe that any adult theater enthusiast should check out.

The Colony Theater and Cocktails
4506 Forest Blvd
East St Louis, IL 62204

Party This Friday May 14

Posted by: "Suzanne"

We are having a party this Friday. Prices are $60.00 a couple $5.00 back when couples key is returned. Singles are $40.00. These prices include all drinks and food 8:00p.m. till 3:00a.m. Also we will not be open on Thursday night anymore after this week instead we will be open on Sundays starting May 23rd. 2:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. Hope to see you soon. For additional information, call: (618) 874.9621 or just ask on Colony Yahoo Group


Doc here again...First of all, special thanks to "Majorvoyeur" for permission to re-post the party announcement.  Let's support The Colony and the great people who work there. 


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Blast from the Past! The Jefferson Theater: Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of  "Blast from the Past: The Jefferson".  before we jump back in, how about a little historical data about the late great Jefferson Theater in Portland?  Here is the entry from the "Cinema Treasures" theater database:

Originally a regular movie theatre operating prior to 1941 and into the 1950's, its address was 1129 SW Jefferson Street. It became an adult theatre which operated in Portland for over 30 years. The original entrance was sealed off and a new entrance created around the corner on SW 12th Avenue, using a former exit.

The Jefferson Theater closed as a twin screen adult theatre in summer 2007, and the operation was transfered to The Paris Theater that same summer.

Here is another one of my favorite reports from Brent from 2005 on the fun and hot action at The Jefferson Theater:
I was walking down to the Jefferson Theater on Friday Night. I passed by couple, standing on the corner, by the River City Saloon. She was blonde, in her 40s or 50s. She was beautiful, classy looking, like Sally Kirkland She wore a long wool skirt with boots, nice jacket. Her clothes hugged her sexy womanly body . Her companion was a fairly short, powerfully built black gentleman in his 50s or 60s. He was getting around on crutches. He was very dark skinned with classic features, like Willy Mays. The two of them made a beautiful contrast.

They were discussing something, probably what they were going to do in the theater. They had been in before. That time, they had come out of the couples section and she had been gently mobbed by 10 or 15 men. One lucky guy got to eat her pussy or gamahuche her. "Gamahuche" is an old Victorian term for cunnilingus, which means to "Lingus" her "Cunni".

Friday they met up with another couple around the same age. The man was a distinguished looking fellow with a full head of white hair. He was tall, a bit on the prosperous (heavy) side Call him "The Colonel" . His wife was very beautiful. She was at least 50, maybe older. She had reddish brown hair. She looked like Audrey Meadows or Lee Remick. She had a classic early "50s" look. They had been in a few times before. In fact she had fucked and played with the back gentleman. Her preference is big black cock, perhaps just big, perhaps just black.

One would hardly know this by the way she sat on Friday Night, prim and proper in her flower print dress her legs crossed revealing her shapely legs, stockings and garters. Her dress was unbuttoned to show off her perfectly round 34b breasts. She was wearing a frilly lace bra.

The four of them sat on the back bench of the couples section, surrounded by all of the men, old and young watching intently The black guy had a woman on either side and was playing with both of them while "The Colonel" watched. He would deep kiss one, then he would deep kiss the other. It was very hot. It probably stirred up some emotions in some of the guys who were watching. These women were dressed like they had just come from a society gathering or a book club held in Savannah.

The blonde decided to let her old man devote his undivided attention to the other woman, the one who looked like Lee Remick. By this time the blonde was dressed only in a body stocking that revealed her luscious body to perfection. She lay back in the corner and started to play with herself, while she watched her man (Mr. Black Gentleman) with the other woman ("The Colonel's" wife.) After a while the blonde came back over and began sucking on her old mans cock. His cock was perhaps, one of the reasons these women found him so appealing. It was like one of those peppermills that the waiter brings around to your table, while your having your salad. "Would madam like some cock on her salad? Let me know how much? You want all of it , all night? Jeez , lady I got other customers."Anyway, he had a nice sized , black dick, maybe not quite the size of a peppermill.

The four of them were the center of attention, Friday night, while I was there. All of the other action revolved around them. For example, a young couple came in. She looked like a prettier Carmen Soprano. They didn't stay long, 10 minutes. But while they were in, they watched the four in the back, subtly playing. It must have turned them on. They started rubbing each other. She leaned on him like a cat rubbing up against a leg. When they left , I have no doubt they were going to find some place quiet to fuck as quickly as possible. I wish they had stayed and played. Oh well.

A young guy wearing a cowboy hat came in with a young girl. She was tall, had dark hair, wore glasses. She was pretty in an unusual sort of way. Through out the night they fucked and sucked each other. I didn't see them get together with anybody else. They made sure we could all see. He would occasionally whip her with a small whip, but it wasn't over the top.

The most dangerously exciting scene of the night was when this guy who looked a little like Dennis Farina (white hair ,dark moustache) brought in a cute young woman with a nice ass and big shapely breasts. They sat in the main section to the left " The Grotto". Pretty soon she was completely naked and was taking on all comers. One of the most exciting moments in an adult theater is when a pretty woman gets on her knees to suck on some strangers cock, and sticks her ass up in the air, ready to get fucked by the nearest hard dick. When this happened Friday, a young Hispanic guy got behind her and put it right in. She was sucking every cock that was stuck in her face. Men were fucking her with condoms and without condoms. They were coming inside of her tight wet pussy. She would yell, almost in pain while she was being fucked. A friend of mine sat down next to her, hoping to get a blow job. Instead she climbed right on top of his hard cock and rode him until he came deep in her cunt. It was amazing.

At one point , Mr. Black Gentleman brought his beautiful blonde lady down to watch the action. She started
writhing in lust while she watched this young woman get fucked. Pretty soon this blonde was surrounded by men and was being felt up by as many as could get their hands on her. She played with a few of them, but she never took her eyes off the girl. Before it got too overwhelming, they returned to the couples section.

Later, there was one guy left fucking the young woman. When he pulled his dripping cock out, I put my finger inside of her. She moved back and forth on it. Her cunt was wet and oily. I thought about fucking her, but decided not to. Maybe some day, I'll take the chance. The idea really turns me on, for some reason.

This lady couldn't get enough. On the way out of the theater , they stopped to watch the couples in the couples section. All of the action made her horny again. Some of us guys lifted her dress and played with her ass. She moved away from us and made her way towards the exit. But before she walked out of the theater, she let one or two more guys fuck her, right next to the entrance of the theater. The woman was unstoppable. Men were like potato chips to her.

There is a couple who has been coming in quite frequently. Their children are older so they have more time to play. She is very thin, pretty and classy. She looks a little like an Hispanic or Asian"Cruella Deville". She always wears sexy clothes and spends a long time masturbating. They sit in the front of the couples section, next to the rope. They had just come in when I had to leave on Friday. (Work plus I wasn't feeling well). I know that they have only just recently started playing with other men. I heard that on Friday or some other night last week, she went up on stage and invited anyone who wanted to fuck her. I can't confirm this, but if its true, it means that they are progressing nicely into hardcore adult theater sex.

When they first came in, about a year ago, they sat in the back row of the couples section- showing off and playing for hours on end. Each step in her "education" has been very exciting. I'm sure someone out there can confirm or deny whether or not she is now "taking on all comers."

So , is the price of Gasoline keeping you away from the Jefferson. Maybe they should give some kind of discount to people who drive more than 100 miles to spend an evening at the Jeff. I drive all day for my work. Thank goodness, I can walk to the Jefferson Theater from my house.
Doc here again...Hope you enjoyed Part 2 of Blast from the Past: The Jefferson.  There is plenty more to come in the next few days and week about The Jeff.

Thanks again to Brent for allowing The Good Doctor to repost his excellent work.


Blast from the Past! The Jefferson Theater in Portland, OR: Part 1

The Jefferson
original entrance, c1982

Doc here with the first in a series of historical articles and reports from now-closed The Jefferson Theater in Portland, OR.   The "Jeff" was the best example of the best of the best adult theaters in the country for many many years. Once again, our travel guide for this trip will be Brent, the poet laureate of "this thing of our's".


"The Author, at home"

A lady E-Mailed me recently about going to the Jefferson Theater. She  is a little bit nervous and scared about what might happen to her, there. If she is lucky, nothing will happen to her there. If she is really lucky EVERYTHING will happen to her there. Seriously, I tried to tell her that it's not all that bad, once you are in the couples' section. Its always better when there are other couples playing.

The Jefferson Theater is a theater that shows X- Rated movies and encourages the audience to explore their sexual fantasies while they are there. You have to be a member in good standing (!) to participate in the Jefferson experience. The Jefferson Experience varies from hour to hour, day to day; and week to week. One hundred different people can have one hundred different experiences at the same time and they are all Jefferson Experiences. At its best, the place is electric with sex.

A current of eroticism runs through it and gently shocks everyone. At it's worst , its a gay geriatric flop house for the hygienically challenged. Those are the times that it is a typical Porno Theater, a refuge from time, the outside world and your crummy life.

Part of the "charm' of the Jefferson is it's Porn Theater ambience. I believe couples get turned on by the seediness. The Oregon Theater is actually seedier. It's bigger and dingier and the movies are all at least ten years old (Hello, hairy pussies).

Last week was Spring Break week. Sunday was Easter. There were a lot of red erections, Saturday night at the Jefferson Theater. During the previous week, I chose the wrong nights to visit. I went Monday and
Wednesday and the hot action was on Tuesday and Thursday. I heard from one source that there was a sexy sluttish looking black woman in with her boyfriend on Tuesday and that she had sex with some of the guys . I
can't confirm this and I was unable to get more details about her adventures. Sorry I can't be more descriptive, but I'll post it anyway. Same with Thursday. I heard there were five couples in and they all played or showed off. The guy told me that it was more like a Friday Night on Thursday. I must be getting lazy. In the old days I would have been there every night. It's just that there are so many hot couples and women who visit the Jefferson, that I know I will catch action at least once a week. It's like a Field Of Wet Dreams.

I finally caught some action on Friday Night. At first I wasn't going to go down. I was tired and tooth 18 was throbbing in pain. But I decided to check it out anyway. I walked into the auditorium part of the theater and immediately knew there was something going on. It's always a rush to walk into an Adult Theater when there is action. Friday ,the first thing I thought was "Who is she and what is she doing?" She looked like Cagney or Lacey. She was good looking, probably in her mid fifties. She had short gray hair that was cut nicely.. She had a pretty good body. It looked like the kind of body that had been fucked a number of times by a number of guys, with a pizza afterwards.

She was down on the stage and was surrounded by men. One tall, thin, young black man was mounting her like a grasshopper. Her legs were spread wide. He hairy pussy was wet with excitement and sweat. One man was kneeling by her mouth, feeding her his cock while another guy played with her big floppy boobs and still another guy had placed his most important possession, his dick, in her hands.

I watched for a while. She was at the tail end of her impromptu theater gang bang. Her husband was watching from the audience. I was told that they had been there for most of the evening and she had already fucked about ten guys. It looked to me like she was ready to fuck ten more. By the time I got there most of the guys had left her but I imagine it had been a big cluster fuck earlier.

I wasn't going to stay long. I wanted to go home and knock myself out. But watching the lady get fucked on the stage by a few guys had released some endorphins into my system and I was feeling pretty good. I decided to stay and watch the couples in the couples section.

There was a woman, around 40 years old in there with her boyfriend. I know her.. She is a cheerful looking woman with a nice big body and knockers that are KNOCKERS. She and I had fun at the Oregon last week. She likes to ski outside the trails. Her boyfriend doesn't. Their visit on Friday was limited to fucking each other in the couples section and an occasional foray out into the audience to watch Nymphomaniac Granny fuck all comers. They stood pretty close and I thought "I bet she wishes that she was up there getting fucked".
The other couple that was in there was D, the dominant one and his hot Asian Girlfriend whose only fault (mine too) is that she talks too much. The only relevant thing. I heard her say was "Where is Brent.?" She wanted me to play with her and after a moments hesitation, I obliged. She walked out of the couples section, totally naked. She is in her forties but could pass as a school girl. She has a soft ,small body with smallish breasts. She is very erotic.

I took her down to one of the benches down by the stage. A large group of men followed us. Her boyfriend left her with me. I'm not sure where he went. We started kissing and feeling each other up. She lay down on
the bench and I put my face between her legs. I began to lick her sweet, shaved pussy. I heard her moan in pleasure. It was very encouraging. I stuck a couple of fingers into her pussy. and worked them in and out of her. I felt her constrict around my fingers .She was having a good time and I felt honored to be part of it. I sensed the other guys around me but I didn't really see them. I couldn't tell if others were feeling her up because my field of vision was her lower body. I decided to take a break. Another man took my place. I
reassured her that he was just as good at oral sex as me, even though I didn't know the guy. She checked with her boyfriend and he seemed okay with it so there was a new tongue in Tuna Town. I walked out and stood by the couples section. My friend was still there, playing with her man. I looked down to the front of the theater where I had just been.

There were about 15 men clustered around the hot girl I had just been with. I could hear her cry out in lust and Jefferson Theater ecstasy. It was a nice sight. I went home and slept like the innocent man I think I am. The next day I heard there was action later that night. "Young,' 'Hot', "Stayed By Themselves" were some of the words I heard to describe the late Friday action.

I didn't know what to expect at the Jefferson on Saturday night. After all, it was the day before Easter. But I doubt if that means anything to those who enjoy or want to enjoy the Jefferson Experience. Once, many years ago ,I spent a memorable Easter Saturday at the Adult Theaters in Albuquerque. At that time, it was an amazing night. I still remember it. Couple after couple kept coming in and fucking guys. One woman took half of the Madam X Theater to her motel room for a White Trash Slut gang bang. This was pre Aids and pre condom, so she got very sloppy after about the eight guy had come inside her. I remember I got laid four times by four different women, that night. The last was a beautiful young black girl in her and her husband's hotel room.
Ever since that night, I've always looked forward to Easter Saturday. Nothing like that has happened since that time over 20 years ago; but I keep coming back.

Theater Sex with hot couples has been going on for a long time in middle America. Before that, I guess public sex happened at Drive Inns, cocktail parties and Fraternity Houses.Where did people go to show off and have sex with strangers before swing clubs, glory holes and porn theaters? Where did Mrs. Cleaver go  to get gang banged?

I walked in to the Jefferson Theater around 9:30 on Saturday night. There were two women in the couples section when I arrived. They were young, sweet, a little shy and very sexy. Men were lined up around the
couples section watching them. They were doing nothing. I sat down in the front of the theater and talked to a guy about The Power Exchange in San Francisco. I hear it's a Mecca for unusual sex. The Mecca in
Tacoma is not a Mecca for straight couples having unusual sex. It discourages it. That's okay. The couples can come to Portland.

We wondered how long before the two girls got up and left. It has to be creepy having all those guys stare at you, when you are just sitting there. Except if its me who is staring. Then it isn't creepy. It's sexy.

End of Part 1
The Jefferson was an ideal adult theater, for both the active participant, or the active voyeur.  The DNA of the Jefferson now exisits at The Paris Theater in Portland.  The Jefferson and The Paris both have their own pros and cons...The bottom line is that The Paris exists, whereas The Jefferson does not any longer. 

The King is dead...Long live The King.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on this same channel.