Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! D&B Hit The Barnett Avenue Superstore (w/ 4 Brand New PICS!)

Doc here with another great Couple's Flash Report from my good friends D&B, the Sexy SoCal Couple.

Last week they stopped by the Barnett Avenue Superstore in San Diego, and while they had a fun time, they wanted a little more.

Here is D&B with their latest report and brand new pics, written from the lovely B's perspective.

Take it away, D&B!


We arrived at the Barnett Avenue Superstore in San Diego around 11:00am and noticed about 70-80% of both parking lots filled, so we are expecting a lot of people (even if single guys) inside.  We go into the store and start looking at all of the items and stuff like we always do and notice that there is only the staff and one guy (looks like he was the female employee's boyfriend or something of that nature) in there.  We figure that the theater is packed and we have time, so we just keep looking around.
I was curious about how the fantasy booths worked and my husband had never used them either, so we waited for the girls to show up (around 11:45 so maybe the booths open at noon) we could give it a try.  We ventured around to the arcade area and most of the booths were empty, so we decided to go see what was going on in the theater. 
We went in and there was one only guy sitting in the far back on the straight side (which was weird after seeing all of the cars in the parking lots).  We ended up sitting in front of him for about 10 minutes before going to check out the fantasy booths.  We saw a guy go into the room to watch the brunette, so we decided to watch the blonde (forgot her name though, sorry).  She had some beautiful tits and a nice kitty too.  I was so wet after seeing her rub and tug those gorgeous tits and dance so sensual for us. 
The Very Sexy "B" @
The Barnett Avenue Superstore, San Diego
After the little 5 minute dance, we headed back to the theater.  We sat in the back of the 1st theater since only the lone ranger from before was the only person in the whole theater area besides us anyway.  We sat a seat away from the wall on the right.  I was sitting on the left.  We sat there and just watched the movie for a little while to see if anyone would come in. 

We heard the store bell ding more than a few times, but still no visitors.  So after watching and laughing at the girl on the screen getting pounded and saying "Oh my GOD!!" over and over for about 10 more minutes, I decided to add at least a little fun this visit.  I pulled my tits out, started rubbing my soaking wet kitty (from the show), and started stroking my husband's cock.  About a minute or so into this, the lone ranger's spidey sense must've started tingling because he made his way over and sat in the back row about 2 seats to our left.
"B" working on "D"
Two other guys (one tall, skinny white guy and a chubby black guy) came into the theater as he came over to the side that we were on.  We sort of covered up when the buzzer sounded to see who else was coming in.  The 2 new guys posted along the wall on the left for about 30 seconds and then the black guy left the theater and the other guy came and sat in the row in front of us to my husband's right.  After 2 minutes of sitting there, he just disappeared to the other side. 

After sitting there for another minute or two, I leaned over the arm rest and started sucking my husband's hard cock about a minute after the guy had left.  The lone ranger just glanced over and went back to looking at the screen.  Then I wanted to get comfortable, so I pulled my tits out, squatted in front of my husband to get a better angle, and started sucking away.  The lone ranger didn't even bat an eye.  In fact, after about a minute or so into my blowjob, he went to the other side.  We didn't mind though. 
The Real "B"
I just kept on sucking my husband nice and deep.  Then, I wanted him inside me, so I bent over the seats in front of us and told him to fuck me.  He did just that.  He pounded my hot, wet pussy nice and deep causing me to moan loudly with enjoyment with every thrust and have one muscle-clenching orgasm.  It felt great.  Shortly after I came, he filled me with a nice load of his warm, goeey goodness.  We straightened up a bit and then made our way out.
Audience or not, we still had a very good time.  We wish there had been a couple or two and/or maybe even a single guy or two, but catching a couples during the morning and around noon doesn't seem to happen too often.  Maybe we'll catch more people there someday.  We will definitely make another visit when we can. 
Later Doc,


Doc here again... Many thanks goes out to D&B for another great Couple's Flash Report and excellent pics!  Keep up the great work, guys!